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Tuesday Pinterest Review- Salt Glitter

I was introduced to Pinterest last year when I was pregnant and ready to pop.  We had just bought a new home, were about to add a third baby to our family, and spent a lot of money to get out of our old house.  I was huge, wanted to stay close to home and money was tight.  TIGHT.  So, Pinterest was my new BFF for the upcoming holiday season.  When I wasn’t working, I was pinning.  Not only did I pin everything of interest, I tried everything.  EVERYTHING of interest.  I was committed to making holiday gifts, and trying new recipes to cook at home since we wouldn’t be going out much.  I am changing my Tuesday Book Club to a rotation of book reviews and Pinterest reviews.

One of the first pins I tried was making homemade glitter from salt and food coloring.  Perfect!  This was slightly before I went on my no artificial anything kick, but I hardly used food color anyway and had tons of it on hand.  This was a perfect project for many of the other projects that I had in the works.

Up until this project, I had a lot of success with recipes and art projects, but salt glitter was a sad disappointment.  Here is one of the links, but there are many variations of this on Pinterest:  If you want colored salt, this is for you and you can skip the cooking step.  But, there is nothing glittery about this “glitter”.  This was a womp-womp for me, but required little cost and effort, so no biggie to try and fail.

Tomorrow:  Whatever Wednesday- Scary resolutions.

My Daily Prayer:  Dear God, please lead me down your path, help me keep my eyes on your will, and give me the strength to keep on keeping on.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I have the best neighbors in the world.  I am thankful to have made new friends that live right down the street, have the same interests and tons in common.  I am thankful that my children have the opportunity to grow up with their children.

Kardashian Kash:  I’d definitely hire someone to put up the ostentatious Christmas decorations that I’d have, then take them down around the new year.  I’d donate this year’s lights and non-sentimental ornaments and start new next year, keeping the neighbors guessing about our over-the-top displays.  The Griswalds would have nothing on me.

Happiness Project Progress:  My closet is close to complete!  It is SOOOO much better than before.  I have applied the “one minute” rule and if it takes a minute to put away, I do it.  Tomorrow is the first day of tackling not having a crazy AM, being fully put together and taking my lunch.  It will be hard to say no to going out for lunch, but it plays into two of my resolutions.  Now, I am going to spend ten minutes tidying up, putting my stuff together for tomorrow and going to bed by 10:30.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Amish Paradise- chocolate cakey-cookies with vanilla creme middle.  Yumm-o.





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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- More X Factor

I am not sure why I love X Factor.  The opening sequence is beyond cheesy with the X flying through the atmosphere.  It is very long and dragged out.  Everyone is overly dramatic about how they’ll just die if they I just want to see a lot of singing, a little drama, a couple of back stories, and the critiques of the judges.  I can’t wait until next week with Khole, my favorite Kardashian, and Mario Lopez hosting.  That should be fun!  Yes, I do have a favorite Kardashian.  That is my guilty pleasure.  Despite Jeff’s claims I have never seen one second of Jersey Shore, but I’ve seen most of the KK’s and spin offs.  Pitiful, but I love it.
I am two books away from finishing the twelve book Left Behind series.  Then, we can have a proper book club post again!

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for giving me only what I can handle and carrying me when I can’t walk.

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for humor.  I can find the silly in the serious.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: Maybe have my own backyard farm with a cow, some chickens and goats.  Fresh, organic, grass fed and free range.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Banana Bread- banana bread whoopies, vanilla creme and salted caramel drizzle.  MMMM.  Good enough for breakfast or dessert.

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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- How I Met Your Mother I

I am STILL reading the Left Behind books. I’m on like book ten, though. They’re still really good, but there are things I’d do differently had I written them. But, then that just inspires me to make some time to create my own books. In due time. Right now isn’t the right time for that, but when Making Whoopie is up and running, the way I have it running in my head, I should have some time. So, since I don’t have time for much, I DVR the few shows I am interested in catching when babies are down for naps, or I’m working on my website and want something in the background. How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows.

