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Manic Monday

It was one of those days.  We had a criz-azy weekend, and had a child with a fever.  Aye carumba.  So, today was the perfect test of my little experiment.  Breakfast- homemade yogurt (epic fail with my attempt at coconut milk yogurt last night).  Lunch- homemade chicken and veggie soup for Ebro and me.  OMG good and no crud.  I had no idea that boullion cubes had so much junk in them.  Most have massive amounts of sodium, MSG and other preservatives and added ingredients.  It was so easy- I just sauteed, in butter, onion, celery, zucchini, tomatoes and kale.  I had some left over drippings and chicken from a roasted chicken last week that I threw in there, and some store bought, all natural, chicken stock.  I added some Pampered Garlic and Peppercorn.  Holy moly.  Best chicken soup ever.  Easton hasn’t really eaten much in three days and he drank it up.

Dinner can be seen on my Facebook page-  Or at least I think it can be seen.  I uploaded it, but didn’t see it a little while ago.  I am still playing with my new Kindle Fire, and haven’t worked out the kinks.  For the kids, I found grass fed beef at Sprouts for $4.99/pound and each package was as much as Kroger beef.  Jeff and I had ahi tuna steak that I coated in a coffee rub and seared on both sides.  It was wild caught and $6.99/pound.  Our steak was about $4.50, and we split it.  We had wild rice, organic zucchini and either the burger or tuna.  Everyone ate every bite, and the kids asked for us to get tuna for them, next time.  I didn’t make any sauces and served the burgers just as patties.

I’ve been consistently jogging or walking.  I am not enjoying the jogging as much as I first did, but hoping I enjoy it or that it gets easier soon!  I enjoy walking, but I want to see some serious results.  I am tired of having a post-baby belly.  I’m seeing some results, but would love to love to run.  I am thankful that I’ve been able to make myself get out and do it, but am hoping to be able to push myself one more street, one more mile, one more song. 

What are you doing?  How do you exercise and keep motivated?  How do you push yourself?  How do you know when you have too much going on and what to cut out and what to push further? 


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Friday Night Special

Sorry for skipping Wednesday, right after committing to writing Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I was a little depressed about having to go back to work after being off for two weeks.  Two glorious weeks.  It’s not my job, it was leaving my wonderful children.  I loved being with them, doing fun projects, trying new recipes, and just slowing down and hanging out. 

But that isn’t the only downer.  My job is very stressful.  I like my job, I like the people I work with, but I don’t like the stress.  It made my last pregnancy tough.  It wrecks havoc on my body.  How can I change this?  One thing I started while I was on vacation was walking and jogging.  I need some hard core endorphins!  Another thing I’m doing is changing my diet.  I am cutting out sugar, fast food (with some exceptions, I am human and have limitations), and processed foods.  I am on a quest to eat only real food.  When I eat fast food, it will be real food.  I need to research further, but no burgers for me, and more salads and occasionally Taco Bueno. 

I am reading tons of happiness books, too.  I am able to leave my stress at work, and when I’m home, I’m home.  I am practicing mindfulness and being fully in the moment.  When Q is in the bath, I’m not multitasking, I am enjoying my last baby.

One thing I read about constantly is EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.  I have been too lazy and slightly doubtful to try.  I am going to watch the EFT videos on and check out the app.  There is something to it, and I can use all of the tools possible.  Stay tuned for my results!

What do you do to stay stress free?  What makes you happy?  How do you keep your cool?  I play with my kids, hang out with my Jeffro, have a glass (or two) of wine, cook, read, play games with kiddos, and hang out with the ladies.  Sometimes I do so much, in the pursuit of utmost happiness, that it adds to my stress.  But, we only live once, I’ll only have this energy once, and who knows what will come of it? 

Yogurt Recipe:

4 Cups Milk (1 quart)

2 TBL yogurt or yogurt starter

Bring milk to a rolling boil, but stir occasionally

Let milk cool to lukewarm temperature

Take 1/2 cup of lukewarm milk and mix in 2 tbl of yogurt (from commercial yogurt or from a previous batch) mix well

Add yogurt starter/milk mixture into the rest of the lukewarm milk.  Pour well mixed milk/yogurt into glass container and let sit 6-8 hours in a warm (not hot) place until thickened up.  Save a small bit for your next batch.  Refrigerate and serve cold.  You have yogurt!  It was so easy.  I used some peach flavored milk.  Too much sugar for me, but something to experiment with.  And DELISH!

