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Day Two, What Do I Do?

 My final goal is to eat all natural grass fed and freerange meat (or wild caught fish).  This will be my focus after we get the first two objectives down, and can go without eating from any boxes for a few days.
Stuffed Pepper Recipe
Green peppers
Any leftover meat (I had some brisket)
Parmesan Cheese
Sour Cream with dill seasoning
Cut green peppers in half and clean out seeds.  Dice up tomato and potato (better if cooked or left over from another meal).  Mix in veggies, some sour cream and dill (maybe 3 tbl spoons), and brisket.  Scoop into peppers and grate cheese on top.  Grill for 15 minutes or until cooked.  ENJOY!

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Manic Monday- Wal-mart.com shopping

There are many pros to Wal-Mart.  You can roll out of bed and shop with day old makeup on.  Your toddler can throw a total tantrum and no one criticizes you for “gonna spank” him right here, in front of everyone in check-out aisle ten.  There’s generally a store nearby.  If you need something, Wal-Mart has it.  And, it is always open.  Where else can you get your tires rotated, a new garden gnome, Wilton cake decorating supplies, your nails done, McDonalds for lunch and pick up groceries all in one stop?

But, despite all of these “pros” there are my snobby cons.  I feel gross just parking there.  I feel gross touching the shopping carts.  I feel gross looking at the dingy floors.  And, I can never find someone to help me the few times I’ve needed some assistance.  My co-shoppers invade my personal space and are pushy and rude.  The children running around are unsupervised and rowdy.  The “In” door is on the left confusing everyone about the American way of walking on the right.  Weren’t you taught that in school?  I sure was.  We drive on the right and we walk on the right.  Go in the right door.  Thanks Wal-Mart for confusing everyone.

I’m not really a snob, I don’t think.  I drive a nine year old car.  I’ve carried the same purse for three years.  I use coupons when I have time to cut them.  But, I can’t do Wal-Mart.  Jeff and I found some great deals online and our purchase qualified for free shipping, so who cares what store it is, right?  We completed our transaction online, selected “ship to home” checked out with PayPal and then noticed that three of our items would only ship to store.  No biggie, we chose the closest store, and set up the text message notice to alert us as to when it was ready, and made sure to schedule it on our way to or from work so we wouldn’t have kids, just in case.

Jeff stood in line for an hour to get our three items.  They were three things we could have easily run in and found on the shelves ourselves and been out in five minutes.  Once he got to the counter, he saw mountains of boxes.  Some boxes would get knocked over as an associate tried locating items in orders.  Jeff showed them the text with the confirmation number, and they couldn’t find some of our items.  The email said just to bring the text confirmation, and nothing more.  The associates couldn’t figure out what was missing from our order.  They knocked over more boxes, further held up the line, and Jeff waited an additional thirty minutes for them to locate our Soda Stream.  All of that for a Soda Stream that we could have gotten at Kohl’s with no hustle and bustle.

Turns out that the ship to store line and the layaway line are one in the same.  Jeff took a huge chance and did another ship to store order right before Christmas.  That time he got in and out in no time.  The clerk told him that layaway was over, hence no line.  Lesson?  If you have to do ship to store, wait until layaway is over (December 16th, I believe!).  So my review?  Wal-Mart ship-to-store is no bueno unless it is after the layaway deadline.

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for always being with me even when I can’t see or feel you there.  I know you are, and that you are most likely carrying me through the situation and not just holding my hand.  Thank you for pushing me when I need it and I ask for your continued gentle guidance in 2013.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for nap time so that I can have an hour or two to write, read or clean up the mess Quinn has created.

Happiness Project Progress:  Today I switched out Jeff’s and my dressers so that he doesn’t have to go into my closet, and so that I won’t wake him getting into the dresser next to his side of the bed.  I cleaned out my closet, my night stand and my vanity.  My room is less cluttered and I feel energized to do a little more each day!

Kardashian Kash:  I’d take a year to write a book.  I’d dedicate a year to a major project on my bucket list.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Pumpkin spice.  Everything Christmas in one bite!  A little spicy, a little sweet, a lot pumpkin-y.    www.makingwhoopieplano.com

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Web Wednesday on Terrific Thursday

Not even three days into my new format and there is a format change.  Wednesdays will now be Web Wednesdays and Thursdays will be Terrific Thursday, my parenting segment.  So, welcome to my Thursday edition of Web Wednesday!

