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Thankful Thursday- power of your word part 2

Last Thankful Thursday we talked about the power of your words, and how the successful are those who proclaim that they will be somebody someday. By the way, I will be a writer and famous baker soon. 😀 But, what about the power of negative words? Have you noticed that people who say they have a family curse really seem to have one? Have you noticed that when someone proclaims something negative, it generally comes true? Here is my challenge that I issue to all of you: speak only positive things for the next month and let the readers here know what happens. I want to hear if it doesn’t work. I want to hear what does!

I used to say that I had a poor immune system and caught every cold. I also said I had extremely healthy children who never got sick. Guess what? I caught every cold and my kids rarely caught anything. Now, I say I am healthy and have even been told that my Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease is barely Stage I, now and not worth talking to a specialist about! This time two years ago, it bothered me so badly that I was seeing all sorts of specialists. But now, I am as healthy as a horse. Jeff never talks about getting sick and about how healthy he is. He missed work due to health once in the eight years I’ve known him.

Look at your own situation and your friends, coworkers and family around you. Notice who talks about never having money and never being able to get out of the hole. They always have the worst luck, right? If that is you, I challenge you to start talking positively about your finances. That doesn’t mean be a dummy with your money. That means quit saying, “when it rains, it pours.” Quit asking what else could possibly happen. When you ask “what else?” something always happens, right? Quit asking!

I can truly tell you that this works. Right now good ol’ Jeffro and I are finding that once something breaks and we fix it, something else happens. Once we refill our emergency fund, something happens to deplete it. So I challenged him to quit asking what else could happen to us. I told him to start talking positively about our house. He booked a couple of jobs since we started talking more positively. Not even 24 hours after I told him to quit cursing our home, he benefitted from his positive words.

You can be of any faith for this to work, so I challenge you to try it now. Give it a good month, and trust me, it is hard to get out of the negativity rut. Try it, even if you want to prove me wrong, please try! I challenge you to give it all you’ve got for a good month. This time next month, I will tell you about how prosperous we’ve become because we quit cursing our home.

This works with relationships, too. If you talk about how crappy your in laws are, probably not much room for improvement. Try looking for and talking up the good qualities in a troubled relationship. This is something we can all work on. I am guilty of saying Syd had a hard time adjusting. I became more positive and now she’s striving! I need to talk about the positives of Easton’s potty training! (Fortunately, I have the best in laws, for the record!)

Bad things happen. We have crappy relationships in our lives. Things break. My point here is positive words break negative cycles. It is truly like magic, although I truly know why this works ;). Try it, you don’t have to buy it, but try!

My Daily Prayer: Dear God, thank you for giving me only positive words to say. Thank you for helping me break the negativity cycle! AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for a happy and very healthy family that loves one another.

When I have Kardashian Kash: I will have hair extensions since my hair grows so slowly and false eyelashes! There will be other false items, too. Babies are hard on a mama. just FYI


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Whatever Wednesday- Change Motivates Us

So I’ve had a minor format change. Welcome to Whatever Wednesday, where I talk about whatever I feel like. I had a crazy day yesterday and am still working on the Left Behind series, so I skipped this week’s Tuesday Book Club.

I woke up stressed to the max and went to bed with a major headache. I’ve noticed a couple of people at work that are always smiley and always say “great” when you ask them how they’re doing. I want to be that person. I don’t want to be the person that says, meh. Or, I’ve been better. Or, complain about my headache and lack of quality sleep. I know that even on my worst day I am in a blessed situation. I know when I am stressed it doesn’t compare to how it could be. I know all of this. But, I want to live it.

So, here is what I realized and what I told Jeffro. If everything always felt hunky-dory, guess what? You’d keep doing it. So, I guess we need to be doing something different. Some people say adversary is God’s way of disciplining or bringing you closer to Him when you’ve strayed. A “hello, remember Me?”, if you will. And, that may be. But, I have been closer to Him than I ever have and am still running into harder than usual times. So I prayed. And prayed and prayed some more. When I’m not praying, I try to listen to Praise and Worship, when Pandora is working, to stay connected and not dwell on how I am not where I want to be at thirty-one. I am where I need to be. I am making choices that will really help my future, but makes the present not so comfortable. But that doesn’t really matter.

What I realized is that if I am comfortable I will stay in my comfort zone. If I am not comfortable, I will work to make something different happen. I told Jeff that we are being “told” something, whether by God or the universe or whatever, but we need to be doing something differently and if we are quiet and still enough, we can hear and see what that is.