That is my recipe for today, courtesy of my neighbor, Liz.  What do you have for the hungry for change happiness project diet?  We’d love to hear from ya!

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Day Two, What Do I Do?

 My final goal is to eat all natural grass fed and freerange meat (or wild caught fish).  This will be my focus after we get the first two objectives down, and can go without eating from any boxes for a few days.
Stuffed Pepper Recipe
Green peppers
Any leftover meat (I had some brisket)
Parmesan Cheese
Sour Cream with dill seasoning
Cut green peppers in half and clean out seeds.  Dice up tomato and potato (better if cooked or left over from another meal).  Mix in veggies, some sour cream and dill (maybe 3 tbl spoons), and brisket.  Scoop into peppers and grate cheese on top.  Grill for 15 minutes or until cooked.  ENJOY!

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Here is a flash back- ZeroRez is my worst service of 2012.

Almost Domesticated

If you don’t know me by now, let me explain how important customer service is to me. It should be the pinnacle of any business. Everyone can offer a service or product, but the experience is what separates good companies from great. Good customer service is how we treat others the way we want to be treated. We are not perfect, but we can try. Just make a freaking effort! And, if we screw up we can fix it. I may be small potatoes to a company, but I have twenties of readers (hahaha) and a network of mommies with whom I share my experiences. Here are two experiences from this last week. One superb, the other a big fat meh! No, “meh” means that I could take or leave it. This experience I can flat out leave and urge everyone else to leave also.

Let me start with the…

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Saturday Happiness- My Own Happiness Project

My family does a Chinese gift exchange every year for Christmas, and I was really looking forward to stealing my own gift, a Bullet blender system and CoQ10 smoothie mix, but my cousin told me I should choose her stack of various purple wrapped gifts.  It was $60 of books.  I love books.  LOVE them and love writing, but I really was looking forward to something like a Bullet to change my life, one smoothie at a time.  She told me that she had me in mind when she shopped this year.  My uncle insisted that he gave me one of the books, too, though I remember just talking about needing to read that particular book, but I was pregnant and crazy when he allegedly gave it to me, so who knows.   I remember everything he’s ever given me from a silver mirror and comb set when I was six, to the bottle of prosecco a couple of years ago, and “Oh the Places You’ll Go” that he gave Baby Q last year, before she was even born.   I had my year of reading planned out with my book club and my personal reading bucket list.  All of the books were about happiness (two were about poo, but that is a different story) so I figured the universe was trying to tell me something.  So, I asked Alex where to start.  I am not done with the final “Left Behind” book, but after reading all twelve in like eight months, I need a break.  I am taking a happiness break just in time for the new year.

Alex, my cousin, suggested I start with “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  I started a few days ago and am half way through, motivated for 2013, and am already working on my own happiness project instead of new year’s resolutions.

I am not quite ready to share all of my four major goals (I’ll work up to that on my new Saturday Happiness blog posts).  I am working on making time to write and bake more.  In the midst of making my list of things to tackle to achieve more happiness, I came up with a list of items I want to accomplish or do in tandem with my actual happiness project.  These are not my ultimate goals and may seem superficial, but are items that if I become consistent, I really believe the rest will be cake to accomplish.

I want to look the way I feel.  I am one who HATES waking up.  More than anything, so I often throw my wet hair up in a bun and call it a day.  I wear minimal makeup and make questionable fashion choices when I’m pressed for time.  Jeff loves me no matter how I look and I never have to worry about letting myself go and loosing my man, but I do want to make him proud when we’re out.  But it isn’t about that.  I want to look the way I feel.  I want to be false eyelashes and trim physique and big, Texas hair.  Part of me justifies my laziness, yep I said it, by saying people should love me for me.  But, I want to look the way I feel.  I want to be like the other mommies in my neighborhood moms’ group and be made up, complete with eyeshadow, on Saturday at Kroger.  I want to be at an early morning soccer game and not look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on my biggest sunglasses to hide my day-old mascara.  I want to be the cute neighbor down the street.  I want to be put together no matter what is going on.  I want to change my attitude that full make up and done hair is a waste if no one sees me.  I see me.  Jeff sees me.  My family sees me.  No, looks aren’t everything, but if you dress for where you want to be, it does something to you inside.  I don’t want to be in bed, so I need to quit dressing like I just rolled out of it.  There, I said it, and man was that hard!