This is probably the only sitcom that Jeff and I watch. The writing is really funny and the characters are very well developed. My mother has to keep telling me that there is a stripper named Quinn. But, she’s a really cute blonde. So, there Mom. We have gotten so behind that we are only half way through last year’s season. I had a ton of stuff to do last night, but everyone was so cranky and it was such a beating to get everyone fed, Sydney dressed, babies out the door and drive downtown to choir, that I came home and collapsed. I had every intention to stop at Michaels and get some baking equipment, work on my website, bake up a batch of pumpkin whoopies to photograph, but guess what I did? I bathed the boy, put the girl in bed and threw Easton in front of Little Einsteins until his bed time, and I reclined.

Normally, I feel like I have the chaotic Mondays down to a science. I think I have my children down. I think I am the better parent because it takes more before I lose patience and yell. Well, I lost it. And Easton asked me not to spank his sister because he loves her. I wasn’t even planning on spanking her! Normally, Easton asks me to give her five spankings for looking at him. Now, he’s asking me not to spank her when she isn’t moving it on the day that we’re trying to get her to HER activity on time. I was humbled. I am not the better parent. I do have a breaking point, and I broke yesterday. Broke and then sat in a recliner until Jeff and Syd returned home from choir (he picks her up). I grunted at them, and went to bed. Sometimes that is the best I can do.

But, back to topic! I was planning on doing some work with HIMYM in the background. The show is so good that it demands my whole attention. I couldn’t even play Words with Friends. I watched like four episodes in a row, fast forwarded through the commercials, and enjoyed the peace of no one else in the room. I probably looked like I should have had a beer, wife beater shirt and my hands down my pants, Al Bundy style. But, it isn’t often that I veg like that, and when I break I veg. Today is another busy, busy day, but after going to bed super early, I am ready to conquer the day.

My Daily Prayer: God, without you I am not able. Thank you for making it possible to do anything through you. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a new day to try things again.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: World Travel.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Sydster Special Cupcakes- chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting mixed with Oreos or candy pieces of your choice. Check out pictures of our creations at

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Tuesday Book (and More) Club- Dr.Oz

As you know, I am a bit of a hippie. While I enjoy a daily shower and shaving (not after my laser hair removal!), I am into natural childbirth, avoiding formula for my family, I’m anti Red Dye 40, and eat organically whenever possible. So the teasers for Dr. Oz’s show intrigue me. I finally set my DVR to record and try to catch a show, or two, when I get home and am making dinner or feeding Q102. I’m now a huge fan and love this show.

I get a new health tip every day. I have learned ways to change my diet, that we all need to have more sex, and why I feel fatigued most of the time. I try to regularly take magnesium, but it causes a laxative effect if you take too much. That would have been good to know! I am eating more veggies, and I am only into my third week of watching his show.

Here is my criticism, I am a critic after all, on one show he had an expert tell me that I need to eat 90% veggies and 10% everything else. After the break, Dr. Oz came back and talked about the three types of metabolism and none of the corresponding diets met the 90/10 ratio previously prescribed. When he had Kirsty Alley on, he said he did not endorse her diet plan, but wanted to share what worked for her. If he didn’t endorse the other doctor, I wish he’d say that instead of me getting confused about which diet plan is “right”. I am going to stick with the mainly veggie one for now and see what happens. Also, I went to his website to take the metabolism quiz and scored equally for all three types. The quiz answers just said something to the effect of, “if you score mainly A’s, you’re…”. I wasn’t mainly anything, so now what? I need something a little more black and white. If you want me to change my American ways, please help me to follow through 100%.

I know it is TV, and has to have the entertainment factor, but I also want something to watch while I’m doing my chores that will help me be a better me. I do read self-help books about parenting, diet, exercise, but sometimes I want to read just to be entertained. Sometimes I need to hear the self-help stuff and not do my own, independent research. You went to medical school, tell me!

