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Thankful Thursday- everything happens for a reason

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. The bad, the good, the mundane- it is all something that will help me later on in life. And everything always works out fine for me. It may be a rough go, but everything always ends up better than before. This isn’t just dumb luck. I try to make choices that will benefit me in the future, but I’ve made some dumb ones too. But, most of all, I always have faith that everything will be not just fine, but better. So after feeling sorry for myself for Sydney getting an ADD diagnosis, I pulled my head out of my A and started researching solutions.

I really have the best children in the world. I’m sure you do too, just for the record. I am so thankful that Sydney is so sweet, adventurous and hilarious. She is not afraid of trying new things, loves being the center of attention and is quite artistic. She is very emotional (but who am I to point fingers?), overly dramatic (again, that apple didn’t fall too far from the melodramatic tree, but don’t tell Jeff that I admit it), and gives up when the tough gets going (that is where the similarities stop). That last one baffles me. If something is tough, I may cry, but I will conquer it. Turns out it is probably the ADD and will get better when we either get her diet back on track or if we have to ultimately medicate.

I just bought a super water filter because I read an article from Dr. Mercola ( this morning that says a lot of our tap water has fluoride in it and it is linked to ADD, bone fractures, and many other ailments. So strange that I just fractured my foot from wearing my normal high heels, and Syd is showing ADD symptoms. It may not be the be all end all, but it is a good place to start. So I dropped some dough on that. I can’t disclose how much because a certain Jeffro already thinks I’m out of my mind for my new diet plan for us. I just went to Sprouts and bought gluten free snacks, all organic fruits and veggies, grass-fed beef, free range chickens, eggs and organic shampoo and conditioner. I cook most of our meals, and if we eat off of my plan once in awhile when we need a pizza or chicken wings, who cares? I’m shooting for 90%, that’s still an A.

So it sounds like I just spent a butt load on what I could have gotten for a lot less at Kroger or Target and now we have to filter our water, too? Here’s the upside: I am going to develop some family friendly recipes, find out where to shop organically on a budget, and how to make this the least painful as possible. I like to write, I like to share my experiences, and if it truly works, then why not write the book I cannot find about it? There is my silver lining! Finally, a book possibility that is near and dear to my heart and hasn’t been over-done yet. So, stay tuned! How funny is it that my bakery is all natural? Not yet gluten free, but I’m working on that next. I’m excited about this adventure! My ultimate goal is to make this change and my family not notice. The lady at Sprouts commented that I had a lot of snacks. Yes, I know how everyone loves crackers and chips for lunches, so I found gluten free lunch stuff. I love fruits and veggies, but we need something snacky ever once in awhile. So, small steps. Actually, big steps, but they will feel small to my family as long as Jeff doesn’t look at the bank account too closely. Initial investment- it won’t be costly once we get all of the initial vitamins, water filters, etc.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for rainbows. It is your promise that the flood is over.

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for the creativity to find a way to change my children’s lives and not being a slave to my smallish grocery budget.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: I will start my own grocery store chain that is only organic items so you can assume all oranges are the same.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Keep an eye open for our gluten free menu that will be coming soon! We’re playing with a natural sugar free alternative, too.


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Whatever Wednesday- All Natural ADD

I am not a hard core all-naturalist, but I’m getting there.  I really started reading labels, buying mainly veggies, making the kids go to be early and getting on a sleep schedule, and not watching too much TV or playing too many video games.  I’m probably too strict in some areas, and when I notice something going on, I am the first to talk to a teacher or find help.  I am not parent of the year, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am very involved with my children and try to give them the best.

I feel like the parent who follows all of the rules of feeding a baby certain foods at certain times of their lives to avoid allergies, then they have the only kid in class allergic to everything.  My child was diagnosed with ADD.  Despite counseling, organizational help, sleep schedules, check lists, diet changes, that was the final verdict this week.  This is probably melodramatic, especially if you have gone through this yourself, but it felt like a terminal illness diagnosis.  Where did I fail?  What can I do better?  How can I fix this?  How can I ensure she’ll have the best opportunity?

