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Uh oh- I need some help.

I had a set back. I got a bad headache Thursday evening and neither walked nor went to the social function which I had planned on attending. I even ate a chocolate frozen banana, but think I still stayed under 15 grams of sugar, if that chocolate banana had 4 grams or less.

Today Easton had a film shoot and the boys were up at 4:30. So was my light sleeper, Q. And so was I. She never went back to sleep except for the fifteen minute drive to Sydney’s well visit appointment. Of course, but what I wouldn’t have given for fifteen minutes of sleep!

Somehow I managed to get her down for a nap when we returned home, around noon. I took the opportunity to sleep too, and didn’t wake up until four. Holy moly. I had been doing well about waking up early, despite my staycation. I completely wasted today, but didn’t want to get run down, so I listened to my body and chilled.

During my snooze-fest good, sweet Jeffro went to the grocery store. Guess what he bought? Everything we’re not supposed to eat. So sweet of him to get the kids out of the house so I could sleep. But, how do we get away from cereal and everything else when I am the one driving this, and the rest of the fam is half-way on board? What are we going to do when I am back at work full time and Jeff is doing the shopping most of the time?

I really need a plan. I need help with easy breakfasts. I am not home when the children and Jeff eat breakfast, so I need something easy for them to eat. The kids could eat yogurt. But what about Jeff? And I don’t know if Ebro will go for yogurt. And, I don’t want to burn them out. I guess we can start there. And what about easy snacks?

So since I was a little under the weather, I ate nachos that Jeff made. It was grass fed beef, but again, refreid beans from a can- the dreaded can- and corn chips. I need an alternative for us. We could give up bread, but corn chips are going to be hard. I was overwhelmed at Whole Foods in the snack section. That can get expensive. My whole goal is to stay affordable, and for this to be easy. Maybe not easy today, but eventually. I need this to be so easy that Jeff can shop for our new lifestyle.

What do you do? How are you living the more natural lifestyle? I want to hear from the folks that are doing it now. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to do something different than what most of us Americans do. I did convince Jeff that we didn’t need to order a pizza. Hurray for small victories. Tomorrow is Jeff’s birthday, so we will be binging, I am sure. Then back on the wagon on Sunday!


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