I can justify that I have three children, a full time job and a home-based business, but I have time to do all of those things, so I need to make time to look the way I feel.  I feel young and beautiful.  I may not need tons of makeup, but I feel awesome when I take the extra effort to really blowdry my hair out.  Just freaking do it!   Getting up before 5:30 is the real issue.  I need to focus on my goal and that will help me to just get out of bed.  Man it is hard when it is so cold.  I am not sure what I’d do if I lived up North.

Secondly, I want to speak the way I feel.  I have the vocabulary of a sailor.  Part of me says, be me, but the other part says that I would be devastated if my children picked up my nasty habit.  So, I am going to speak the way I want my children to hear me, no matter where I am.  I am going to talk the way I would post to Facebook.  I know that I have family, neighbors and church members on there, so how would I post?  I once received a criticism on my writing that it was like the show “What About Jim”; almost funny.  I need to be me.  I am network TV and not cable.  That is how I want to speak.  Even if it makes me almost funny.

Thirdly, I want to listen and understand folks the way I wanted to be listened to and understood as a child and teen.  No one ever listened to me and forced their perspectives onto me.  At least that is how it felt.  I want to be a better listener, offer less advice, and truly understand from where people are coming.  I want Syd to feel understood, and Jeff to feel like he has my undivided attention.  I want Easton to feel like I stop whatever I’m doing to listen to him and not like I’m pushing him to the side.  When there is someone I don’t know well at work, I want to be able to stop what I’m doing and fully engage in what they’re telling me.  I don’t want to halfheartedly listen because I am too busy with a budget report.  I want to be the ear that they need.

Finally (for now, this may change when I finish the book!), I want to eat and feed my family the way I know is right.  I just joined an organic veggie co-op.  I want to bring my lunch, pack my children’s, and not get lazy with Q and give her high-fructose corn syrup filled bars when I need a minute to chop veggies for dinner.  I want to plan ahead so I don’t make bad decisions.  I don’t want to be lazy.  I am much better, but there is always room to grow.  If I feel that I shouldn’t eat wheat, I want to stick to it for more than five seconds.  Again, quit being lazy!  Maybe that should be one of the things I work on- don’t be lazy.  Funny, I don’t feel like a lazy person.

Those aren’t my actual things to work on, just minor everyday things to strive to do better.  Looking good may seem superficial, but I know that feeling like I look good on the outside will give me the confidence and boost to do the hard work I have ahead for improving my inside.

I can’t wait for 2013!  So I am starting my Happiness Project now.  I am making more time for writing and baking.  NO EXCUSES this year for not blogging.  Not only am I making time to blog, but I am adding a day- Saturday Happiness.  I feel a sense of accomplishment already.  It’s still 2012, and I started my resolutions.

Next week- Manic Monday:  Why I shop at Wal-Mart twice a year.

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for steadfastness.  Thank you for drive, will and helping me to JUST DO IT even when I don’t wanna.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for happiness and the opportunity to increase it to levels I’ve never known.  I am so thankful for being a part of such a creative family where we all push each other to greater levels.  I am thankful my cousin talked me into opening her gift.

When I Have Kardashian Kash:  We will spend a season following one of our sports teams in a lavish RV.  Actually, I would drive and stay in nice hotels.  Jeff can have the RV.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Banana Bread with Salted Caramel.  this has been the most popular flavor of the month.  Get some for your office, family, friends or it is great to give a girlfriend or wife as a get out of the doghouse free card.  It is much yummier than flowers!

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Web Wednesday on Terrific Thursday

Not even three days into my new format and there is a format change.  Wednesdays will now be Web Wednesdays and Thursdays will be Terrific Thursday, my parenting segment.  So, welcome to my Thursday edition of Web Wednesday!