My employer has a new motto. “Change Motivates Us”. I am usually the first to jump on the HR bandwagon and embrace company policy or a new credo, but this one pissed me off. It rubbed me the wrong way, and I was tempted to say something. Of course change motivates us, but we also need structure and consistent practices, is what I wanted to shout to who know whom. But, it is true. Change does motivate us. We have to get out of our comfort zones if we want something different and better. I am constantly praying for God to show me what He wants me to do. Guess what? He’s guiding me to wherever that is. And, instead of being pissed off that my path is a little bumpy right now, I now choose to see it as God’s shortcut to greatness. Shortcuts are generally a little bumpier than the paved road, but they get you there quicker. So, I now say, thank you God for guiding me wherever it is that we’re going. And thank you for bringing Jeffro along for this adventure! I really hope Making Whoopie ( is a part of this plan, but I know whatever it is, it will be great!

My Daily Prayer- Please God open my eyes and ears to you. Thank you for giving me faith to continue down your path to greatness. AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving- I am thankful that my family chooses to actively participate in life and doesn’t just let life happen to us.

When I have Kardashian Kash- I will have a party barn next to my petting zoo and animal rescue sanctuary where kids can have birthday parties and check out my alpaca herd. And llamas. And camels. And big cats, I want to rescue big cats, but the kids will only be able to see them, not pet them, for the safety of everyone. However, I plan to be hands on with all of my rescue animals, even the lions. A girl can dream…but, also, mark my words and remember the power of the word!

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Manic Monday- Poshe Nail and Ocho Taco

My toes were so bad that I shouldn’t have worn any of the open toed shoes that I continued to wear. Even when I polished them myself, ah man, bad. I keep them too short, I can’t paint them to save my life and it summer. Bad news. So, when my friend said she had to have a vacay pedi, I said I needed to do some very basic maintenance and went at lunch. This is something I usually splurge on, but I am trying to watch the funds and really need a haircut. So we decided to try this place and opted for the cheapie.

I have to say, beautiful salon, friendly staff, and for $23 I got a nice leg and foot massage, great massage chair, and good polish job. My nails look SOOO much better. They are still too short, but if I keep a pedi, they will grow out and I won’t let them get that way again. My nails are paper thin, so unless I keep them shalaqued, they peel. I will defiantly go back and I’ll get the $34 super pedi. If the cheapie was great, I’ve gotta try the good one. $34 is not bad for the high-end one. I’m in. And, I need a mani. I wish I had the time and unlimited funds to be perfectly groomed at all times. I want to be a Dallasite so badly, but hey, at least my toes are done now.

Taco Ocho is next door to Poshe Nail. It is a little pricy, but you get a lot. It isn’t Taco Bueno (my fav fast food ever), but it isn’t Mi Cocina. It’s in between fast food and high end Mexican. It is fast, the portions are big, and it is really delish. You get refried black beans, white rice with corn and cilantro, and chips and hot sauce when you order the two item platter. I love the Latin Love taco- beef with a plantain. Today I got the Azteca tostada and Colorado Taco. The shredded beef in the taco was super tender and spicy and flavorful. The tostada had black beans, guac and white cheese. So good!! I have to say I was much more impressed this time. I don’t know if I was pregnant and super picky last time, but this time I was super impressed and will be back. Yumm-o. I want to try one of their sammies that come with sweet potato fries. MMMM sweet tater fries.

My Daily Prayer: Thank you, God, for providing and for leading me down your path. AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for not knowing true need. I am thankful that my “needs” include time to get a haircut 🙂

When I have Kardashian Kash: I will have an industrial kitchen with industrial appliances and cook only organic, locally grown foods. But, I will have someone clean my house, but the kids will continue to take care of their rooms so that they learn how to be organized and not be thirty one still trying to figure it out.

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Family Friday-What’s In Your Wallet

I don’t know about wallet, but what’s in your purse? Man, I am always surprised by at least one item in there. Or, I am surprised not to find one of my staples in there. I hate when I lose my make up bag, or Syd steals my hairbrush, or my wallet is gone. Last week, I couldn’t find my sunglasses. Have you driven around during a Texas summer without sunglasses? I think I did eye damage. I see spots.