After meeting with a girlfriend last night, I realized that I need to incorporate some facts into my writing about why I am the way I am. Why don’t I like tomatoes out of a can? Why did I opt for natural childbirth? Why don’t I like formula as a choice for my babies? While I fully appreciate everyone making the best choices for their families and do not judge their decisions, I want to share why I make the choices I make. And, I want to share why I am making the changes I am making while sharing the results on my life and family’s. My ultimate goal is to be completely organic and not utilize anything “white”. I am not there yet, but am getting closer every day. My other goal is to tell you why and if it is a reason that resonates with you, then to help you make the changes in your life too. No judgments, just information and how-to’s. Your choice to formula feed over breast feeding is a very personal choice that I respect. I just want to share why I made my choice.

People always ask me why I do things the way I do, and I need a better answer than “because”. I did TONS of research and reading before having my first baby and the only logical option FOR ME was unmedicated childbirth. Same with breastfeeding. I am not here to “win” converts to my hippie ways or to have all of America throw out Red Dye 40 just because I feel it is demonic (exaggeration, I love Twizzlers from time to time), I just want to share some information from a real person using this information in real life. If you too feel passionately about death to Red Dye 40, then I salute your pouring Hawaiian Punch down the drain and opting for some natural juice. But if you enjoy your Doritos no matter what artificial color or flavor, who am I to judge? I have my own vices that I know I need not indulge. To each his own.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for enlightening me. Thank you for the strength and courage to use the information that you put in front of me and graciously giving me freedom of choice. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful no child was under the fan that came crashing down in my upstairs playroom when “someone” pulled down a scarf that mysteriously got wrapped in the blades. I am thankful only two bulbs broke and that the fan can be rehung.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: Personal trainer, baby. Make me sweat, because I am not going to make myself do it when there are so many other things to be done.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Banana- banana whoopies filled with vanilla crème drizzled with salted caramel. Salted caramel makes everything yummy.

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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- X Factor, Glee, Rangers and Cowboys

My days are pretty packed with Making Whoopie (oh yes I did), taxi-ing kids to their various activities, working full time, book club, mommy group, etc.  I like to read before going to bed, and I cook almost every night.  So, I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore.  But, I make time on Wednesday and Thursday.  I will make time for the Rangers.  I have yet to watch a Cowboy game this year.  I will probably watch the Mavs when Jeff has a game on, but focus on Words with Friends.  My number one priority right now is keeping a very consistent schedule and getting enough sleep.

I didn’t watch X Factor last year, but was interested to see Brittney Spears on it this year.  I am a convert.  I love this show. Some of Simon’s open shirt choices are questionable, but I am no fashionista myself.  It is over produced- to me, there is way too much music, build up, and forced drama.  The drama will be there.  Don’t try to amp it up with musical interludes and forced product placement (hello Sony earphones, don’t think that was accidentally worn on the head to show the logo that way).  Let it happen.  But, I still love it and want more of it.

I watched American Idol on and off, but haven’t watched the latest few seasons at all.  I like The Voice, but it is a HUGE time commitment.  Three nights a week and one to three hours at a time?  No thanks!  X Factor is an hour and sometimes two.  And, they’re about to have Khole Kardashian-Odem, my favorite KK, and AC Slater host.  I’m in for the long haul.  Sorry about Thursday night football, Jeffro.  I’m watching X Factor followed by Glee.

Glee is such a fun, adult show.  I would love to watch it with my tween, but there is too much sexuality and overall inappropriateness for a young, fragile mind.  I know she will see some of this behavior in a year or two, but let’s keep it another year or two (or three or four!).  I’m good with people breaking out in song, always having perfect hair and makeup, and even the poor kids being better dressed than me.  I love living the fantasy that is musical theatre.  My kids are uncomfortable when I break out into song and dance, but they do tolerate it in the car.  Now, they just sing over me.  Even little Easton sings over me now.  Q screams along.  Other drivers at the stop lights stare at me in disbelief.

