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Thankful Thursday- power of your word part 2

Last Thankful Thursday we talked about the power of your words, and how the successful are those who proclaim that they will be somebody someday. By the way, I will be a writer and famous baker soon. 😀 But, what about the power of negative words? Have you noticed that people who say they have a family curse really seem to have one? Have you noticed that when someone proclaims something negative, it generally comes true? Here is my challenge that I issue to all of you: speak only positive things for the next month and let the readers here know what happens. I want to hear if it doesn’t work. I want to hear what does!

I used to say that I had a poor immune system and caught every cold. I also said I had extremely healthy children who never got sick. Guess what? I caught every cold and my kids rarely caught anything. Now, I say I am healthy and have even been told that my Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease is barely Stage I, now and not worth talking to a specialist about! This time two years ago, it bothered me so badly that I was seeing all sorts of specialists. But now, I am as healthy as a horse. Jeff never talks about getting sick and about how healthy he is. He missed work due to health once in the eight years I’ve known him.

Look at your own situation and your friends, coworkers and family around you. Notice who talks about never having money and never being able to get out of the hole. They always have the worst luck, right? If that is you, I challenge you to start talking positively about your finances. That doesn’t mean be a dummy with your money. That means quit saying, “when it rains, it pours.” Quit asking what else could possibly happen. When you ask “what else?” something always happens, right? Quit asking!

I can truly tell you that this works. Right now good ol’ Jeffro and I are finding that once something breaks and we fix it, something else happens. Once we refill our emergency fund, something happens to deplete it. So I challenged him to quit asking what else could happen to us. I told him to start talking positively about our house. He booked a couple of jobs since we started talking more positively. Not even 24 hours after I told him to quit cursing our home, he benefitted from his positive words.

You can be of any faith for this to work, so I challenge you to try it now. Give it a good month, and trust me, it is hard to get out of the negativity rut. Try it, even if you want to prove me wrong, please try! I challenge you to give it all you’ve got for a good month. This time next month, I will tell you about how prosperous we’ve become because we quit cursing our home.

This works with relationships, too. If you talk about how crappy your in laws are, probably not much room for improvement. Try looking for and talking up the good qualities in a troubled relationship. This is something we can all work on. I am guilty of saying Syd had a hard time adjusting. I became more positive and now she’s striving! I need to talk about the positives of Easton’s potty training! (Fortunately, I have the best in laws, for the record!)

Bad things happen. We have crappy relationships in our lives. Things break. My point here is positive words break negative cycles. It is truly like magic, although I truly know why this works ;). Try it, you don’t have to buy it, but try!

My Daily Prayer: Dear God, thank you for giving me only positive words to say. Thank you for helping me break the negativity cycle! AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a happy and very healthy family that loves one another.

When I have Kardashian Kash: I will have hair extensions since my hair grows so slowly and false eyelashes! There will be other false items, too. Babies are hard on a mama. just FYI


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Whatever Wednesday- Change Motivates Us

So I’ve had a minor format change. Welcome to Whatever Wednesday, where I talk about whatever I feel like. I had a crazy day yesterday and am still working on the Left Behind series, so I skipped this week’s Tuesday Book Club.

I woke up stressed to the max and went to bed with a major headache. I’ve noticed a couple of people at work that are always smiley and always say “great” when you ask them how they’re doing. I want to be that person. I don’t want to be the person that says, meh. Or, I’ve been better. Or, complain about my headache and lack of quality sleep. I know that even on my worst day I am in a blessed situation. I know when I am stressed it doesn’t compare to how it could be. I know all of this. But, I want to live it.

So, here is what I realized and what I told Jeffro. If everything always felt hunky-dory, guess what? You’d keep doing it. So, I guess we need to be doing something different. Some people say adversary is God’s way of disciplining or bringing you closer to Him when you’ve strayed. A “hello, remember Me?”, if you will. And, that may be. But, I have been closer to Him than I ever have and am still running into harder than usual times. So I prayed. And prayed and prayed some more. When I’m not praying, I try to listen to Praise and Worship, when Pandora is working, to stay connected and not dwell on how I am not where I want to be at thirty-one. I am where I need to be. I am making choices that will really help my future, but makes the present not so comfortable. But that doesn’t really matter.

What I realized is that if I am comfortable I will stay in my comfort zone. If I am not comfortable, I will work to make something different happen. I told Jeff that we are being “told” something, whether by God or the universe or whatever, but we need to be doing something differently and if we are quiet and still enough, we can hear and see what that is.

My employer has a new motto. “Change Motivates Us”. I am usually the first to jump on the HR bandwagon and embrace company policy or a new credo, but this one pissed me off. It rubbed me the wrong way, and I was tempted to say something. Of course change motivates us, but we also need structure and consistent practices, is what I wanted to shout to who know whom. But, it is true. Change does motivate us. We have to get out of our comfort zones if we want something different and better. I am constantly praying for God to show me what He wants me to do. Guess what? He’s guiding me to wherever that is. And, instead of being pissed off that my path is a little bumpy right now, I now choose to see it as God’s shortcut to greatness. Shortcuts are generally a little bumpier than the paved road, but they get you there quicker. So, I now say, thank you God for guiding me wherever it is that we’re going. And thank you for bringing Jeffro along for this adventure! I really hope Making Whoopie (www.makingwhoopieplano.com) is a part of this plan, but I know whatever it is, it will be great!