But, right now, I have one patent leather baby shoe, about 100 Special K meal bar coupons, calculator, raspberry vinaigrette, one sock (mine), grocery receipts, a hairbrush, wallet, makeup bag and some lotion. Oh, there is a card that you press your thumb to it for fifteen seconds to see how stressed you are. Mine always stays black. It’s from my insurance company, but I think it is the same technology as a mood ring, so that makes me feel great about my insurance coverage.

Have you had the Special K meal bars? That is how I start my work days. I am trying to diet, or watch my caloric intake, but I quit tracking my progress on Livestrong. There’s an app for that. I don’t want to know how many cals were in my taco lunch today. Or how many I consume at happy hour tonight. I probably should throw out the raspberry vinaigrette, but man only 50 cals and fat free.

I am not sure why I have a sock or a baby shoe. Or why Syd steals my brush when that is her least favorite thing in this world. I think she’d have dreadlocks if I’d let her. But, my boy gets mad if you touch his hair after you spray it. I’m hoping that by doing baby Q’s hair now, well putting a head band on her bald little head, will help her with her hair hygiene when she’s older. It’s too bad, Syd has such pretty blonde hair, but cries anytime I try to fix it and hardly fixes it herself. Not that I can talk, but I do try to make myself presentable when I go out. I really need a haircut and then I’ll be motivated to fix it again. Sorry Jeffro. How long can I use the “I just had a baby” excuse? My neighbors both just had babies and their hair is always done. Oh well. At least I get mascara, concealer and eyeliner on most days. And I manage to shave. I am in a capri rut right now. I am too big for my skinny clothes and too small for my fat clothes. If I buy this size, I will lose weight. So, capris and dresses it is. I sound hot, huh? I do make some effort! Some.

Daily Prayer: Thank you God for getting me through each day, and showing me everything for which I have to be thankful. AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for having a purse in which to catch everything that clutters it.

If I had Kardashian Kash: I’d have a salon in my house so that I’d never need a haircut, manicure or pedicure. And a different purse for every outfit. And someone to transfer my stuff from one bag to the next.


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Thankful Thursday- The Power of Your Words

Have you ever noticed that celebrities usually have stories about telling everyone that they are going to be famous one day?  They say it and believe it until it comes true.  The same goes with the kid who says he won’t amount to anything.  He doesn’t reach his potential.  Watch this.  The next time you hear a little kid say they’re going to do something, take note.

There is a reason for this.  Our words have power.  There are several sources for this phenomena.  One is “the secret”. The secret is putting something out into the universe and believing it into existence.  My secret is no secret.  I could quote scripture, but I’m lazy and I have a much better source whose citations are much better than mine could ever be.  Charles Capps explores this is great detail in The Tonge:  A Creative Force.  This book has changed the way I think, speak and live.

Basically, if you say it, it will happen.  But, you can’t say it just once.  You have to have some faith and keep saying it and saying it.  Talk about and praise your children, then watch how great they really are.  Talk up your spouse and see what happens.  Talk kindly about yourself, and don’t self deprecate (unless you’re doing stand-up, that’s just funny).  If you want something claim it! This is an easy experiment.  Try it for a month, what harm can it do?

I am not endorsing going into denial or not being smart in dangerous situations.  There are times you must face reality.  But, watch what happens when you are thankful and when you claim what you want and need.  I will have the quality time with my children I crave, a bakery, and be a writer.  Like a paid writer, not just a daily blogger.

I have to be careful, though.  I fall back into the habit of negativity.  Sydney was having a hard time adjusting to the move, baby and a new school.  I should have said she is adjusting well.  It took me a semester and when I finally started claiming that for her, guess what?  A much better second half of the year.  Right now I am going to claim Easton’s turning the potty corner and Q’s sleeping again at night.  Thank you!  You are my witness and I thank you for your agreement :).  I am fortunate to have a friend who reminds to to speak it, and a husband who tells me that “it” always works out, no matter what “it” is.  And not only does it work out, but we end up in a better place than before.  So, I don’t talk about family curses, I don’t acknowledge them one bit.  I claim to be lucky, but I know it is truly more than luck or even “the secret”.

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for the gift of faith and for telling me your secret.

My Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for the several hours of continuous sleep I am about to get.

If I had Kardashian Kash:  I would take a class or workshop for all of my would-be interests:  cooking, painting, writing, cake decorating, sewing, film making, web design, singing, dancing, photography, and beer making.