I subscribe to many group coupons such as Groupon, Livingsocial, Google Offers and for money saving deals, I subscribe to Brads Deals, CouponPro Blog, Totsy, Get it Free, Cool Savings and more.  I don’t know how I got on the distro for some of these emails.  Maybe the same way I get College F*** Book, Meet Single Black Men, Cougar Dating, and Free Viagra.  Brads Deals is probably the only one I look at religiously.  I glance at Groupon and Living social, but Brads Deals is way cool.  (Can I unsubscribe from the others without getting a virus?  I do have a MacBook. Or just let them continue to go to my SPAM folder?  It’s very unnerving seeing the F word in my email so much, even if it is in SPAM.)

Brads Deals- AWESOME!

I found a Vera Bradley bag for $4 on Brads Deals.  He constantly has free glasses, cheap designer shoes, cheap jewelry- like diamonds, not CZ, patio furniture, Kitchen Aid mixers and a million other things I’d buy if I had hundreds of play dollars lying around. be careful- it is addicting.  He has an interactive site in which you can earn points and badges, but I don’t play with it much.  I religiously read his emails, though!  When I was pregnant and on maternity leave, I was constantly getting packages from the deals that I bought.  Jeffro had to have a talk with me about how spending money on a good deal is still spending money.  Duh!  But, I don’t feel quite as guilty if I can see the savings.


I recently bought some swaddle blankets/sleep sacks off of  These sacks are the reason my now three month old slept through the night before she was a month old.  When I saw them on sale for a microfleece swaddler and sleep sack combo for $18 from $48, I bought three for baby shower gifts and a pair of shoes to bring up my total to whatever amount I needed to get free shipping.  That was last month and I still have not gotten my order!  I contacted customer service via email because I don’t want to call during work and I like having a written record.  They said that my credit card info wasn’t correct and that I need to call customer service.  I was never contacted, in the first place.  I looked at my payment info, it was correct, I logged into my bank account everything looked fine, and replied to the email to please run it again.

They responded to call the 800#.  I understand that they don’t want my personal info over email, but it’s not.  Just run the card you have on file.  And, they didn’t even tell me that they had a problem!  Grrr…maybe one lunch break I’ll have a chance to call them.  Great deals, not so great service, so far.


I love DSW and I love that the more I buy, the more deals they give me.  So, when I saw on Facebook that they were giving away a cute bag with a $30 purchase, I jumped on it.  I had a gift card and needed some new shoes, score!  I checked out, entered in the promo code and even qualified for free shipping.  Perfect.  When I got the receipt via email, I noticed that the bag wasn’t on there.  I emailed customer service to make sure that it was a part of the order.  Nothing, I thought no biggie, I’ll wait until my order comes in and see if the bag comes or not.  Nothing.  So I re-email them with the original email from the day I placed the order.  I get a reply saying that they bumped up my points to earn a $10 certificate, but in the future, I need to make sure that the item is in my basket.  I need.  That is probably the rudest thing you can tell a customer.  And, I was only ten points away from my next reward, so big whoop.  So I replied stating that it was in my shopping cart.  My complaint then went up to another customer service agent and when they replied a few days later, they apologized profusely, they were out of the bag, but sent me a $10 gift card.  Not bad, I did get $20 total for the whole thing.  I am eyeing some cute wedges right now, so I will give them another shot online.  Plus, they gave me free 2-day shipping for my trouble.  It’s not the bag, it was the “you need” that got me hot.  I understand technical difficulties and running out of promotional items, but don’t be rude and don’t tell me what I need to do in the future.  That is the quickest way to make me unravel.  I will continue to shop in the store if I have another online blunder, so no loss for the company.  I really like their store.

Next WEB WEDNESDAY- I’ll have my favorite Groupon/Livingsocial/Google Offers buys.  What are yours?

Tomorrow is Fiscal Friday and I’ll talk about my couponing adventure or misadventure depending on how you look at it.

Monday is a my review of some restaurants and the downtown Plano, Texas scene.

Oh, I’m almost done with Fifty Shades of Grey and I am fed up with Ana’s “Inner Goddess”.  Gag me!  (Get it?)

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Last Day

Today is the last day of my two month maternity leave. Monday will be the first time I’ve worked all year. I am going to miss being at home. Besides the time with my kids, I am going to miss the Kardashians, eating cereal for lunch, walking for hours with Quinn and to meet Syd on her way home from school, and the play yard at McDonalds when it was too cold or rainy to go to the park with Easton.

