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Count Down to the Real World

Welp, Thursday will be here before I know it and it will be back to the grind. Three jobs, parenting, blogging, cooking, jogging, oh my. So, to keep it manageable and to make myself accountable to my little project, here, I am committing to writing Monday, Wednesday, Friday and maybe some Saturdays. That’s doable.

So today, I did a little vendor event for Pampered Chef. I am working on some fundraisers, one for American Heart Association and an upcoming one for melanoma research. You can contact me or check out my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/ThePamperedActors, if you want to check out our fundraisers. We have at least one a month, or we’re doing something for S.T.A.G.E. (a local actors’ resource center in Dallas). I spent half of the day with Syd. Man, she was a huge help getting me organized.

I am trying to follow Dr. Mercola’s recommendation of intermittent fasting and not eating until lunch. My goal is to keep a small window of eating time so my body has time to “fast”. Check out mercola.com and “google” fasting for the “why”. It makes sense, but I will not do it justice if I try to explain the technicalities. I do know that when I do this, I am less hungry and eat less and better. GOAL! So no breakfast, had plain coffee from Starbucks with some half and half. Shared some tacos al pastor with Syd (and chips, salsa, bean dip and queso), but we shared. Again, corn chips are my weakness and not sure how I’ll do it. I can and have given up bread and pasta, and wheat in general, but man- living in the land of Tex-Mex, how do I give up the corn chip? Maybe I don’t.

So, I’ve been walking with the neighborhood ladies at least a couple nights a week for the last month. The last two nights I’ve jogged, alone. Tonight I jogged 1.5 miles in eighteen minutes. Not bad for an out of shape mom of three. I enjoy the company of the walkers, but I’ve never felt better than running and listening to music. Let me tell you that Pantera is a better running partner than Owl City. Sydney and I share an iTunes account and I haven’t set up play lists on my new phone. So, I get a lovely mix of tween tunes and thirty-two year old mom music. The Cranberries aren’t a very good motivational group to run to, either. But, ah the memories.

For dinner, Jeff made bun-less cheeseburgers with watermelon, pickle, red onion and tomato slices. Organic veggies, no clue about the pickle, and conventional Kroger brand meat and cheese. Small steps, right? My kombucha has been bottled and is sitting in a closet building carbonation. My second batch should be about ready to be bottled. I am so excited! I think even Jeff will enjoy our bacterial-yeasty goodness. My SCOBY is getting HUGE, while my belly is shrinking- finally!

Eating well and exercise really helps with the stress. When I stay away from sugar, man I feel good. I am really hoping to keep this up when I go back to work to keep the stress down. In about two weeks of being off work, I think I am finally getting my stress levels in check. I think that is my biggest problem. I have a very high stress job in which I wear many hats and don’t know how to prioritize all of the many tasks I have. Then, I have my home based bakery. And then my new Pampered Chef adventure, that I love, and am working daily on building. Plus, my exercising and mom’s group and book club. I can not tell you how busy I have been just Making Whoopie, doing Pampered Chef, and playing house the last two weeks. And, I’ve had a family emergency that I’ve been dealing with in the midst of all of this. Not emergency, conflict, something that has wrecked havoc on my stress levels and really forced me to take some much needed time off. An expensive blessing in disguise. How’s that for a positive spin?

I’ve been organizing, trying to set up daily routines, and systems to make juggling easier. I want all of us in a good auto pilot mode when I go back to work. Jeff is an amazing partner, but a creature of habit. He is such a good sport, and does make changes, but it is not easy and I have to really get a new habit up and running before he fully embraces it. I guess we’ll see how well we’ve done, come Thursday.

So, what are your routines? How do you eat healthy? We have a wonderful veggie co-op in which we pick up a box of veggies twice a month (http://yourhealthsource.org/), but I need something like that for meat. I have the dairy down the street, but will I really drive over there for it? We’ll see! I really want to hear what you do! Will you introduce me to my next “kombucha”? My aunt introduced it to me a couple of months ago, and now I’m addicted. LOVE it. What else is out there that I’m missing? I’ve got to know!

Talk to you on Wednesday, my last night of sweet freedom. I guess I need to spin some more positive energy- my last night before going back to a new and fresh office opportunity. Go team.


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Day Two, What Do I Do?