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Web Wednesday- Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas

Did you know that there are milk banks for human milk?  I am somewhat of a hippie, but I recognize how our culture is a little squeamish about human milk.  It even gags me out a little to look at my own.  But, if you think about it, it is kind of gross that we drink the milk of other animals. And what if we got all of our sustenance from Carnation Instant Breakfast or Ensure?  That is exactly what we do when we give our babies a diet of pure formula.  I am NOT saying that formula doesn’t have its place or that you’re bad if you give your baby formula.  But, premature babies and sick babies need special nutrition that only breast milk can provide.  Or rather, that is more optimal for sick and premature babies.

That is where the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas comes in.  They test and approve breast milk donors, pasteurize the milk, and distribute it to hospitals in which the babies’ mothers can not provide it, or her supply isn’t yet established.

How can you help?  You can make a milk donation, if you are a lactating mother of a baby under one year of age.  All you have to do is get pre-screened and approved and put a few ounces aside after each pumping.  The milk bank makes it super easy, and you can drop off your extra milk at one of several donation drop-offs throughout the Metroplex.  Or, you can make a monetary donation.  The bank needs money to pay for the processing of the milk, the courier charges, and testing of the donors.  You can also contact them and hook them up to your frequent shopper card like Kroger or Tom Thumb and automatically donate a portion of your everyday grocery shopping bill.  Easy, peasy!  There are also volunteer opportunities.

This is an amazing organization that sole purpose is to provide a chance for the tiniest members of our community.  Babies who need every ounce of help, just for survival.  I wish I would have known about them when I had Sydney.  I heard about milk banks with Easton, but barely could keep my head afloat nursing him, going to school and working full time.  I really wish I would have pumped more and stocked up so that I could have had milk for him for a full year, and so that I could have donated the extra.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to donate this time.  I wish I would have known then what I know now, which is why I am sharing with you today.

Go check them out:

Tomorrow- Thankful Thursday- The power of your words

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for showing me the little things I can do to serve you, and my brothers and sisters.  AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for three healthy children with very healthy vocal cords.  I am also thankful for ear plugs.

If I had Kardashian Kash:  I’d have a water slide and a lazy river around my property.  Happy summer!


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Tuesday Book Club- Left Behind

I have really gotten into the Left Behind series. I am a little late on this bandwagon, but I jumped on none-the-less. I really love the character development, the whole “what if” factor, and the authors’ interpretation of Revelation and how it could possibly happen in modern time. I’ve never focused on Revelation because I feel that God wants me to live in the here and now and focus on how to treat others and love Him. But, this series changed my view of the final book of the Bible. And, it made me think about how I live my life.

I guess I was hesitant to read it because I don’t want to be preached to, and I was struggling with my beliefs. Not really my beliefs, because I have always believed Jesus is the son of God, but more about my feeling on organized religion. I didn’t have the greatest experience with churches in middle and high school, and I didn’t go as a kid unless I went with Gramma. So, Christian fiction didn’t really appeal to me. I truly was judging this book by its back cover reviews.

Once I got over that, I read the first one and loved it. It isn’t preachy, it doesn’t force you to believe what the authors believe, and it is a well developed story with great character development. I would highly recommend this to believers and non. Yes, it does fully explain the Christian belief that to get to the Father, you must accept the Son. But, that was from the characters and not a narrator or author telling you what to do. The characters believe this, and therefore I think anyone could read it as a piece of fiction and not some sort of religious propaganda. Because it is so well written, has such good character development and spot on Biblical references, I am sure it brings more non-believers to Christ than not. I would be very interested to see what my agnostic friends think about these books.

I am on the sixth book and almost through it. I am encouraging my family to read it. I think it is not only a good story, but it is a great way to spread the Gospel. I just came full circle, didn’t I? Before I read this, I was not one to share my religious views. I did not encourage anyone to come to church with me, or tell anyone about Jesus. But, the concept of my friends and family being left behind really made me think twice, and not care if I am seen as a little wacky. We all know that already.

I am not a fanatic. I’ve always had this conviction in my heart and feel like I can almost share it. I have shared it with my family and am really outside of my comfort zone right now. I hate to offend anyone, say something incorrectly or have a bad day and be judged for it. Truth is, I am human. I am not perfect, but thank God I am forgiven and He can help me to be better and better each day. That is all I can do. But, I do try. I try to treat others the way I think He would want me to act. Except today in traffic calling someone an MF’er probably wasn’t my finest Christian moment. But I waved. And meant it. All I can do is try next time, and ask for the strength to bite my tongue and not defile it. That is the greatest gift.

