Day 3, a Whirlwind Day ending at Lucky Layla/Lavon Farms

ImageThe day started at 7AM, on a vacation day!  I had to take Syd up to an 8 AM appointment, then picked up the babies, and met my aunt for a day of shopping and farm tours.  I found my answer to eating organically, only grass-fed/free-range/wild-caught meat.  But, it is in Fort Worth, more than an hour away from my home in Plano.  But, whenever I go to visit my aunt, grandma or mom, a trip to Town Talk will be on the itinerary.

We had lunch, then headed to Keller or Watagua to Homestead Farms.  I met some lovely folks out there, bac-backed with Quinn at the chickens, watched Easton fall off the slide and almost break his arm and ribs, and then headed back home.  I will be talking with Sarah soon and the interview will be coming soon! 

But, we did go to a farm that is almost in our backyard.  Lucky Layla is the brand and the actual farm is called Lavon Farms.  It is a dairy that sells raw milk.  OMG!  Yes, I did.  It is exactly what I am looking for, and in my neighborhood.  And, milk is on sale for $7/gallon on Tuesdays.  SCORE. 

The kids and I took the 4PM Tuesday tour.  Milking time!  I had flash backs to the whomp-a-whomp of the breast pump as we watched the cows milked by metal pumps.  They seemed happy and not nearly as uncomfortable as I was when I was a dairy cow, myself.  Ah the joys of motherhood…they took a few minutes to get milked, and then went back to their happy pasture for more grass, sun and cow birds to pick away the pests.  Happy cows equal delicious dairy products.  I had found their yogurt at Town Talk and that was our afternoon snack in the car.  Delish, and all natural.  My only concern is the sugar.  I wish there were a variety without any sugar, but hey.

So raw milk is only available where permitted by the State of Texas, and only for sale on the dairy premises.  The yogurt and other dairy products are pasteurized (raw milk is not pasteurized, or cooked at a high temperature to kill potentially dangerous bacteria), and can be sold at different stores such as Whole Foods. 

So the main difference between their milk and store bought, even store bought organic, is that it is not pasteurized and all of the good (and bad) stuff cooked out.  They send samples from each batch for testing and the current batch isn’t sold until the results show that it is safe to consume.  Our tour guide compared raw milk to conventional milk as breast milk to formula.  Both are food and contain nutrients, but nothing replaces the real thing. 

So what are some ways to save money?  Typically, gallons of the raw milk are $10.  On Tuesdays, $7.  I pay $6-7 for almond milk, another for soy and then 2% milk.  This will save me tons.  I won’t have to buy creamer, either.  And, if I get crafty, I can make butter- sounds like a project for tomorrow.  Homemade kambucha and butter.  Fun times and the Fenter home.

I am not sure how I did today, food-wise.  I had Greek Yogurt with honey for breakfast, yea.  Coffee and almond milk.  Lunch is what is questionable, and where I am going to really have to do some research and planning.  If I’m out and about, I can have a salad.  But what about the kiddos?  Here guys, a Happy Salad.  Yeah right.  We had Vietnamese- vermicelli and grilled pork and spring rolls.  I think the vermicelli is rice, but is rice okay to eat? 

I meant to take a picture of dinner, but was too hungry and had an 8PM conference training call.  I found grass-fed ground beef at Town Talk (too bad it is too far from Plano!) for $3.  I made tacos, rice (again, is this okay?) and a big no-no canned re-fried beans.  I did skip the corn chips.  And, instead of putting my tacos in a shell or tortilla, I cut an avocado in half and filled them with the taco filling, cheese and a cut up organic tomato.  No, the cheese was not organic- it was from Kroger.  Small steps. 

Tomorrow I will contact Sarah at Heritage Farms and get some more farm-fresh facts.  This may sound unbelievable, but my belly is seriously flatter.  I’ll weigh-in every Monday, and if I get brave, I’ll add measurements, or maybe how many inches I’ve lost.  We’ll see!!  I am dedicated to this project (man it was hard finding time to get this post in today!), but sharing my wieght and measurements is pretty scary.  Oh well- it’s for the art! 

Hey!  What are you reading?  I just finished the Happiness Project (part of my inspiration for this year-long experiment).  I am currently reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  See a pattern?  I am searching for ways to get rid of the crap not only in my diet, but in my life.  I want to be happy inside and out!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy, but think there are areas that need some serious improvement. 


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  1. Amy Michniak

    Sounds like you are doing great so far! I can’t wait to hear more. I don’t the the answer for you about rice. I’d have to look that up.

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