I struggle with depression, and refuse to medicate it.  I find something within me and I push past it.  I try pushing Syd and it isn’t working.  We’ll have great strides for a bit, then the backpack and binder from tornado hell.  She’s always been in honors classes and can sit perfectly still during her three hour choir performances.  She’s a great test taker, and can read for hours without getting bored. When the therapist mentioned it for the first time, I thought she was insane.  There is no way that my genius child has ADD.

Why is this so hard for me to accept?  I’m literally crying during this post over something so stupid.  I’m scared of being another statistic.  I don’t want to medicate her unless absolutely necessary.  The therapist said it would fix things in a snap, but I just don’t want to chemically alter her with pharmaceuticals.  There is a place for medication and some kids need it.  I just don’t want to unless it is our only choice.

So, what are my choices?  Stay on her ass and hold her hand throughout her school career (I’ve tried the Love and Logic methods and she doesn’t care if she crashes and burns).  I can’t do nothing.  I made a deal with the Jeffro that I get six months to do it my way and if we have no or little progress, then I don’t get to try things my way any more.  I am throwing out all foods with artificial anything and only buying whole foods.  It’s a little more work for me, but if it works totally worth it.  I am researching vitamins, food/natural remedies, and making our whole family eat like this.  I’m taking it to another level and getting rid of the chemicals we use for cleaning and lotions.  I can’t do natural deodorant.   I’ll take some trace chemicals to smell good.  I can clean with vinegar which is an amazing antibiotic and antiviral.  So, I’ll take over the cleaning of the bathrooms just to prove a point.

So who else has dealt with this?  Is there anyone out there that found an answer outside of the prescription?  I’m willing to try anything.  I would love to hear encouraging stories.  But, I want to be a realist, too.  If we have to medicate, it is what it is.  But, I will be able to say that we’ve tried absolutely everything before going that route.

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for creativity and hope.  Thank you for support, and guidance.

Daily Thanksgiving:  I’m thankful for the Internet and books about whatever I want to learn.

When I Have Kardashian Kash:  Some sort of tropical destination.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Lemon- lemon whoopie filled with vanilla and lemon curd cream cheese filling.



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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- More X Factor

I am not sure why I love X Factor.  The opening sequence is beyond cheesy with the X flying through the atmosphere.  It is very long and dragged out.  Everyone is overly dramatic about how they’ll just die if they I just want to see a lot of singing, a little drama, a couple of back stories, and the critiques of the judges.  I can’t wait until next week with Khole, my favorite Kardashian, and Mario Lopez hosting.  That should be fun!  Yes, I do have a favorite Kardashian.  That is my guilty pleasure.  Despite Jeff’s claims I have never seen one second of Jersey Shore, but I’ve seen most of the KK’s and spin offs.  Pitiful, but I love it.
I am two books away from finishing the twelve book Left Behind series.  Then, we can have a proper book club post again!

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for giving me only what I can handle and carrying me when I can’t walk.

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for humor.  I can find the silly in the serious.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: Maybe have my own backyard farm with a cow, some chickens and goats.  Fresh, organic, grass fed and free range.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Banana Bread- banana bread whoopies, vanilla creme and salted caramel drizzle.  MMMM.  Good enough for breakfast or dessert.

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Manic Monday- Plano Revisited

I cannot tell you enough how much I love Plano. I love my neighborhood. I love the schools. I even love the water department when I had to call up there about something. But, I really love, love, love the downtown area. It is close to our home, yes East Side representing, and it has variety of food and beverage, decent parking, and a good night life. But, you don’t have the downside of a big city, like a lot of roaming drunkards, crazy drivers, and the inability to walk anywhere. It is all within a square block and there is something for everyone.

This weekend, we started at Filmore Pub, ate at Urban Crust, had a few drinks at Vickery Tavern and finished where we started at Filmore Pub. We met two other couples at Filmore and started with a nice Pinot Noir and brie plate. I’ve talked about the bake brie before, and so glad that I started the evening with it. It consists of thinly sliced apples, the baked brie, and water crackers. The apples and brie are drizzled with honey and topped with sliced almonds. OMG doesn’t describe it. I can eat the entire thing. But, I shared.