I haven’t watched more than two minutes of football this year.  I catch some Rangers and will watch all of the post season games, game right now.  Let’s hope they get more than a one game series.  Series?  Game.  I’m hoping they got the losing out of their systems and we can make the third time the charm.  In the words of Ebro- go Dangers!  I’ll probably watch the Mavs, but not as intensely as most years.

My Daily Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for all of your blessings.  I thank you for making my dreams come true.  I thank you for the huge things that you’re doing in my life and ask that you give me wisdom to use those things to glorify you.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for big opportunities coming my way!

When I Have Kardashian Kash:  A pink Hummer, just ’cause.  What would Barbie do?  That’s why.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Piggie Pie- everything is better with bacon!  Amish Paridise whoopie rolled in fresh, crisp bacon crumbs.  Oink (yum!).


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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

We’re well into our second week of following the directions of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and I have three happy children. Well, my oldest had a meltdown yesterday, but overall they are better rested and on a pretty strict schedule. This book not only changed the sleeping habits of the baby, but for all of us. Jeff still goes to bed too late, but he’s had over 40 years of little sleep. No changing him now!

I refused to let my baby cry it out. But, after reading this book I thought I’d give it a shot. It is not his only option, but I have tried everything else and we’ve established some bad habits that need to be broken “cold turkey”. Nothing else worked and I had two other poor sleepers. Apparently, I am not doing something right. I really thought I had children who didn’t need as much sleep as all of the books said. After all, we’re all different, right? Not when it comes to sleep. Kids and babies need way more than eight hours a night. They need at least ten-twelve. There’s a reason teens sleep until noon! And if I had it my way, I’d get ten-twelve hours, myself. I barely have time for seven-eight most nights.

Baby Q now takes a regular 9AM(ish) nap each day and another one around 1PM. They’ve gone from maybe thirty minutes to at least an hour, if not two. I then put her down for the night between six and seven depending on after school activities and if she’s falling asleep in her high chair at dinner. She cries for five minutes and rolls around for another couple and then flips onto her belly and goes to sleep. That part was really easy to establish. The hard part is not going in there when she wakes up. We’re teaching her to soothe herself and go back to sleep. Furthermore, we’re teaching her that it is bed time and not time for Mommy and Daddy to come in there. This is the hard part! She is doing really well with the early wakings. She fusses for a few minutes and goes back to sleep. The hard one is in the middle of the night. Is she hungry or just in a bad habit of waking up? We try to give her a bottle if it has been four or five hours since dinner, then we let her cry if she wakes up again. The first night she cried an hour, forty-five minutes the second night and I have no clue about last night. I am getting used to her waking up and I’m not as disturbed by it. I am extremely sensitive to my children, but there are some things that I need to let them figure out on their own. Good sleep habits are one. We’re getting better every day.

Easton began to wake two to three times a night and crawl into bed with us. After reading this book, I realized he needs an earlier bedtime. I cannot tell you how convenient it is to just put him in my bed and let him watch Disney Junior until I can get the kitchen cleaned, lunches made, house picked up, etc. Jeff is busy doing the daily 80 loads of laundry and we’re both dealing with Syd trying to help her with homework or keep her on track with chores and homework. But, we decided that the family getting more sleep needs to be a priority and we have pretty much stayed on track with the boy. The girls are a little tougher. He only wakes up if he has to potty. He just doesn’t realize that’s why. That is a whole different self-help book series! Now, when his one show is over, he comes and finds me to tell me it’s bedtime. Before he’d cry and beg for one more show. Not even two weeks and we’ve changed our nighttime routine. Sweet Bud is so easily adaptable.