 My final goal is to eat all natural grass fed and freerange meat (or wild caught fish).  This will be my focus after we get the first two objectives down, and can go without eating from any boxes for a few days.
Stuffed Pepper Recipe
Green peppers
Any leftover meat (I had some brisket)
Parmesan Cheese
Sour Cream with dill seasoning
Cut green peppers in half and clean out seeds.  Dice up tomato and potato (better if cooked or left over from another meal).  Mix in veggies, some sour cream and dill (maybe 3 tbl spoons), and brisket.  Scoop into peppers and grate cheese on top.  Grill for 15 minutes or until cooked.  ENJOY!

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Whatever Wednesday- Dream Job

Have you ever wanted a new job, or to have your dream job? You’re envious of those auditioning for X Factor because they are going after their dreams. You don’t have that luxury. Your friends live in the ritziest part of town and have a brand new Mercedes. You want that kind of job, right? How do you get there? How do you get your dream job? Or, how do you get a job that pays for your dream? You can do a few things. Until you can take the steps to get that dream job, you can treat your current job like it is your dream. Then, you can take the steps to get your dream job.

Focus on the positive parts of your job, and work on not sweating the unpleasant ones. I love my coworkers. I really like my boss. He is very accommodating with my work/life balance. He gives good reviews with constructive criticism, and lots of good feedback. He gives me an outline of what to do and the freedom to achieve it however I choose. There are a ton of positive aspects of my job. The downfall is that I am not going to advance within this department. I am not a specialist in the fields in which I work and therefore will always be an executive administrative assistant. I can focus on that and be bummed, or I can focus on the fact that I am guaranteed a paycheck every two weeks, best benefits I’ve ever had and I work close to home which is a must so that I can pick up kids.

Figure out what you want your dream job to be. Sounds silly, but I can’t tell you how many people hate their jobs but can’t tell me what they would rather do. It has taken me awhile to figure this out for myself. I like to write. I like to bake. I like my children. I thought about watching other people’s children, but I like a good paycheck with lots of benefits. What is it that I’d rather do in which I’d be willing to sacrifice something like company 401K matching? I wouldn’t be willing to do that to babysit, but I would be willing to do that for my own bakery. I’m not there, yet, but I am taking some steps.

Make an action plan to achieve your dream. Jeff is the best example of this. He works at an actors’ resource group by day, and doesn’t chase his dream of acting, but rather does everything in his power to grab his dream and make it happen. He works hard at perfecting his craft through classes, going to industry workshops, and reading everything he can about the craft. For awhile, he worked any project that came along until he had a serious resume. Now, he doesn’t have to work low wage gigs or for free. He gets paid to do what he loves. But, he’s forty-one. He didn’t have that luxury at twenty. For Making Whoopie, I have applied for my DBA, gotten my sales tax permit thingy, and am working on my business plan. I am selling whoopies out of my home, thanks to the Texas Cottage Food Laws, until I can get to a place where I can own my own business front. I bring whoopie samples everywhere I can to spread the word of my business. What will it take for you to quit your job to go where you truly want to be?

Living your dream may make you happy, but it may not pay the bills. Let me tell you that while money does not buy happiness, hurting for money does put a strain on the relationships in your life. We are not in a place for me to just quit my job and sell whoopies. While that may make me happy, it would hurt us financially right now. I like having a car and a house. I want to keep those things, so I must make a way for me to do it all. Patience is my friend right now. I have to take the small steps to allow the bigger items to take care of themselves until I am finally able to live my dream.

I can’t tell you what a difference just deciding to have a better attitude and appreciating what you have now can do. It may not be the tip top ideal situation, but there is a reason you are where you are right now. Maybe it is to be an example or friend to someone else. Maybe it is to meet someone who can help you later on. Maybe it is to teach you some skills that you will need later on when you do have your dream job. But stop and count the blessings you have right now. No really. Stop, sit down, get out a pen, and write down all of the great things in your life. If you can’t think of any, fake it until you make it. It really takes a lot of practice to be grateful and happy with what you have. Now, after you write down all of your blessings, write down what you want. This can be the superficial to the deep. Write it all down. Do this every week and notice the changes in your life. I am seeing HUGE changes happen right before my eyes. It still isn’t as fast as I want them to happen, but it is happening none-the-less. I want to hear your dream job stories!