Then we went up to the roof top bar at Urban Crust. The patio had a retractable roof, letting us gaze into the night sky and look over Plano. Jeff and I split a Heart of Plano salad- blue cheese crumbles, chopped lettuce, heart of palm, artichoke hearts and some garlicky-delicious dressing. I would go back just for the salad. The group split three pizzas. A typical Margarita (I’m sure I’m spelling this incorrectly) since Jeff wasn’t interested in ours that had fig paste instead of pizza sauce, arugula, blue cheese, caramelized onions. The winner, though, was one that had sirloin thinly sliced, caramelized onions and blue cheese. This one was gone before it hit the table. I was really looking forward to the white chocolate bread pudding, but the boys ordered us a chocolate cake when we were in the rest room and the server asked what we’d like instead since they had run out. I’d rather have nothing. But, the cake was okay. I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan. If I’m having dessert, I want something different. I’m a sucker for a good bread pudding. By the way, this was before Jeff’s and my diet.

After Urban Crust, we had a drink at Vickery Tavern. I had a pumpkin beer. It was pumpkin spice like everything else right now, then a beer after taste. It was actually quite delicious and nothing I would have ordered on my own. Thank you Jeffro! It was a little too loud, so we went back to Fillmore Pub for a night cap. I had their red wine sangria. It was so delicious and I wish I had those all night. I’m a pinot noir fan, and usually don’t care too much for sweet wines, but this was a great way to end the evening. It was light, fruity and fun. Like me.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for reasons to be thankful. No matter what, I have blessing in which to thank you. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: Latin Love taco at Taco Coho. If you haven’t had it, go get one and be thankful, too.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: I will take off that year to just write a novel. Then another to produce the film.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Amish Paradise- Sometimes original is best.

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Foodie Friday- Out with the Artificial

It seems like there are chemicals in everything we eat and at least something artificial. It scares me a little. So, I am going to make a concerted effort to eat only natural and real ingredients and do the same for my family, as much as possible. But it’s not easy. Even yogurt has artificial flavors and colors. I don’t want my family to suffer, and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, so I’m going to have to get creative.

In the AM, I wake up and grab a cup of coffee and diet creamer. What I am going to do instead is go to Braums and pick up some no hormone or antibiotic half and half. It isn’t organic, but it doesn’t have the junk of conventional milk. I’m going to pour it into our current creamer bottle, so no one suspects a change, and add some pure vanilla flavoring and a little stevia. Thank you Pinterest! Easy, cheap, and it should taste better than diet Kroger creamer. And, there aren’t added calories from sugar. Stevia gives it a little added flavor boost, but it is natural and not full of empty calories. I’m also going to make sure my milk and soy milk are no hormones/antibiotics or GMO, respectively.

Did you know that your everyday cheddar cheese has food coloring? That is the only food that I just assumed was fine to buy store brand. Now, I’m going to have to read some labels and find an alternative. Cheese is expensive, and it is a staple in our home. We probably eat too much of it, but it is a good quick protein source for the kids when they don’t want to eat anything else or we’re in a hurry. And so many yogurts either have tons of sugar (including baby/kid yogurts) and artificial colors/flavors and aspartame. Even the Greek yogurts. I am going to find a Greek yogurt with nothing added. They are out there and pretty easy to find, it just takes a little label reading and hoping for a sale or coupon. Speaking of dairy, I switched to Smart Balance butter because I don’t want the artificiality of margarine and fewer calories than butter. But, after watching Dr. Oz, I learned that even though it isn’t margarine, it has “artificial flavor” which translates to a non-desirable chemical. Can I be any more vague? My take-away from his show is that “artificial flavor” equates a dangerous chemical that affects our digestion, brain chemistry, and other body functions. No thanks! So, I’m back on real butter. And hopefully butter from cows free of hormones and antibiotics.