Some may see me as a hypocrite. Saying one thing, acting another way. And that is one way to look at it. But I really do try. For the first time in my life, I don’t overly care about what others say because I know the truth. I am forgiven when I have a bad day, and I make an effort to be a reflection of Him. I fall down, but I pray for strength to get back up and do better. When I fall down, I don’t stay down. That is the difference between being a hypocrite and not. I seek His strength to do better than I did yesterday.

My Daily Prayer: God, thank you for being my strength and the only One for whom I seek approval. Oh how I fail miserably when I try to people please and seek other’s approval. Thank you for the strength to get up when I fail, and to try harder tomorrow. AMEN!

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for some new “tools” to deal with a tween and three year old. Both age groups can be very unstable, but I am thankful to have sweet, and mostly sane, children. They really are the best kids anyone can have. And, I have the best partner with whom to raise them. When I am crazy, he is sane. When he is grumpy, I am calm. We are the perfect balance for the other and for that I am thankful!

When I have Kardashian Kash- I will have my own petting zoo and animal sanctuary for shelter animals that can’t find homes. And llamas. I’ve always wanted a llama farm. And, a camel.

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Manic Monday- Champion Pools, ZeroRez

If you don’t know me by now, let me explain how important customer service is to me. It should be the pinnacle of any business. Everyone can offer a service or product, but the experience is what separates good companies from great. Good customer service is how we treat others the way we want to be treated. We are not perfect, but we can try. Just make a freaking effort! And, if we screw up we can fix it. I may be small potatoes to a company, but I have twenties of readers (hahaha) and a network of mommies with whom I share my experiences. Here are two experiences from this last week. One superb, the other a big fat meh! No, “meh” means that I could take or leave it. This experience I can flat out leave and urge everyone else to leave also.

Let me start with the good. Champion Pools came out and turned our swamp into a crystal clear, beautiful pool in two days. They didn’t drain it like the other companies wanted to do (despite being in water restrictions and unable to refill it!) And, they didn’t charge us half of what the company that wanted to drain it, wanted to charge us. They were quick, efficient, explained the process in an easy to understand and logical manner, and got it done. We have gone through five different pool companies and have done a lot ourselves. We just couldn’t get it to turn and needed a pro. They have a bunch of plans that fit every budget. We are doing a biweekly plan in which we can do most of the work ourselves, but they come out every other week as a back up to make sure we never go green in a bad way. I am very impressed with their prices, and expertise. Champion Pools is who I recommend to all of my Plano peeps.

Here’s the bad. I had a small overflow that hit our carpet. I was excited that I had an excuse to call out Zero Rez. I have heard them advertised and they were still running a special that was affordable for me. Win, win, win. First, the lady said they’d have to treat the contaminated carpet and I asked if she could give me a rough estimate so I wouldn’t be shocked later. She came back and said they’d have to cut out and dispose the carpet and it sounded like an insurance claim. I called my uncle for some guidance, and after his very helpful insight, I called them back and was prepared to pull up the 3X3 carpet square and install tile or something myself, but wanted to get it up and the rest of the house cleaned. She then told me they could clean it, but ultimately that it would be up to the tech. They could come out same day, between four and six-thirty. So far, I’m impressed with their ability to come out same day. But, annoyed that the story has gone back and forth about five times and that I still don’t have an estimate of how much extra it will be.

I got a call at six that they were on their way. At six-forty five, they called saying they couldn’t find my home. I said I’d go outside, and he gave me my old address for where I lived over a year ago. I gave him the correct address and apologized that there was a mix up, maybe from an old inquiry. Yes, I apologized for their giving him the wrong address and no one confirming the correct one.

They arrived after seven, and I was trying to keep three children outside, during dinner time, and out of the way. I showed him the bathroom and he said it was absolutely no problem. He then went through and black-lighted the three rooms I wanted cleaned looking for pet stains. I told him that the dining room was terrible, but I only wanted it to look okay, not even great, and that I was pulling up the carpet within the year. No babies would be crawling in there, I just need it to not look like a pee pad. He found one pee stain in the corner of my living room and none in my room. He said he’d hook me up with the pet treatment. $310 and he’d do the living room free and treat the bedroom with the enzyme from the overflow. That is more than triple what I was quoted. I said, no, I just want the standard treatment and don’t need that since I AM REPLACING THE AFFECTED CARPET SOON! He was very aggressive with his sales pitch and there is no doubt that he works off of commission. Do you not see these three children? I am not made of money here, and can’t just throw down an extra $200.

