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Manic Monday

It was one of those days.  We had a criz-azy weekend, and had a child with a fever.  Aye carumba.  So, today was the perfect test of my little experiment.  Breakfast- homemade yogurt (epic fail with my attempt at coconut milk yogurt last night).  Lunch- homemade chicken and veggie soup for Ebro and me.  OMG good and no crud.  I had no idea that boullion cubes had so much junk in them.  Most have massive amounts of sodium, MSG and other preservatives and added ingredients.  It was so easy- I just sauteed, in butter, onion, celery, zucchini, tomatoes and kale.  I had some left over drippings and chicken from a roasted chicken last week that I threw in there, and some store bought, all natural, chicken stock.  I added some Pampered Garlic and Peppercorn.  Holy moly.  Best chicken soup ever.  Easton hasn’t really eaten much in three days and he drank it up.

Dinner can be seen on my Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/ThePamperedActors.  Or at least I think it can be seen.  I uploaded it, but didn’t see it a little while ago.  I am still playing with my new Kindle Fire, and haven’t worked out the kinks.  For the kids, I found grass fed beef at Sprouts for $4.99/pound and each package was as much as Kroger beef.  Jeff and I had ahi tuna steak that I coated in a coffee rub and seared on both sides.  It was wild caught and $6.99/pound.  Our steak was about $4.50, and we split it.  We had wild rice, organic zucchini and either the burger or tuna.  Everyone ate every bite, and the kids asked for us to get tuna for them, next time.  I didn’t make any sauces and served the burgers just as patties.

I’ve been consistently jogging or walking.  I am not enjoying the jogging as much as I first did, but hoping I enjoy it or that it gets easier soon!  I enjoy walking, but I want to see some serious results.  I am tired of having a post-baby belly.  I’m seeing some results, but would love to love to run.  I am thankful that I’ve been able to make myself get out and do it, but am hoping to be able to push myself one more street, one more mile, one more song. 

What are you doing?  How do you exercise and keep motivated?  How do you push yourself?  How do you know when you have too much going on and what to cut out and what to push further? 


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