I subscribe to many group coupons such as Groupon, Livingsocial, Google Offers and for money saving deals, I subscribe to Brads Deals, CouponPro Blog, Totsy, Get it Free, Cool Savings and more.  I don’t know how I got on the distro for some of these emails.  Maybe the same way I get College F*** Book, Meet Single Black Men, Cougar Dating, and Free Viagra.  Brads Deals is probably the only one I look at religiously.  I glance at Groupon and Living social, but Brads Deals is way cool.  (Can I unsubscribe from the others without getting a virus?  I do have a MacBook. Or just let them continue to go to my SPAM folder?  It’s very unnerving seeing the F word in my email so much, even if it is in SPAM.)

Brads Deals- AWESOME!

I found a Vera Bradley bag for $4 on Brads Deals.  He constantly has free glasses, cheap designer shoes, cheap jewelry- like diamonds, not CZ, patio furniture, Kitchen Aid mixers and a million other things I’d buy if I had hundreds of play dollars lying around.  www.bradsdeals.com be careful- it is addicting.  He has an interactive site in which you can earn points and badges, but I don’t play with it much.  I religiously read his emails, though!  When I was pregnant and on maternity leave, I was constantly getting packages from the deals that I bought.  Jeffro had to have a talk with me about how spending money on a good deal is still spending money.  Duh!  But, I don’t feel quite as guilty if I can see the savings.


I recently bought some swaddle blankets/sleep sacks off of www.totsy.com.  These sacks are the reason my now three month old slept through the night before she was a month old.  When I saw them on sale for a microfleece swaddler and sleep sack combo for $18 from $48, I bought three for baby shower gifts and a pair of shoes to bring up my total to whatever amount I needed to get free shipping.  That was last month and I still have not gotten my order!  I contacted customer service via email because I don’t want to call during work and I like having a written record.  They said that my credit card info wasn’t correct and that I need to call customer service.  I was never contacted, in the first place.  I looked at my payment info, it was correct, I logged into my bank account everything looked fine, and replied to the email to please run it again.

They responded to call the 800#.  I understand that they don’t want my personal info over email, but it’s not.  Just run the card you have on file.  And, they didn’t even tell me that they had a problem!  Grrr…maybe one lunch break I’ll have a chance to call them.  Great deals, not so great service, so far.


I love DSW and I love that the more I buy, the more deals they give me.  So, when I saw on Facebook that they were giving away a cute bag with a $30 purchase, I jumped on it.  I had a gift card and needed some new shoes, score!  I checked out, entered in the promo code and even qualified for free shipping.  Perfect.  When I got the receipt via email, I noticed that the bag wasn’t on there.  I emailed customer service to make sure that it was a part of the order.  Nothing, I thought no biggie, I’ll wait until my order comes in and see if the bag comes or not.  Nothing.  So I re-email them with the original email from the day I placed the order.  I get a reply saying that they bumped up my points to earn a $10 certificate, but in the future, I need to make sure that the item is in my basket.  I need.  That is probably the rudest thing you can tell a customer.  And, I was only ten points away from my next reward, so big whoop.  So I replied stating that it was in my shopping cart.  My complaint then went up to another customer service agent and when they replied a few days later, they apologized profusely, they were out of the bag, but sent me a $10 gift card.  Not bad, I did get $20 total for the whole thing.  I am eyeing some cute wedges right now, so I will give them another shot online.  Plus, they gave me free 2-day shipping for my trouble.  It’s not the bag, it was the “you need” that got me hot.  I understand technical difficulties and running out of promotional items, but don’t be rude and don’t tell me what I need to do in the future.  That is the quickest way to make me unravel.  I will continue to shop in the store if I have another online blunder, so no loss for the company.  I really like their store.

Next WEB WEDNESDAY- I’ll have my favorite Groupon/Livingsocial/Google Offers buys.  What are yours?

Tomorrow is Fiscal Friday and I’ll talk about my couponing adventure or misadventure depending on how you look at it.

Monday is a my review of some restaurants and the downtown Plano, Texas scene.

Oh, I’m almost done with Fifty Shades of Grey and I am fed up with Ana’s “Inner Goddess”.  Gag me!  (Get it?)

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