It was an extra $30 from the original quote to treat the 3X3 area in my bathroom. No problem. The guys worked as I grilled and watched the kids swim. They wrapped up by nine and said it would all be dry in a couple of hours. My little one was up way too late and I was trying to get her and the boy bathed, dinner cleaned up, and maneuver around the furniture that I pulled out of the dining room. So, I didn’t do a walk through. They had left my front door completely open for the entire time, and I had to close it when they removed the hoses. Hello? Ever pay a Texas summer electric bill? And, we now have FLIES everywhere.

I did notice immediately the dirt traffic stains were still visible and there was a blue spot still in the living room. They never offered to treat those areas, even for an extra charge. By the time it dried, it still had the spots and traffic lanes. They didn’t move anything in my living room that I didn’t move. So, the corners were not cleaned, nor was under my coffee table or in front of my couch. And that spot that I paid extra? It is still wet three days later, and the edges where the carpet meets the tile are brown. Sick! And the smell. It is the area we had treated and it STINKS!!! You know what room turned out great? The dining room! The one in which I had no expectations looks brand new.

So, I sent them my thoughts via “Contact Us” (I’ll post my exact comments at the very end of today’s post). I didn’t hear anything. I did receive a survey, and copied and pasted the exact comments. I received a call within an hour. The manager basically said that he’s sorry I feel the way I do. But, that the operator told me they’d have to cut out the carpet. I explained that she said it was up to the tech and he said it was no biggie. He said they could come back out and give me a quote to clean the pad. And about that blue spot, they would do a carpet graft in the future. I said that there wouldn’t be a future, and he said he was sorry to hear it. Oh, and my crusty edged bathroom carpet? It is crusty from the enzyme, not from the guys not getting the edge well. Really? That’s it? You would come back to give me a quote on how much it will cost to do it right? Thanks, but now you are bumped up to priority status on my Monday service blog. ZeroRez, zero-resolution to my dirty carpet!

My Daily Prayer: Dear God, thank you for helping me bite my tongue when I feel unjustly treated. Thank you for reminding me to turn the other cheek, but giving me the ability to write about my frustrations so others can avoid the same treatment.

My Daily Thanksgiving: I am thankful for Jeff getting relief from a bad bout of gout.

If I had Kardashian Kash: I would sleep in while having my hair and makeup professionally done, by someone else.

My Zero Rez survey comment:
After hearing about your company on the radio and reading all of the reviews I was actually excited that I had a small overflow and had the excuse to get the cleaning I had wanted for awhile. I was told that I could get the $89/ 3 room special and there may be a slight fee to treat the area of overflow. I could never get anyone to confirm what that fee could be, but went ahead and set up the appointment. First, I was told there would be a fee to treat that area, then that you couldn’t treat it, then you’d have to rip it up, then it depended on the tech.

The techs went to my old address, first, but then made it to my home after I gave them the correct address. Not sure how they got an address in which I hadn’t lived in over a year, maybe based on an old service inquiry? No one confirmed my address with me over the phone. The two guys black lighted the areas to look for pet stains. My dining room was bad and I told them that all I wanted was it to look clean because I am getting new flooring soon. He said he’d “hook me up” and his quote was for $310!!! That is triple what I was quoted and it was evident that there was commission involved with the way he pushed it. Since I declined, there is still a blue spot on my carpet, traffic lanes, and my bathroom edges are still not clean where the carpet hits the tile. The bathroom is still soaked and smells worse than ever, so I am not sure what I paid an extra $30 for.

My front door was left completely open, not just enough for the hoses, and allowed in a bunch of flies, and my AC was on. I was in the backyard with my children to keep them out of the way. It looks like I shampooed the carpets myself. I had high hopes since you did come out the same day of the overflow, and were offering the $89 special, and all of the awesome reviews that I read about on the web and heard on the commercials. There are still dirt spots and my coffee table wasn’t moved. I am glad that I had moved some of the furniture because no one said a word about that not being included in the service. What’s funny is that my dining room is the best looking (and smelling) of the three rooms serviced. And aside from one stain picked up by the black light in the living room, the dining room is the only one with pet stains. I waited until it was dry and it looks worse than before, except for the dining room. That one is fabulous!

I am hoping this was just a fluke because I was the last customer of the day and the techs were sent to the wrong home, first. I hope that this is just a mistake that you can fix and not a regular occurrence for your company. I was looking forward to sharing a positive experience on my service blog and with the neighborhood mommy’s group. We are always looking for a good company, with reasonable prices, and that uses the least amount of chemicals.