Did you know that even Doritos have Red Dye 40 in them? So does the Kroger brand. I bought a variety pack and didn’t check every single variety label. Sydney kindly pointed out that the knock off Doritos had food coloring. Oops. Red Dye 40 is a big deal to me because it is linked to ADHD and mood disorders in children. Why pump our kids up with artificial crap that could possibly lead to their needing medication? I don’t want to take that chance. Just like I am leery of GMOs (genetically modified organism), and almost ready to go gluten free. But, that is a whole other post. Right now, I am limiting our wheat intake and focusing on artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and added hormones in our meat and dairy. Meat is hard because it is so expensive, but something I’d like to work harder on buying.

I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or expert. I am a concerned mother who wants my kids to consume less crap and chemicals and have the best diet possible. But, I have time restrictions, budgetary restrictions, my family isn’t picky, but doesn’t like a lot of change, and sometimes Blue Bell ice cream filled with Red Dye 40 and artificial flavors sounds just right. Yes, even good ‘ol Blue Bell!

So, Jeff and I have decided to not diet, per se, but to cut out desserts, fried foods and I am going to cut out the artificial stuff as much as possible, until Thanksgiving. The artificial part hopefully is permanent. I’m going to be a better label reader, make a few more items from scratch and get creative with some alternatives so the family doesn’t suffer too badly from Mommy’s “phase”.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for helping me with the items with which I struggle. I am thankful for opportunities to better handle those items because practice makes perfect. I’ll never be perfect, but have your perfect help always. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for our new sleep schedule. Q goes down for two naps now for more than 15 minutes each, and I can put her in her crib and she whines twice, rolls over and falls asleep. Syd and Easton are in bed the same time every night, so there is little to no arguing about pushing out the time. I now have time to do a few things without the chaos of exhausted children under my feet. I hate having less time with them, but love having more quality time. Yea sleep!

When I Have Kardashian Kash: Chiropractor, masseuse, stylist, makeup/hair person, lawn care and hot pool boy, and cleaning lady. I can handle the cooking and driving.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Jeffro Pie- chocolate whoopies filled with your choice of ice cream!

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Thankful Thursday- Venting is Complaining

Much like my Making Whoopie website, I am going through bit of a makeover, myself.  I am trying to be more positive, a better parent, the best wife I can be, dream achievers\ and weight loser.  But one thing I notice is that I still complain about stupid stuff.  But, I call it “venting” and felt like it was an exception to complaining.  It isn’t.

Venting, or getting something off of your chest, is complaining.  Sometimes someone feels it is necessary to let off steam before they blow.  For me, I use it as an excuse to complain.  I need to just be a big girl and deal with it.  By not making it a huge deal, I am able to move on quicker and not focus on the negative.  I am finding that venting doesn’t serve me, but rather perpetuates the negativity.  I am ready to get to the next level of positivity and this is holding me back.  So, instead of venting, I am going to share something positive with those I generally vent with.  It may start out small or feel forced, but I have found that when I do something new, sometimes I have to fake it until I make it.  I have to go through the motions until it becomes genuine habit.

This is not a criticism of anyone else.  This is not me saying that this is right and you are wrong.  This is simply deciding to cut this habit out, much like becoming gluten-free.  I want to be complaint free.  I want to live a life that says to the world that I am grateful, happy and content.  I feel that venting is the last hurdle that I must over come.  And, it is something that I will always have to work on.  It isn’t a task that I will just check off of a to-do list.  It will be part of a life long happiness diet.

So, Monday morning instead of “venting” that my normal parking spot is blocked and I have to walk farther with a broken foot, I am going to focus on how great the renovations are going to be when complete.  It’s small, it’s forced, but if I make a conscious effort, it will become my true habit before I even know it.  I want to be that person that is referred to as the one who never complains.  Honestly, what do I have to complain about?  I’m married to my best friend, my children are hilarious, healthy and loving, and we’re taking steps to live our dreams.  What else matters?