The hardest thing I do each day is wake up. I don’t hate mornings, I hate waking up. If I were a night owl and woke up at noon, that would still be awful. For me, there is no difference between one hour of sleep and fifteen. I always feel sleep deprived until I am fully awake. Jeff needs two hours in the morning of coffee and the Today show to get ready for the day. I need thirty minutes. I’d rather get that extra fifteen minutes of sleep than a cup of coffee or a real breakfast. I’ve matured a little- at least I quit doing my makeup in the car and give myself time to shower, shave and blow-dry my hair.

Those thirty-minutes-until-I-leave days are done for the next year. I will have to get up at 5 something to either pump and feed Quinn or feed her and pump, set out daily bottles to warm up, make my lunch and snacks for my three work pump sessions, shower, make up, hair, coffee- grab Syd and make sure she has all of her stuff together and leave by 6:45. Okay, I do hate mornings. This all would be much more tolerable at 8 or 9 AM. I admire morning people! Oh how I wish I could just wake up and not sleep in until I’m going to be late.

Last time I did this, I was a full time student. I’ve replaced classes with couponing, exercise and book writing. I am going to have to figure out how to fit in a daily walk/jog and marathon training. With not working and no school, I actually get some stuff done- go figure. I have over forty ounces of frozen milk freedom, ten ounces in the fridge and am hoping to stay ahead of my baby’s demand. If my plate isn’t overflowing, I become complacent. I finished the Bible (old and new testaments), 80% through Moby Dick, started writing my breast feeding book, ate four boxes of Girl Scout cookies and watched every E! reality show out there. I’m especially fond of Ice and Coco and Khloe and Lamar. Yes, I have a problem!

It’ll be good to be back at work, but hard not knowing Q’s every move for the day. I can count how many hours I’ve been away from her. It has been amazing hanging out with Easton during the days and watching him go from throwing Angry Bird plushies at Quinnlee’s head to telling me to feed her when she cries and kissing her head. I’ve enjoyed walking Sydney home from school and taking everyone to the park.

I have a great job, great coworkers and a lovely boss. I was ready to go back to work with my first two babies. I am not ready this time. I want to be home with and for all of my children. But, I enjoy a good paycheck and great insurance. Maybe my book will be a giant success and will afford me the luxuries of being a full time writer and home with the children. Maybe I could blog for a living. Maybe Jeff will book a huge movie and becomes a full time actor. I’d say maybe we’d win the lotto, but you have to play to win.

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Two Years Too Long- My Adventure to Kroger

It has been way too long since my last post!  I have since had my third child and am trying to perfect the arts of couponing, breastfeeding and I am writing a book.  I return to work next week and still have so much to do before then!

Easton is about to be three years old.  We are working on potty training.  I decided to walk to Kroger to get some milk, get Quinnlee (new baby) out and asleep, and exercise Bud and me.  Talk about multi-tasking.  As soon as we leave, Bud pisses all over himself and the sidewalk as Reno (oh yeah, and we were walking the dog!) takes a dump.  I pick up Reno’s poo as I encourage Easton to go change his pants, undies and shoes.  Q has finally stopped screaming and is about to fall asleep, Reno is searching for another place to pee and Easton is fighting with the front door.  I should have seen it as an omen.  But, I continue on.

After putting Reno-Beano in the back yard, helping Easton change (after his screams of “I DO IT MYSELF!!!”), we set of to get milk and exercise.  Why didn’t I take the double stroller?  Easy, Bud needs exercise and surely he can stand on the jogging stroller if he needs a ride, right?

A toddler is fast until you need him to keep up with you.  We finally make it to Kroger after 45 minutes of walking and Easton wants to hold the basket.  When we get to the milk section, he’s loaded it with M&Ms and several DVDs.  I might add that we already own all of the DVDs he put in the basket.  We put them back and I let him keep the M&Ms to bribe him to “try” to potty even if he doesn’t “feel it in his belly”. He helps me scan all of the items, because why?  “I DO IT MYSELF, MOM”!

We get through the line and go to Starbucks for a quick juice, for Bud, and a lot of caffeine for my ride home.  We head out and Bud completely melts down when I tell him that I don’t have 50 cents for the firetruck. He doesn’t understand that my debit card only works inside.  I try to bribe him with M&Ms, promises to come back if he’s good, and probably a bunny or some other animal that my husband will not be happy to find at the house when the kids hold me to my promises.