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Family Friday-All You Didn’t Want to Know About Breastfeeding

Man, oh man. I had this whole post written out on my iPad on Friday. I just had to tweak and post. Somehow it was deleted! Probably a good thing because it was more complaining than it was my petty annoyances on one of the most important issues to me. So, before recreating my last post, let me introduce two new segments to follow after each post and daily prayer; Daily Thanksgiving and If I had Kardashian Kash- the ridiculous things I’d buy if I had money to blow like Kim K.

All You Didn’t Want to Know About Breastfeeding:

Did you know that the flanges on a pump (the thing that fits on you) comes in different sizes? And that you can get a blood blister from it being the wrong size or if you put it on wrong. Then while I was looking up blood blisters, unsuccessfully, I kept running across milk blister. And they are when skin grows over one of the nodes where the milk comes out, trapping milk, thus making a white blister. I had two previous babies and never heard of such a thing. Well, of course as soon as I read about it, I get to experience it. So, don’t go looking for ailments, in other words! I had some cracking with my first two, but after we established our routine, it was a cakewalk. Well, I don’t know about a cakewalk, but it wasn’t hard. Besides what could go wrong, hardly does.

There’s the nursing pads because you leak like a mother. 🙂 Showers make everything relax, so if you’re not quick, you’re making a mess or spraying something. Yes, I said spray, not drip. They are very powerful weapons. Fortunately, pads are better today than eleven years ago, or fortunately, I am not as leaky! I think it is the former and not the latter.

The hard part of all of breast feeding is listening to the pump for twenty minute intervals, two to three times a day. It makes this repetitive noise that hypnotizes and eventually you start hearing it talk to you. Ra-ra ba-daump, pump-it-up, never-stop, pump-pump-pump. And the falanges are clear so you can see yourself being sucked in and out, and it is reminiscent of cows at the stock show being milked by that sinister looking machine. Relief on one hand, but the ceaseless ba-da-de-dump of the machine and the pulling of the nips into Vienna sausages into the milker. Yes, it is a sexy site to behold.

With my first child, no one was allowed near me when I pumped. With Easton, I tried to pump in private because it is humillating and I feel less than desirable while doing it. But, Jeff or Sydney needed Mommy from time to time. This time, there is no hiding. Easton is fascinated, Jeff feels like we have no time together, so I pump and watch TV, and everyone just has a party. Yee-haw. Let me tell you how much fun that is! Easton never noticed how I fed Q until he walked in on me pumping. How do you explain that to a then two year old? I told him I was making bottles and he yelled, “from your boobies????” Yep. That is how they’re made. But, that was pretty much the end of the conversation. He was fascinated for about a week, and now it is just an everyday occurrence. Like making dinner, or doing the dishes. Mom makes baby bottles. And Mom just hopes the front door window shades are pulled. Pumping before 7PM inevitably invites neighbors to the door. I don’t have a battery pack, so I can’t run through the kitchen, out of site. And sitting on my bed is out of the question. I am thankful that my employer has a “Mother’s Room” in which I have a table and chair, and a dedicated fridge. And now I have to share with another mommy whose reading choices include a parenting book by Joan Lundon and the Bible.

So I spend about an hour and a half a day pumping, and at least that much time feeding Q. She’s into shiny objects, so there’s no more Words with Friends while I’m trying to get her down. She likes the bling on my case, and the light from my phone. I am exhausted after sitting and feeding her, so nothing gets done after I get her down. I wake up a couple times a night to feed her when she’s going through a growth spurt, but I’d rather lay with her than make a bottle and sit up while she eats. Although I can doze, imagine dozing while someone sucks on you making sounds that Jeff says sound like a cannibal. Nom-nom-nom. And it feels like she is leaving me with nothing. I am surprised I have any boobies left! Thanks Q-ster for that. Neither Syd nor Easton were that aggressive. I feel like a nanny-goat. Have you ever seen a baby goat nurse? They punch, jump and tug at their mamas. That is Q. She headbutts it, tugs, and squeezes. And, if she’s gassy, she contorts her body to pass it, pulling me along with her. Ouch! Don’t get me started on if she grabs on wrong. Hickeys don’t feel good!