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for a spirit of gratitude. Thank you for showing me all of the great things you do for me. Thank you for all of the blessings in my life. I pray that I can share this with others. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a husband who pushes me to achieve my dreams.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: I really would like some singing lessons. I know I’ll never have the X Factor, but I would like to sing along with my family.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Hope- come check out all of our delicious all natural flavors.

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Whatever Wednesday- dreams and writing them down

I often tell the story of when I was dating and how I kept running into Mr. Wrong. I was tired of wasting everyone’s time, especially my own from boredom and wishing I was with Sydney and on a stupid date. What did I want in a guy? What made Mr. Right? So, I wrote it down. Not six months after that, I met the epitome of my list. We dated five months and I realized I needed to update my list, and seriously reevaluate my wants in a man. Six months after that, I met Jeff. So, when I want something badly that is important to me, I write it down. I’m a huge believer in the power of your words. Spoken word is powerful, but so is the written word. Because of this, I am desperately trying to say only positive and uplifting things. It takes practice and all of my skills were put to the test while dealing with a full out tween meltdown yesterday. It was like something out of a horror movie, but for the first time, I didn’t lose it. We are human, and sometimes the best we can do is try again next time. I didn’t have to do that. I was able to live up to my expectations of staying calm, positive, loving, and comforting. I was still firm, but I wasn’t psycho mommy. Man, sometimes they push my buttons. Not this time!

Wow- I digressed badly. Today is about me writing out what I want. First, let me say how grateful I am for three healthy children, a husband who does 80 loads of laundry a day, and precious Reno Bean. Beans, glorious Beans, my favorite Wee-ner (dog). Everyone in my home has a song. That is one good thing I have from my childhood. Again, bad digression! There are things I want, like my swimming pool equipment updated, pool resurfaced and crack filled with epoxy, tiles replaced, and deck sprayed with a substance that makes it bearable in the 150 degree Texas summer. I want to pull down the awful wallpaper in my downstairs bathrooms and paint. I want to paint the downstairs bedrooms. I want a new dishwasher and the electrical fixed over my stove so I can get a new built in microwave. I want my outside refrigerator to be my inside one, or get a new inside one that has working ice and water dispensers. I’d like a sleep number bed or Temperpedic. I want wood floors in my dining room and dining room furniture, namely chairs for the table we have in there. I want a new vehicle for Jeff. I want to clothes shop for the kids and me without restraint. I’d like to buy all organic and minimally processed foods. I want only grass fed beef and free range chicken. That is the STUFF that I want. Oh yeah, and a mommy makeover. The plastic surgery kind, not a trip to the Lancome counter at Macy’s.

Here is the intangible- I want to get Making Whoopie up and running. I have started my business plan, looking at the cost of rent, remodeling a leased space, food costs, taxes, permits, marketing, etc. I am looking at other business’s numbers to include in my business plan. I’m looking at start up grants and how to get investors. I’ve gotten my tax ID, assumed name certificate and resale certificate when I buy supplies. I just need to sit down and put it all together. We will do this! I know a few restaurant owners and want to talk to them about how they started up. I am also applying to Cupcake Wars, so maybe I’ll get a boost there. That scares me, but it is time to go to the next level. I know I won’t make millions, initially, but I want a shop different and diverse enough to make a comfortable living while spending more time with my children and husband.

I want to be a Certified Bradley Birth teacher, too. I want to teach natural child birth classes and would love for Jeff to be involved to give the male perspective. He can tell the dads about the consequences of texting during labor without muting the phone. He can tell them how to deal with someone who cries over Budweiser commercials and Hallmark cards. I think since he’s such a guy’s guy, he’d be a perfect partner and would really appeal to the dad dudes. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but it is pretty expensive to get certified. It is also a bit of a time commitment to get certified and student teach. Aren’t three unmedicated births to babies almost nine and ten pounds each enough qualification? And, I didn’t drown Jeff’s phone or throw it when he was texting like a teenager. That should be a qualifying factor, in itself. I am so passionate about my birthing experiences, that I want to share that with others who are interested. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those interested, I want to be a part of the process. I am sad to think that I’ve had my last baby. But, I’d love to be involved with other families planning their births. Not sure if I could be a doula, but I can teach and share my experiences all day long. My biggest accomplishments are my three natural child births. I am very proud of my big babies, and how Jeff delivered Easton. Unfortunately Q was a little trickier, but that is a story for another day. When my two dreams collide, I will teach classes at Making Whoopie, in the evenings. We also host tea-party themed baby showers, and birthday parties. I am full service!