Easton rides on the front of the stroller screaming and I try to get us away from the folks looking at me like I am crazy white trash with the screaming toddler.  Captain Obvious tells me that “someone isn’t happy”.  Really?  At least he hasn’t thrown himself in the middle of the sidwalk or run off or a million other awful scenarios.  He’s just screaming above Quinn’s head as I jog as fast as I can with my Venti Skinny Peppermint Mocha (with soy and whip), and about half way home he calms down and tells me, “I’m very sorry Mommy.”  I melted.  Then he says, “I ride firetruck now?” So I told him that we would have to come back to ride the fire truck when we had some coins, but that he should probably ask Daddy because he’s better than Mommy about keeping cash on him (and less likely to make empty promises).

I did get in 2.3 miles, made lunch, put both babies down for a nap, pumped, sent out an Evite for Ebro’s 3rd birthday, checked email and put up an ad on Sitter City- and blogged.

Just when I think I am in over my head, I look back and realize I can do anything.  This is the first time in my life that I feel that way.  I’ve always thought I can do most things if I really want them, but now I know I can.  I can now blog again as I write my book Hooray for Boobies.  Can you guess what that is about?  🙂  Hopefully, I will be back again this week and will write about my newest adventure in life.  There are probably easier ways to do the things I want to do, but they wouldn’t be as interesting to complain about, would they?

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A Very Short Story

She can barely keep her eyes open and tries not to swerve or doze off. Five AM will come quickly, but keeps adding to the list of to-dos in her head: finish some homework, input a couple more invoices for work and still has to pick up diapers. Wal-Mart is the only store open on her way home from the University.

How is the Wal-Mart parking lot full at 10:00 PM? She parks as close as she can get to the building, right next to the exit. Dodging cars and panhandlers, she finally makes it into the dreaded store. A man who walked in just ahead of her offers her a cart, but she politely declines.

“No thanks, just need diapers.” The mother-student looks for the off brand and sees every size except the size she needs. She grabs a pack of over priced size four Huggies and heads to check out. A Diet Dr. Pepper calls to her from the sliding refrigerator in front of the conveyer and she looks up to surprisingly see her cart-man friend.

“You weren’t kidding, just diapers, huh? Can you hold my place for a sec?”

“Sure,” she tries to say with a smile.

There is a lady in front of him with an overflowing basket. He dashes off and returns just in time for his items to be rung up. Sweat pants, basket ball shorts, a package of socks, and condoms.

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It’s been awhile and I’m sorry!

I finally get a reader and I bail.  I apologize, WWW, for abandoning my first and beloved blog.  I have started a new one, for class, and my passion- shitty customer service.  I can say that right?

Okay, now that’s out of the way.  Here’s what’s up.  Easton (E-Bro, the Boy, E, etc.) is almost a year old!  He is ten months old tomorrow.  OMG!  I have an eight year old and an almost one year old!  AND, I turn 29, for the first time, in less than a month.  Wow, last year of my twenties, my baby is becoming a toddler, my little girl is turning into a Tween and my husband will be in his last year of his 30’s (boy do I feel better lol)!

I am close to finishing my BA in Arts and Performance.  I will be starting my MFA soon after.  All 54 hours of MFA!  Yee-haw.  Right now I am taking a War Lit class (to learn how to write the story LOOSELY based on my dad and whom Jeff Bridges will play in the movie version), Creating Short Stories, History of Jazz (OMG, this is so much fun!), and my independent study which is my other website and where I’ll be focusing my blogging attention- did I mention

My lovely Jeff, whom I’ve been requested not to Tweet about, so I’ll blog…is getting back into acting classes and losing weight and working really hard on his craft.  He is very talented and I can’t wait until I can say, I loved you before the fame and fortune…

Sydney is a genius and mass manipulator.  She is beautiful, funny, and knows how to work everyone to her advantage.  Fortunately, she loves the Boy more than we could have imagined.  They are so cute and I’m glad that they are so close.

E-Bro is standing, stepping, eating everything and anything and getting into everything and anything.  He is amazing!   They are all amazing and I am very lucky have them as my family.  Awww…

I’m writing on an every-other-day-at-least basis on  I really hope you can visit the more polished ME there.  Until then, I promise to visit, give some more updates and keep it real where I truly am still ALMOST domesticated.

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