My Daily Prayer- Please God open my eyes and ears to you. Thank you for giving me faith to continue down your path to greatness. AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving- I am thankful that my family chooses to actively participate in life and doesn’t just let life happen to us.

When I have Kardashian Kash- I will have a party barn next to my petting zoo and animal rescue sanctuary where kids can have birthday parties and check out my alpaca herd. And llamas. And camels. And big cats, I want to rescue big cats, but the kids will only be able to see them, not pet them, for the safety of everyone. However, I plan to be hands on with all of my rescue animals, even the lions. A girl can dream…but, also, mark my words and remember the power of the word!

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Thankful Thursday- The Power of Your Words

Have you ever noticed that celebrities usually have stories about telling everyone that they are going to be famous one day?  They say it and believe it until it comes true.  The same goes with the kid who says he won’t amount to anything.  He doesn’t reach his potential.  Watch this.  The next time you hear a little kid say they’re going to do something, take note.

There is a reason for this.  Our words have power.  There are several sources for this phenomena.  One is “the secret”. The secret is putting something out into the universe and believing it into existence.  My secret is no secret.  I could quote scripture, but I’m lazy and I have a much better source whose citations are much better than mine could ever be.  Charles Capps explores this is great detail in The Tonge:  A Creative Force.  This book has changed the way I think, speak and live.

Basically, if you say it, it will happen.  But, you can’t say it just once.  You have to have some faith and keep saying it and saying it.  Talk about and praise your children, then watch how great they really are.  Talk up your spouse and see what happens.  Talk kindly about yourself, and don’t self deprecate (unless you’re doing stand-up, that’s just funny).  If you want something claim it! This is an easy experiment.  Try it for a month, what harm can it do?

I am not endorsing going into denial or not being smart in dangerous situations.  There are times you must face reality.  But, watch what happens when you are thankful and when you claim what you want and need.  I will have the quality time with my children I crave, a bakery, and be a writer.  Like a paid writer, not just a daily blogger.

I have to be careful, though.  I fall back into the habit of negativity.  Sydney was having a hard time adjusting to the move, baby and a new school.  I should have said she is adjusting well.  It took me a semester and when I finally started claiming that for her, guess what?  A much better second half of the year.  Right now I am going to claim Easton’s turning the potty corner and Q’s sleeping again at night.  Thank you!  You are my witness and I thank you for your agreement :).  I am fortunate to have a friend who reminds to to speak it, and a husband who tells me that “it” always works out, no matter what “it” is.  And not only does it work out, but we end up in a better place than before.  So, I don’t talk about family curses, I don’t acknowledge them one bit.  I claim to be lucky, but I know it is truly more than luck or even “the secret”.

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for the gift of faith and for telling me your secret.

My Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for the several hours of continuous sleep I am about to get.

If I had Kardashian Kash:  I would take a class or workshop for all of my would-be interests:  cooking, painting, writing, cake decorating, sewing, film making, web design, singing, dancing, photography, and beer making.


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Thankful Thursday-Just Write It

Whenever you are having a tough moment, sit down and write what is good in your life today. It is amazing how it quickly out numbers what is bad. And, if you are in the midst of some really troubled times, write down what you really want out of your life if you’re not the praying type. I promise you, every time I write down what I want, I get it. Once, I had to revise what I wanted because when I got it, it wasn’t that great. Jeff is a product of my written revision. He is much better than what I originally thought I wanted ;). Seeing on paper what you want in life helps you make the goals to get there. Until you make it concrete, how are you going to take the steps to get there? Some things are chance, but others you have a hand in. You can’t force yourself to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, but you can write down the qualities you are looking for so that when you meet someone with them you are quicker to identify that you didn’t cross paths on accident.

When I complain about something, Jeff asks me what I want. I don’t know. So, I started writing down what I want the end results to me- more time with my children, to write, to have certain things, to be more fit, etc. Then I started to form a game plan. Now, Syd and I bike ride at night creating time together and a fitness plan. I am working on a couple of books, which will fulfil my need to write and to complete a project. If I just take the baby steps, it will turn into something great. How will I know if I have a successful book or not if I don’t take the steps to write. I just need to finish my projects and the rest will take care of itself! That is where faith comes in- I will do the work and then I will see the results. SO four steps to blessings- 1.) write down your blessings, 2.) write down what you want or need, 3.) take the steps that you can see will get you to what you want or need 4.) have patience or faith until the fruit of your labors (and His) pay off- repeat steps one through four until you get exactly where you want to be. I followed it three times until I met Jeff- once when I was in high school, once after I had Syd and once I broke up with the one I met when I made that list J. It works. It is a prayer on paper.

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