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Hungry for Change Happiness Project

 Plano, we have a problem.  My life is high stress, fast paced and full of activities.  It is a recipe for a heart attack.  In fact, I had a fake heart attack a few weeks ago due to high stress and impossible deadlines at work.  I work well under pressure- it is my best motivation, but I am ready for change.  I am hungry for change.  I also just read The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, and want to incorporate a year-long happiness search with my lifestyle change.  I think it is all inter-related, and I want to spend the next year documenting the changes.

So what is my strategy?  I have no clue right now.  I know that I need to make some changes, so I am going to cut out all artificial food.  My family has agreed (sort of) to do the same.  Their change may be a more gradual, but I am starting NOW.  I am starting with all organic produce (bananas will be conventional), no GMOs, so no corn or wheat products (YIKES!).  When we get through this set of groceries, I will only bring good stuff into my home.

Hungry for Change is a very motivational food film that we watched last night. But, how can a normal, American family carry out eating all whole foods, juicing pounds upon pounds of produce, and all grass-fed/free range meet while sticking to a VERY modest budget?  I don’t know, yet, but I am going to find out.

So here’s my objective.  If it isn’t necessary, I won’t eat or do it.  Is Candy Crush necessary?  Nope, but I justified it as a de-stressing activity.  How can I better use my time?  I will apply this to food too.  Are chips and salsa necessary?  NOPE!  But, I can grill an avocado, fill it with taco filling of my choice and enjoy with salsa.  It will take some creativity, planning, and a will to change.

Eventually, I want to nix the microwave, never use plastic, and use natural hygiene products, but for now, I’m sticking to time management and food.

What makes me happy?  The thought of a healthful lifestyle, exercise, proper whole food diet, and low stress.  I love to cook, write, and spend time with my family.  This is the perfect vehicle to do all three.  We will get healthy together, I will write, and we will document our hit and miss recipes from this year-long experiment.  Stay tuned and I’ll post dinner videos and recipes.

My objective for the end of the year is to be the healthiest we’ve ever been, fit, lower our stress and drama, and be artificial ingredient free.  I also want to be a full time writer/film-maker.  There I’ve said it.  Those are my goals, fit and writing and filmmaking.  So here’s day one:  158 pounds, day one of writing, and needing help to stay on the goal wagon.  I’d love to hear from you and see what you do to eat healthy, and work towards goals.

So here are my goals:

1.)  Diet and fitness change

2.)  Stress management

3.)  Pursuing my passions and not waiting for a more convenient time

4.) Having a happier household

I’ve never been happier, however, I think our happiness and stress levels can use a positive boost.  What can I do to help change that?  How can I help the attitudes of a preteen, almost two-year old and a four year old?    I can’t make them less attitude-y, but what can I do to promote a happier home?  Let’s find out!  I really believe that a whole food diet is step one to better attitudes.  Proper sleep and a predictable schedule will help, too.

That’s a lot, but I think it is a great starting point.  I’ll weigh in on our progress tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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Whatever Wednesday- Just Do It

My dad used to say that you can have anything you want.  All you have to do is pay for it.  In a sense he is right.  But if you really want something, go get it.  You can pay for it with time, effort, favors, loans, or just about anything.  If you really want it- just do it.  And, there may be set backs along the way.  Don’t give up, even when you screw up.  Just freakin do it!

It is hard for me to see people with obvious talents not pursuing them.  If you like something, find a way to do it.  There is a reason God gave you a certain talent.  Now this doesn’t mean quit your real job to go write a novel.  Or asking your spouse to get a second job while you train for a triathlon, but there are ways to achieve your dreams if they are big enough for you.  Make the dreams in your life big.  Don’t give up or become complacent.

Concretely identify your dreams.  Once you identify them, write them down.  Right now my dreams are to run Making Whoopie full time, have my kids go to preschool from 9-2 while I do the bulk of my baking and work, then have them spend the rest of the day with me at the shop, and still have time to write.  And, it may not be preschool by the time I realize my dream.  They may be in real school.  Or college.  But, I need to know my dream before I can start to work a plan.

After identifying your dream and making a concrete wish list for your dream, make a plan.  My plan is to make whoopie pies, cupcakes and cakes out of my home until I out grow my kitchen.  I have a website, business cards, and a menu.  I take samples of my creations everywhere.  I make them for birthday parties, take them to my mommies’ group meetings, bring them to work, send them as thank yous.  I am the midnight baker right now.  That is what I do- I bake and bake and bake all weekend to get it going.  And, I pray that someone helps me clean up.  So far, I can get my son to prewash my beaters, if you know what I mean.

Put your plan into action.  I am baking at night.  Tonight I am baking at midnight because I had a mommies’ meeting and two orders.  At my mommies’ group someone told me they were having an open house and that I could bring whoopies and cards.  Score.  I accidentally baked twice as much as I needed so I just packaged them up and will send them with Jeffro when he delivers another order.  I was planning on taking it to work for “marketing”, but this turned out much better!  I have been official for just a few months and am getting calls every other day.  I am getting inquiries daily.  I am making Facebook friends and getting orders that way.  My dream has sprung into action.  I am actually doing it!  I got my assumed name certificate a few months back.  Then I ordered cards, signage for my car and home, and menu/fliers.  I set up a Google Ad.  I set up a Facebook page.  I take samples everywhere I go.  I am a one man marketing machine.  And, it’s working.

This is not a “hey look at me” story.  This is an example of how someone with not so obvious talents can start up a business and do what she likes.  I am sure your talents are much more obvious.  What do people tell you that you’re good at?  What do you love to do?  How can you turn that into a career?  God gave us certain skills and talents for a reason.  How are you using yours?  Had He given me the ability to even sing in key, I’d be pursuing that.  But He didn’t.  He gave me the ability to write and create recipes.  That is what I am trying to cultivate and not waste.  What is your talent?  Are you using it or wasting it at a boring, stressful 9-5 that makes no impact on anyone’s life?  And, if you’re at that boring 9-5, what are you doing to impact those around you?

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for putting me exactly where I need to be.  Thank you for blessing my family with the knowledge of where to go and what endeavors to pursue.  Thank you for helping us to work as a family unit to glorify you.  AMEN!

When I Have Kardashian Kash:  I will give women money to start up jobs, hobbies, whatever and pursue their passions.

Whoopie of the Month:  Mojito!

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