But, it is all worth it. Watching her fall asleep and smiling at a dream is the best. Her hugging me, and cradleing the booby like it is her prized stuffed animal is precious. Knowing that no matter how she feels, I can usually fix what’s bothering her is like none other. Her milk-drunk smile and gigantic burps make the whole family laugh every night. Knowing that I am providing more nutrition than science can provide makes me feel blessed for being able to provide that. I know some women aren’t interested, some cannot nurse, and others run into issues along the way. There were times when I thought I wasn’t producing enough, but I knew that nature wouldn’t let me starve my baby and I’ve had three babies who are always in the 90-100 percentile for growth. Except for an occasional illness, none have anything chronic, nor do they have allergies, or food aversions (execpt we’re all slightly lactose intolerant). Everyone has to do what is best for themselves and their baby. For me, this is it. And, it is very inexpensive and I get to give her about 500 calories a day. Take ‘em baby! I love losing the baby weight and that makes it so much faster. Breastfeeding works for me, and I hope it works for anyone for whom it appeals.

My daily prayer: Thank you God for reminding me that I am a reflection of you and a witness to others. Please help me in those certain areas that I need some extra help. I am not asking for patience, but rather for the wisdom to do better than I did earlier. AMEN!

Daily Thanksgiving: Today I am thankful for have a job and schedule that allow me to nurse my baby in the easiest way possible! It is easier today than it was with Easton and certainly easier than with Sydney!

If I Had Kardashian Kash- I’d sign up for modeling classes to learn how to walk in redonkulouly high heels.

Manic Monday- Champion Pools, how they can turn a swamp into a beautifully clear pool WITHOUT draining it!

Book Club (and more) Tuesday- More Left Behind

Web Wednesday- Some websites to check out.

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Thankful Thursday- Aunts

Both my mother and father had one sister both of whom I adore. I don’t see either enough, but with Facebook, Words with Friends, texting of pictures and more, I talk to these ladies almost daily in some way, shape or form. And now I am an aunt to two amazing kiddos and my children have an aunt whom they cry to go home with whenever we get together. So today, I am thankful for aunts everywhere!

My aunt Jane is like a second mother to me. Growing up, if I wasn’t with my grandmother or my mom, I was with her. I lost regular contact when I moved with my dad during middle school and high school, but once I came back to north Texas, we see each other quite a bit. She hosted my wedding at her home, cooks several meals and helps me whenever I have a baby, and gets the family together when my grandmother doesn’t. She is the best cook, savvy shopper, and someone with whom I can talk about anything. She and my uncle Randy were the first of my family to really embrace Jeff. Every early childhood memory includes something to do with my aunt Jane, whether it was at her home, in her lunch shop in Ft Worth (next door to what is now Lonesome Dove!), or doing something with her and Gramma. She was the first person to send me a baby gift when I had Sydney. And, she is who inspires me to follow my dreams. She is probably my biggest role model. Not probably, she is my biggest role model. She is the most “normal” person I know and I admire her very much. I really try to be like her in many ways. I want to be a gourmet cook, snappy dresser, always pulled together, healthy eater, yoga doer, and an influence on my family. I really hope that I can impact my niece and nephew the way Jane has touched me.

Aunt B is my dad’s sister. We mainly talk though Facebook, but she has always stayed in touch with my brother and me even when the rest of the Pruitts don’t. She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She takes me for who I am and I don’t have to be anything other than who I am. I still have a tin box that she sent me full of goodies for a birthday, Christmas or just because gift. She taught me that just reaching out to someone is worth much more than expensive gifts. She is the sweetest lady and has been a great example of what a follower of Christ looks like. She’s not ashamed, embarrassed or tries to sugar coat her beliefs. But, she is true. She isn’t a fake follower or some crazy zealot. Her faith is what I try to model mine after. I was scared away from religion for a long time because of the hypocrisy I saw and was afraid of becoming a hypocrite. She never waivers in her faith nor does she ever say one thing and act another. I love this about her. She was the only one who represented my dad’s side of the family at my wedding, and the only one that talks to me since his passing. She keeps in contact with all of her family even when a member is not popular with the rest of the family. I love her for being her and always making me feel loved even though we’re miles apart.

Thank you Aunties! I love you very much and am blessed to have such amazing women in my life.

Tomorrow: Everything you didn’t want to know about breastfeeding. (Guys, you may want to skip this one. But then again, maybe you should get a clue!)

My daily prayer: Thank you God for the people in my life. May I learn from them, and may I bless others the way they have blessed me. AMEN!

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