Then there’s the Sydster. She told me that she’s actually falling asleep within thirty minutes of her 8:30 bedtime. She says that she doesn’t feel like she’s falling asleep in class, and her headaches and stomach aches are gone. I am enforcing this even on the weekends until we can really establish a good routine. It will take longer to undo the years or bad sleep habits, but I cannot wait to see how this changes her moods and meltdowns. Mondays are tricky. She has choir and doesn’t get home until 9:15. This week I had her do her homework, shower and all of her chores so that when she got home all she’d have to do is brush her teeth and get into bed. Well, that didn’t happen and it was probably closer to 9:30-9:45. Yes, that is only an hour, one time, but with years of bad sleep habits we need consistency. She does not handle change very well. She is not one to just go with the flow. By the following Wednesday, we had a major meltdown, complete with tears, and complaints of not falling asleep easily. I put her to bed at 7:30 to get caught up and reestablish our pattern. Next Tuesday, I’ll just put her in bed at 7:30 to make sure this doesn’t happen again. She is going to grandma’s this weekend, so we’ll probably spend the week undoing all of the fun. I think we can, I think we can, I think we can. Sunday will be an extra early night. Sorry to force something so uncool upon my girl, but it’s better than her melting down in public! Meltdowns are not cool at all.

I highly urge all parents to read this book. It talks about ADHD and how it may be related to sleep. There are so many things related to sleep and this book covers most scenarios. It is good for babies and big kids. I found it on Amazon for like $4 after shipping. I will gladly lend my copy to anyone who has a tough child and wants to see if getting a better night’s sleep will help with his/her mood. Just putting the kids to bed 20 minutes earlier help most kids fall asleep easier, quicker and sleep longer and better. I moved my bedtimes up a full hour and it has been awesome. The only downfall, which is a big one, is that I only get a few hours a night with my kids. And, Jeff doesn’t get to see the baby at all on the nights he works at STAGE. But, the days when he’s home with her, she’s well rested and a super happy girl. It is so worth the trade off. Besides, one day we will be self employed and have more time with our children. This is just temporary!

My Daily Prayer: God, please walk us down Your path, gently guiding if we get off course. Please open our eyes, ears and hearts to You. I pray that I see where You are leading and not get off track onto my own path. Your path is much easier and fulfilling! AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for an uninterrupted night of sleep or an uninterrupted nap of at least an hour, when I can catch one.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: I hate to admit this, but I probably won’t see mornings anymore. I’d rather stay up late and get up late, but who knows. I am not a fan of 5 AM, but it is a very quiet time of day and not hot.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Amish Paradise. Original chocolate cookies and vanilla crème filling. Get little QTs, Big Whoops or a Whoopie Cushion (birthday cake sized!). I’m hungry just thinking about them.

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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- Left Behind

I am still reading the Left Behind series. I think I am on the second to last book. I should be done, but life kicks in and with three kids, I don’t read as fast or as much as I’d like. I do read almost daily, but now that I have to be at work at 6:30 bedtime is going to come a lot earlier. But, with football here, I can read while Jeff watches the games, all of them, on every TV in the house. I am just not excited this year. I actually got upset that he was listening to a Boston College and Miami game on the radio. I usually don’t care. Maybe I have been pushed over my sports limits.

This is a neat series. It takes the book of Revelation and applies it to modern times (1990’s). It tells the stories of modern day plagues, what the antichrist may be like, natural disasters, the Rapture, etc. It is based on one of the creators’ Biblical studies and Revelation expertise. The other creator is the actual author. The two work together to create the story based on Biblical premises. It is such a great idea, and I’d be terrified of offending someone who didn’t agree. But, it is fiction, and it is a great story line.

My only complaint about the story is that even though some of the characters make mistakes, they are still goody-two-shoes once they get saved. That is great and all, but I want to see more of their human side. This book does a great job of showing some of the impulsive natures that humans can have. In some of the earlier ones, though, it was all I could do not to roll my eyes when everyone happened to be ultra virtuous before they were married. Yes, that is what you are supposed to do, but this is apocalyptic times! These people are new in their faith, and don’t have the self discipline yet. Or shouldn’t.

