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Saturday Happiness Project

This was a very successful week.  We had a set back with Syd, but she pulled herself together.  This is new.  I am SO proud of my girl.  We’ve done our nightly room check and she’s been a rock star room cleaner.  The old Syd is back.  I just may survive this tween thing after all!

I’ve lost five pounds!  My belly is noticeably flatter.  I am so excited, and I am pumped up to keep up the hard work.  Easton loves working out with me and our new Spiderman move.

I’ve been doing the little things and they’ve been paying off.  I’ll have more next week, my girl needs help with science fair.

Daily Prayer:  God, please help my Girl plan ahead a little better.  Please help strengthen my planning skills so that I may pass them on to her.  AMEN!

Thanksgiving:  I am thankful to have an adventurous family.  I am able to explore this wheat-free thing and they are going along with whatever I do without any complaint.  I don’t force it upon them, but they try my recipes.

Kardashian Kash:  How cool would it be to not have a real job?  I can’t wait to have a job that doesn’t seem like a job!

Happiness Project:  I feel a happiness movement coming on!  What have you been working on to make yourself happier?  My happiness project makes my whole family happier.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Nutty Mommy.  Nutella is how I roll.


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Saturday Happiness Project- Tween Angst

My January resolution and Happiness Project is to focus on the little things.  If a chore takes a minute or less, like putting my shoes in the closet instead of leaving them in the living room, just do it.  Another is a daily ten minute tidy up.  I added my own, “tidy up with Syd”.  I can’t really assign a time to this task because she is a walking tornado.  I want to help her with her room and binder every night.  Every single night in January is dedicated to this task until she forms a habit to put things away on her own.

Last night was our first night.  Friday, she and Jeff had spent three hours cleaning her room.  So Saturday should have been a few points,  from me, to items that need to go in the hamper, trash or be hung up.  Night one of tidy up with Syd was two hours of utter drama and despair, but got it done.  I can not tell you how my little to-do chore of helping Syd tidy up was such a pure and innocent intention.  I thought day after day of repetition would help teach her some organization skills.  Instead, it turned into the biggest fight of our life.  It made me question this as a to-do item.

This morning, Syd apologized for her awful attitude and said we’d do better today.  We shall see.  I don’t expect to change her.  But I do intend to give her skills to stay organized and do the few things we ask of her so that she can get a cat around spring break.  Yes, we are bribing her with a cat.  I offer no apologies for external motivation.  I want to motivate her any way possible until it is something that is important to her.  I will be thirty two in a few weeks and struggle with organization myself.  I would be utterly doomed if I married a fellow slob.  I can’t count on her marrying a neat freak.  So, a nightly tidy up with a side of tween angst may be on the menu for the month of January.

For week one I have managed to wear full makeup everyday, do something with my hair, until the weekend, make my meals, tidy up, get up earlier, and not eat wheat.  I need to pull out my clothes the night before to further stream line my mornings so I don’t have to get up any earlier.  I am hoping that will make 5:25 AM wake up time work.  I really don’t want to get up any earlier.  I HATE getting up when it is cold and dark and anything before 5:25 is unthinkable.

So, I need to work on being on time a little better.  I had a piece of Hawaiian bread for communion.  Although they have a gluten free alternative, I couldn’t imagine asking my pastor to stop down and get me one for something so small.  I don’t think a bite once a month will be a big deal.  I also need to work on my Sydney tidy up time and make it a bonding time, and not a time where I am picking on her for being a slob.  Tonight is a new opportunity.

Tomorrow- Manic Monday:  Casa Mama

Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for guiding me on how to deal with a tween.  I pray that you soften her heart and hormones, help me to remember those days and give the whole house a little more humor when the times get crazy.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for when the going gets tough, my little family pulls together and makes things even better than before.

Kardashian Kash:  A beach house for last minute get aways and family vacays.

Happiness Project Update:  I need to make Sydney tidy up time more fun.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Nutty Mommy- chocolate cookie-cakes filled with a Nuttella-type filling.  Who knew crazy tasted this good?

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