My Daily Prayer:  Thank you God for reminding me that there is a much bigger picture and not to sweat the small stuff or complaining about it.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I live in the coolest neighborhood ever.  I am thankful to be a part of such a great community.

When I have Kardashian Kash:  Sound proof walls.  If you have children, you’d want some too, at least in the play room and baby’s room.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day:  Pumpkin Spice decorated like a jack-o-lanterns.  Cute and yummo!


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Whatever Wednesday- Thorn in My Side

What is the thorn in your side? Does anything positive come from your “thorn”? Mine is the inability to do mornings. It doesn’t matter what time. I have the hardest time waking up and getting going. I have used this “thorn” to make an earlier wake up time so that I get more out of my days. If I kowtowed to this problem, I’d sleep most of the day away. I can always do better, but sometimes I have to be okay with “good enough”.

I constantly pray for the strength to just get up the first time my alarm goes off. I go periods of time doing well, then fall off again. A lot of my problem can be resolved by making sure I have enough iron. I am extremely fatigued with I become anemic. Stress plays a part, too. If I’m super stressed or have too much going on, then I shut down completely. I also try to keep a set schedule. Thursdays can be crazy, but even on the weekends, I try to go to be at a decent time and wake up before 9AM. This consistency works miracles with my children, and it really helps me too.

I cannot express how jealous I am of Jeff’s ability to be so functional with such little sleep. I wish I was able to decide when I wanted to get up and that was it. This is a force so strong that it is almost debilitating. But years ago I made a solid resolve not to give into it. I can either accept it and be a slave to it, or I can fight it and accomplish a lot despite it. It also makes me sit back and humbly accept that I am human, and that great things come from God, not man. That is not a cop out or dependence on something magical. There are many things that I have to do, choices and actions that I must make, but I also have to rely on God and acknowledge that without his help, nothing is possible.

So, waking up first thing in the morning is the hardest thing I do all day. Sounds really silly. But, maybe that is how I have to look at it. If I can just get out of bed, I can do anything!

My Daily Prayer: Thank you God for making all things possible through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful that not only Jeff believes in my whoopie dreams, but my whole family is extremely supportive.

When I have Kardashian Kash: A craft room! A wrapping paper room! A closet the size of my current master bedroom! Reno’s own room!
Wait, she’d hate that. She’s such a mama’s girl she won’t even get out of her bed until I do. Even if I’m sick and sleep all day, so does she.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: We’re whipping up some Halloween and sports decorated whoopies. Pictures to come, but check out our ghosts, spider webs, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and hockey pucks. Wait, that last one is just a plain ol whoopie.

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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- How I Met Your Mother I

I am STILL reading the Left Behind books. I’m on like book ten, though. They’re still really good, but there are things I’d do differently had I written them. But, then that just inspires me to make some time to create my own books. In due time. Right now isn’t the right time for that, but when Making Whoopie is up and running, the way I have it running in my head, I should have some time. So, since I don’t have time for much, I DVR the few shows I am interested in catching when babies are down for naps, or I’m working on my website and want something in the background. How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows.

This is probably the only sitcom that Jeff and I watch. The writing is really funny and the characters are very well developed. My mother has to keep telling me that there is a stripper named Quinn. But, she’s a really cute blonde. So, there Mom. We have gotten so behind that we are only half way through last year’s season. I had a ton of stuff to do last night, but everyone was so cranky and it was such a beating to get everyone fed, Sydney dressed, babies out the door and drive downtown to choir, that I came home and collapsed. I had every intention to stop at Michaels and get some baking equipment, work on my website, bake up a batch of pumpkin whoopies to photograph, but guess what I did? I bathed the boy, put the girl in bed and threw Easton in front of Little Einsteins until his bed time, and I reclined.