That is pretty much my only beef. My other one would be to make the evil one more evil, and not such a character. The writer does an excellent job of killing off major characters that the reader cares about. It makes you think, question your beliefs, and wonder if you have done everything you can to talk to your loved ones about not being Left Behind.

My Daily Prayer: God, please give me the words, strength and courage to tell my friends and family about You. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful that I can work at 6:30 AM to get off in time to go pick up my children from school.

When I have Kardashian Kash: I’d like to have one of those vanity mirrors with the TV built in so that I may watch the news as I get ready in the AM.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Salted Caramel. This is an awesome teacher’s gift. Drizzle it on ice cream, in coffee, dip pretzels in it, pancakes and waffle topping, or eat it with a spoon! We put it in the center of our chocolate cupcakes and drizzle it over our butter cream frosting. We also put it on our banana cupcakes, and it the center. YUMMO.

All this week, we’re picking random readers to win an I Heart Making Whoopie bumper sticker. Comment on a post and you may win! The more you comment, the more you are entered!


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Tuesday Book (and More) Club- Writing My Own Books

I have tons of ideas, limited time, and a new whoopie business, but my ultimate dream is to write.  And  I want to write more than just a casual Monday through Friday blog.  But I’m a wife, mommy, taxi, cook, baker, tutor, acting coach, accountant, producer, and work full-time.  My tween is asking about boys, my boy is telling butt jokes, and my baby is eating almost exclusively solid food.  What do I do?  One part says don’t be too hard on yourself, they’ll be big enough to give you some writing time soon.  The other part says to get up earlier, stay up later, find some time, and just do it.

So, I’m going to just do it.  I am working on self-publishing a Making Whoopie cookbook.  I am just going to do a little cookbook with the recipes that I’ve developed.  If someone wants to make them themself, go for it.  I’m here for big orders and custom jobs.  So keep your eyes open for Making Whoopie the Woopie Pie Cookbook!

After I tackle that, I am working on a pregnancy funny book and a book on lactation.  It is a more limited audience, but I hope for it to be comical enough to appeal to more than the human dairy population.  We’ll see!  After my two non-fiction pieces (three if you count the cookbook), I want to work on my novel.  I have a great idea about true love, what if you made a different choice in your life, and having it all and not even knowing it.

I am taking my own advice and writing it down and then doing it!  I want nothing more than to be with my kids for field trips, soccer games, recitals, PTA, room mother, and everything in between.  I want to bake and write to help support my family.  Here is my problem, I have an awesome job.  I work close to home.  I have a boss who is pretty flexible.  I have amazing benefits and great pay.  I can’t just walk away from that.  I can’t be ungrateful for something that has been so great.  Dilemma.  So, either I win the lotto and start my business, or I take it one whoopie order at a time.  One page at a time, one blog post at a time.

I am a part of the “I want it now” generation, but I am trying not to feel entitled or succomb to my need for instant gratification.  God is great and has done amazing things in my life.  I trust Him that I am where I need to be right this second.  All I can do is my part.  I can push a little harder to write one recipe, fill one order, try a new icing, get this blog post out.  But, first I have to cook dinner, wipe hineys, help with homework, drive to choir.  Then I can take advantatge of Jeff’s love of sports on TV and use that time to write instead of watching some show.

My Daily Prayer:  God, please remind me that I am exactly where You want me to be.  Instead of wishing I were somewhere else, thank you for letting me see why I am here right now.  AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful to have a real job that affords me to dream about where I want to be.

When I have Kardashian Kash:  Bookclub will be about my books.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Week:  Amish Paradise- chocolate cookies, vanilla creme center.  Simple, delicious, and made fresh and delivered to your home or office.


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Tuesday Book (and More) Club

So football season is upon us. Last night was the first preseason game. Fortunately, that means pizza night! I really don’t mind sports, but my husband is the biggest sports fan ever. He is into both college and NFL and not just the cowboys. Football season is a TV on in every room with a different game on each. If the Cowboys are good, or even okay, all I see is Cowboy paraphernalia. If they are not so hot, then all I hear is criticism of other people’s Cowboy garb and questions about how anyone could wear Cowboy stuff all the time. Don’t get me wrong, he is no fair weather fan. Jeff is hard core. But, he is the first to criticize, the last to praise, and the go to person for anything Cowboys.