Jeff and I are truly blessed, please don’t think I am complaining or being a brat. I am simply writing what I want in my perfect world. What do you want? What stuff would enhance your life? What are your life goals? How are you going to get there? I am going to keep doing the little things, like working on a business plan and trying new recipes, until I get where I want to be. And, I’m going to keep writing it down and sharing my dreams. In the mean time, I am going to count my blessing and be thankful for what I do have.

My Daily Prayer: Dear God, please touch our current leaders and our future ones. Please guide them as to how to run our country. Please give them wisdom, patience, tolerance and courage to do what is right and not what is politically correct. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful Jeff does 80 loads of laundry a day.

When I have Kardashian Kash: Making Whoopie will go global!

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Pumpkin- it is that time of year! Keep an eye out for our seasonal pumpkin flavors on our website.

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Whatever Wednesday- Just Do It

My dad used to say that you can have anything you want.  All you have to do is pay for it.  In a sense he is right.  But if you really want something, go get it.  You can pay for it with time, effort, favors, loans, or just about anything.  If you really want it- just do it.  And, there may be set backs along the way.  Don’t give up, even when you screw up.  Just freakin do it!

It is hard for me to see people with obvious talents not pursuing them.  If you like something, find a way to do it.  There is a reason God gave you a certain talent.  Now this doesn’t mean quit your real job to go write a novel.  Or asking your spouse to get a second job while you train for a triathlon, but there are ways to achieve your dreams if they are big enough for you.  Make the dreams in your life big.  Don’t give up or become complacent.

Concretely identify your dreams.  Once you identify them, write them down.  Right now my dreams are to run Making Whoopie full time, have my kids go to preschool from 9-2 while I do the bulk of my baking and work, then have them spend the rest of the day with me at the shop, and still have time to write.  And, it may not be preschool by the time I realize my dream.  They may be in real school.  Or college.  But, I need to know my dream before I can start to work a plan.

After identifying your dream and making a concrete wish list for your dream, make a plan.  My plan is to make whoopie pies, cupcakes and cakes out of my home until I out grow my kitchen.  I have a website, business cards, and a menu.  I take samples of my creations everywhere.  I make them for birthday parties, take them to my mommies’ group meetings, bring them to work, send them as thank yous.  I am the midnight baker right now.  That is what I do- I bake and bake and bake all weekend to get it going.  And, I pray that someone helps me clean up.  So far, I can get my son to prewash my beaters, if you know what I mean.

Put your plan into action.  I am baking at night.  Tonight I am baking at midnight because I had a mommies’ meeting and two orders.  At my mommies’ group someone told me they were having an open house and that I could bring whoopies and cards.  Score.  I accidentally baked twice as much as I needed so I just packaged them up and will send them with Jeffro when he delivers another order.  I was planning on taking it to work for “marketing”, but this turned out much better!  I have been official for just a few months and am getting calls every other day.  I am getting inquiries daily.  I am making Facebook friends and getting orders that way.  My dream has sprung into action.  I am actually doing it!  I got my assumed name certificate a few months back.  Then I ordered cards, signage for my car and home, and menu/fliers.  I set up a Google Ad.  I set up a Facebook page.  I take samples everywhere I go.  I am a one man marketing machine.  And, it’s working.

This is not a “hey look at me” story.  This is an example of how someone with not so obvious talents can start up a business and do what she likes.  I am sure your talents are much more obvious.  What do people tell you that you’re good at?  What do you love to do?  How can you turn that into a career?  God gave us certain skills and talents for a reason.  How are you using yours?  Had He given me the ability to even sing in key, I’d be pursuing that.  But He didn’t.  He gave me the ability to write and create recipes.  That is what I am trying to cultivate and not waste.  What is your talent?  Are you using it or wasting it at a boring, stressful 9-5 that makes no impact on anyone’s life?  And, if you’re at that boring 9-5, what are you doing to impact those around you?

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for putting me exactly where I need to be.  Thank you for blessing my family with the knowledge of where to go and what endeavors to pursue.  Thank you for helping us to work as a family unit to glorify you.  AMEN!

When I Have Kardashian Kash:  I will give women money to start up jobs, hobbies, whatever and pursue their passions.

Whoopie of the Month:  Mojito!

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