Normally, I feel like I have the chaotic Mondays down to a science. I think I have my children down. I think I am the better parent because it takes more before I lose patience and yell. Well, I lost it. And Easton asked me not to spank his sister because he loves her. I wasn’t even planning on spanking her! Normally, Easton asks me to give her five spankings for looking at him. Now, he’s asking me not to spank her when she isn’t moving it on the day that we’re trying to get her to HER activity on time. I was humbled. I am not the better parent. I do have a breaking point, and I broke yesterday. Broke and then sat in a recliner until Jeff and Syd returned home from choir (he picks her up). I grunted at them, and went to bed. Sometimes that is the best I can do.

But, back to topic! I was planning on doing some work with HIMYM in the background. The show is so good that it demands my whole attention. I couldn’t even play Words with Friends. I watched like four episodes in a row, fast forwarded through the commercials, and enjoyed the peace of no one else in the room. I probably looked like I should have had a beer, wife beater shirt and my hands down my pants, Al Bundy style. But, it isn’t often that I veg like that, and when I break I veg. Today is another busy, busy day, but after going to bed super early, I am ready to conquer the day.

My Daily Prayer: God, without you I am not able. Thank you for making it possible to do anything through you. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a new day to try things again.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: World Travel.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Sydster Special Cupcakes- chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting mixed with Oreos or candy pieces of your choice. Check out pictures of our creations at

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Manic Monday- Frederick’s of Hollywood

I have a love hate relationship with bra shopping. If it is at a department store with millions of brands, I HATE it. If it is at a specialty store, it is my favorite type of shopping, next to shoes. There is nothing better than a well fitted bra, except when there is a cute matching undergarment set. That is the best. I love matching. I love being a mommy who showers and matches. It makes me feel like I’ve conquered parenthood. I may still throw my hair up in a bun most days, but I manage to match my underwear, take a shower, wear jewelry, makeup and perfume. My next goal is my hair. Baby steps. Ha-ha, baby.

I absolutely cannot shop at Victoria’s Secret. It is no secret that if you have boobs, need not enter. I’ve found bras for the larger bust sized like twice and both times they wore out within a month. $50 for something that pokes me within a month is not angelic. I was scared to go into any other shop, but a friend went to Frederick’s of Hollywood to get her wedding lingerie. When it came time for my wedding, I did the same. I fell in love. Not only did I find two options to wear under my wedding dress, thigh highs that didn’t make me look like a fat girl, but I found an everyday bra that fit! AND, it wasn’t matronly, nor porn-staresk. Just because the girls are large and in charge, doesn’t mean that I want to wear a granny bra or something Pamela Andersonish. So I bought every color and haven’t looked back, until there were babies.

I have suffered through nursing bras and cheap Target bras, but no more! Fredericks had a 50% off sale this past weekend, but it was in store only. The down side is that there are few stores. I wanted to go to the store and be fitted, and I didn’t want to pay shipping. I went to the store in Town East Mall in Mesquite. I drove from Plano to Mesquite for this bra. That is serious dedication. When I got there, there was only one clerk and a store full of customers. The lady measured me, but told me that it may not be a true reflection of my size. That was the whole reason I went. So, I bought one based on the size she said, and two on the size I knew I was. I was right.

My friend went to the same sale at another store. She said the selection for larger tatas was not very good. At my store, there was a huge selection of any size you could imagine. Some scared me, they were so big. But, I found some great stuff that made me feel like a girl and not a food source any longer. It is nice to display them as art and not as dinner. I would still love a new set, but for now I am happy with my new accessories.

My Daily Prayer: God, without you nothing is possible. Thank you for your gifts and thank you for the wisdom of how to use them, and not squandering your blessings. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a bra that fits.

When I have Kardashian Kash: I think I’d like a monkey to follow me around and pick up my trail, especially when I’m yelling at Syd to quit leaving a trail around the house.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Pumpkin Spice- we can make your pumpkin whoopies look like jack-o-lanterns! We are making over our website and adding more pictures! Check out for Halloween and fall treats. Don’t forget that we deliver. Trick or treat?

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Foodie Friday- Turmeric

One of my favorite people in the world, up at work, is always preaching about how great turmeric is. I have it in my spice cabinet and use it whenever I use cumin, but I don’t know much about it or think to use it more regularly. It stains my white utensils yellow, and it is in most curries. That was the extent of my knowledge. Until now.

