Family Friday- teething buttheads

Teething babies confirm my feeling of not wanting to do this a fourth time. I love babies. I love kids. I love having a big family. But, I really love my sanity and so does my family. I hate being cranky and short of patience. I learned long ago not to ask for help with patience because this is exactly what I would be given!

Q is the most laid back baby. If she were either my first or second, I would have hurried up and had a few more within just a couple of years of each other. Right now, she is as needy as the first two were! She wants to eat every two hours, 24/7, she doesn’t want to be put down, and she is whiny. But, when you’re at your breaking point, she starts laughing and smiling or crawling toward someone’s pizza trying to eat it. She knows how to make everything okay.

Easton is going through a testing phase. He tests me by calling people butthead to see if I really will take away his swimming privilege. And I did, two days in a row. So he started calling people poopoo head. Yeah, not butthead, but still calling names. That will get swimming taken away, too! Hopefully, he will quickly see that I am serious and that he needs to stop the name calling. How’s that for a reaction, buddy? Not as good as Sydster’s shrieks of protest, but hey. And, we’ve been accident free for awhile!

Then there’s the Sydster. I have to say, she is getting better and better. She is handling the hormones of tweendom better than expected. She still frowns when we ask about chores, but in general, she has a good attitude and follows her routine. Her bedroom is our biggest battle ground, but it is far cleaner than mine ever was at her age. I want her to learn now how to put everything in its place. I want her to be better equipped than I was, but it is still a struggle sometimes. We went up to the church to help out a program where some homeless families stayed up there for the week. We did a day shift where we helped with lunch and played with the kids. When we left, she said, “well, they don’t have chores, huh? Lucky”. Yep, that’s the Sydster! Always seeing the positive. Kind of.

Fortunately, Jeffro and I aren’t generally cranky at the same time. He had a rough Saturday and Sunday was tough on me. Saturday, I tried to keep the kids entertained and did the bathing and nighttime routines so he could chill. On Sunday, he took Q grocery shopping while Easton and Syd napped/lay down so I could chill. He is pretty good about knowing when I need extra help and really steps it up. He has been extra good about getting Q at night and bringing her to me so that I don’t have to fully wake up twice. I can put her back down and try to fall back to sleep until the next round. Easton has been waking up too, but normally wakes up while I’m feeding Q, so Jeff gets to take care of him, too. I am very thankful for him and don’t know how I ever survived Sydney’s infancy without similar help. I am extremely grateful, even if I am quite tired and cranky.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you, God, for giving me only what I can handle. Thank you for your lessons and guiding me down your path. Thank you for the people in my life that help me when I can only do so much. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for healthy children, with VERY healthy appetites. I am thankful for Jeff stepping in when I am not 100%. He truly completes me.

When I have Kardashian Kash: I will pursue every one of my compulsive hair-brained ideas. I will start my tater-truck, run my Whoopie and More Bakery, make films, write a book, rescue animals, become a certified natural child-birth teacher, and learn how to cook from a professional. The next week, I am not sure where I’ll start, maybe rehabbing junk into treasure for my antique store.


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