I don’t mind football and even enjoy playing on a fantasy team. This year, I am clueless due to listening to music and being away from sports radio. I have been in mommy mode and not trying to impress the dudes in my life with my unnatural sports knowledge. I just don’t care enough right now to keep up. Plus, Jeff is going to tell me anything sports related anyway. I have recently found out that it doesn’t matter if I can talk back about a sports subject or not. He is just talking, and can’t hear me. I also just realized that he always invites people over to “watch the game” so that they’d talk to me and he doesn’t have to. The dude is hard core when it comes to sports.

The good thing about sports is the food. I get to make dips, sandwiches and other bar foods and call it dinner. Yes, please! And, it means Hooters take out, pizza delivery, and Wingstop. Have I ever told you how I feel about Hooters? Wingstop is okay when we need some wings, but Hooters is our ultimate favorite. It is a fun, easy treat. We generally watch what we eat and our spending, but we love to splurge with bar food from time to time. I love it. LOVE it.

So now we have Rangers, Cowboys, and the Longhorns to watch. It will be a nightly event. It is a good thing I read because he trumps the TV with sports. Actually, it isn’t as bad as it used to be. We watch Disney Junior, now too.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for showing me what is important and I give you thanks for them! AMEN!

When I have Kardashian Kash: I will have an in-house sports bar with a wall of TVs with every game on them and a wet bar, and my own TV to watch anything non Disney or sports.

Tomorrow- Whatever Wednesday

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Tuesday Book (and More) Club- Love in the Time of Cholera

I borrowed this book from my aunt and we have fairly similar literary tastes.  We both loved Hunger Games, so there.  Love in the Time of Cholera starts out strong with the use of every single literary device and trick in the book.  It is brilliant, but much like Mariah Carey’s singing- over done and show offish, at times.  Just sing the dang song!  In the same spirit, just tell the dang story.  But, it is crafty and I am quite envious of the skill in which it was written.

But then it got weird.  It went from a sweet, if somewhat obsessive, love story to over the top sexual deviation.  I enjoyed it until about half way through.  I almost reviewed it up to that point, but am glad I finished so that I didn’t give it the grand reviews I had anticipated giving.

I would feel weird suggesting it to a family member, but it is a different love story than I’ve ever read or conceived of, myself.  It ended in a way which the underdog won, but it was not a happily ever after that I wanted.  It is hard to describe other than weird.

What I love about this book is the description of the Caribbean.  I can not only see life in the early 1900’s, but feel the culture of the Caribbean with the Spanish influence.  The description of setting, the way the culture and time period are illustrated are so wonderfully apart of the story and so brilliantly described that the weirdness of the main character’s sexual escapades can be over looked.

If you are a writer, this is worth reading.  It is beautifully written.  But, again, the characters are one dimensional, to me, and the rampant sexual overtones were too much for me.  I am all for a good, but relevant, sex scene in a book.  This was over kill.  Yes, it set up the character, but it was almost more than Anastasia and Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of Gray.  That is a lot of sex.  I’m surprised Forintino Ariza never got some sort of STD nor had his wiener fall off.  It was that much sex.  And it was VERY uncomfortable to read at times.  More uncomfortable than watching American Beauty with your grandmother.  See if I ever agree to watching a rated R movie with her again.

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you, God, for blessings we take for granted.  I am thankful for having my best friend as my partner, and for having the best children.  Thank you for reminding me of how good it truly is.  And thank you for reminding me not to compare myself to others.  AMEN!

When I have Kardashian Kash:  I will take singing lessons so that I don’t hurt Sydney’s feelings anymore.  That’s way worse than hurting her ears! 😦

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