I wanted to know why it is such a super food and if I could use it for natural food coloring. I am going to experiment with the latter, but in my little bit of research, I found it to have curcumin as the active ingredient. It is not related at all to the spice I pair turmeric with, cumin, but surprisingly it is a relative of ginger. Curcumin can be found in turmeric or taken alone as a supplement. The benefits are that it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the body which prevents damage to blood vessels, thus reducing heart attacks and strokes. Also, looks like it fights and prevents cancer. Some folks rub it on the skin to prevent skin cancer and it looks like the rub can heal wounds and some skin cancers. It is an anti-inflammatory with less side effects than Motrin or Advil. In one article, I found that it is even being used to treat Alzheimer’s! It helps with weight loss, and can be used in a nettipot to fight sinus infections. Some cultures burn it and inhale the vapors to treat colds.

Here is my recent experience, I admit that this may be TMI, but it is HUGE for me and I need to share with others who suffer. I made the soup I spoke about last Foodie Friday. I have been using turmeric in many of my recipes, too. I had the least painful and lightest cycle to date. I can’t confirm that it was the turmeric, yet, but I will try again next month. I would love for you to test my theory and let me know what your results are! It is said to help with arthritis and any aches and pains. Everything I have read says it is completely safe and side-effect free, except for the yellowing of my favorite Pampered Chef scraper.

Turmeric can be bought at any grocery store in the spice section. It is in most curries and curry spice blends. You know the dot that Hindu women wear? It is ground turmeric mixed with lime juice! I did not know that prior to this research, and I had even been “dotted” in an Indian temple in Bangalore. I had no clue it was turmeric! I found whole turmeric in the produce section at Fiesta. I have not yet bought it whole, but will when I make my produce run today or tomorrow

I don’t find the taste off putting or offensive. It is mild and undistinguishable from the other flavors, to me. It is the yellow color that gets me. It is great in chili or soups, but I can’t imagine putting it in my every day dishes. I will, though. It stains my Tupperware and kitchen utensils. But, if it is such a super food, then yellow is my new favorite color. It is known as Indian Saffron. I saw a recipe suggesting it be put in chicken salad, and I would love to make a curried chicken salad, going heavy on the turmeric. I read another article that said the combination of cinnamon and turmeric promotes weight loss. I may just make a cinnamon turmeric tea! Just kidding, but I will be adding it to our diet. I will just encourage my family to use their forks to avoid staining their hands yellow.

Want some more info on turmeric? Here is where I got my information:

Quick, Easy Chili:
Serves 4

1 pound of lean ground beef (or any ground meat of your choice)
4 tomatoes, diced
1 onion, diced (white or yellow)
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 jalapenos, minced (even the baby was able to eat this, but adjust according to your weenie factor)
2 C water or stock
½ small can tomato paste
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp cumin
2 tsp turmeric
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tbl olive oil

In a large soup pot, pour in about 1-2 tbl of olive oil and turn to medium-low heat. Add your ground meat, salt, pepper and brown. You can remove your meat and put aside, or be lazy like me and maneuver around it. Add your veggies and cook until onions are translucent. Mix together well, add water or stock and all of your spices. Cook for about 20 minutes or until it isn’t soupy. The longer you cook it, the more the flavors develop, and the thicker it gets. But, it can be cooked quickly if you need something ASAP. Garnish with grated cheese and green onions. Enjoy your turmeric!

My Daily Prayer: God, thank you for answered prayers. I have faith that you will provide, and I thank you for when it comes to fruition. Your promises always come through. Thank you for helping me keep my faith strong, and not despairing! AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful that summer is over and that my electric bill won’t take money out of my play fund any more, until next year.

When I Have Kardashian Kash: Grass fed beef, free range chicken (and eggs), wild salmon, organic non GMO veggies and grains- all the time, every day.

Making Whoopie Flavor of the Day: Lime- you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all around. There’s usually no coconut in these, but there can be!

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