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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- The Avengers and The Hunger Games

On our mini-vacay, Jeffro and I caught a couple of movies.  It’s been at least two years since he and I have seen a film in the theater together.  Bud and I saw The Muppets and Sydney, Bud and me saw Toy Story 3, and I’ve seen a few others with some friends and my mom.  But Jeff and I spend our time together catching up on DVR’d shows or a movie from Red Box.  So, it was nice going on a very extended date with the love of my life.

The Avengers- We decided to see the 3D version of the film.  At first I thought it may be too much, but the 3D was done just enough for effect and not too much in your face pageantry.  Fortunately, we had just seen Thor a couple of weeks before otherwise we’d be lost.  The story was engaging, character well developed and the effects were good.  I was not a fan of the first Hulk because the effects were so bad, the second one was better, but the Avengers had the best effects of all of the films.  It didn’t make Hulk look like a cartoon in the middle of an action flick.  This is one I’ll buy when it comes out on DVD.  I only wish that Edward Norton was Hulk.  I wanted a tie-in to the previous film, but the current actor was just fine.  I didn’t like how Hulk all of a sudden could differentiate between good and bad guys when he would attack anything just minutes before.  Over all, great film!

The Hunger Games- I loved Harry Potter, but was disappointed with how much was left out of the films.  There is only one minor thing that bugs me.  I know that it was only because they had a limited amount of time and eliminated a character, but I really think the origin of the Mocking Jay pin should have been portrayed as it was in the book.  That is my only critique.  I can’t wait for the next one!  The subject is disturbing, but the violence was not gratuitous nor excessive.  I would let my tween see the film.  It may be a little much for a lot of kids, but Syd reads a ton and can handle the subject.  I did preview it before I considered letting her see it.  I may wait for it to come to video, but all in all, great film and no more violent or disturbing than the short story The Lottery which every one my age read in school at some point.

Tomorrow- Friday edition of Web Wednesday

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for giving me only what I can handle, and the promise that it will make me stronger.  Thank you for your infinite wisdom.  AMEN!


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Manic Monday- Winspear Casino

Jeffro and I have been together for eight years, and married four on May 17.  We received a deal from Winspear Casino to come stay with them for a couple of nights, and we decided it would be perfect for our first overnight away from the baby.

Winspear Hotel is nice.  We had a king room on the eighth floor.  It overlooked the pool area.  My only critique is that the pool feels like it is in the middle of the parking lot.  It could use some landscaping around it to make it feel more luxurious and less like a motel pool. 

The room was more than clean.  It was nice, but the casino was pure smokiness.  Black Jack gets expensive with .50 ante for each hand.  Even if you aren’t a smoker, you feel like one after a couple of hours.  Drinks aren’t expensive, but one gets spoiled when drinks are complementary in other cities. 

The breakfast buffet was meh, but we were pleasantly surprised with Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar.  We had calf fries, rib-eyes, loaded baked potatoes, black-eyed peas, and jalapeno cornbread.  I had more calories in that one meal than I had in any day this past month.  But, it was tasty and delish. 

The best part of our trip was not being baby-free, but being alone together.  We get so busy with the three littles, work, house hold chores, and everything else in life that we count alone time as watching TV together.  We actually got to talk and hang out.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can tackle Tuesday Book Club, Web Wednesday and maybe Terrific Thursday.  We’ll talk about the two movies that Jeffro and I caught on the way home.

Today’s prayer:  Dear God, thank you for the strength to stay on your path, the eyes to see the path ahead of me, and the wisdom to know which fork to take when I come to a split.  AMEN!

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Family Friday- Boys vs. Girls

Sydster isn’t the girliest of girls and most of you know that Ebro likes to wear my shoes.  But, Bud is still very much a boy and very different than his sisters.  Until I had him, I was very much of the nurture versus nature school of thought.  Now that I have two girls and a boy, I believe in nature versus nurture. 

After sharing a bathroom with two brothers, I thought all boys were disgusting pigs.  Fortunately, I married the tidiest man ever and one who doesn’t need to pee in the bushes.  But, last weekend Syd and I caught Bud with his pants down peeing in the bushes.  He didn’t learn that from his daddy and he most certainly didn’t learn that from Sydney or me.  Nature. 

Syd likes singing and performing and cries from paper cuts and skinned knees.  Ebro likes to run around, get dirty, and maybe only cries if there is blood.  Q only cries if she’s hungry and I’m not fast enough, but we’ll see how she turns out.

I am very glad to have a baby girl.  With Ebro, once the diaper came off, the stream could hit you in the face if you didn’t cover it in time.  With Q, she just leave a little puddle.  Mouth breathing is okay again, if I were a mouth breather.

Syd may be extra sensitive, but she’s not very touchy feeley.  Ebro loves nothing more than to snuggle.  He wants to be held, sit in my lap, and thanks me anytime I pat his head.  The funny thing is he only co-slept with us for a few months.  Sydney slept with me for a year and ended up in my bed every night for the next three years.  I guess she got her fill of mommy time.  Bud isn’t just sweet with me, he loves everyone.  Both he and Syd are outgoing and have never met a stranger.  But Ebro doesn’t mind roughhousing and such.  Syd can’t stand someone looking at her sideways.

I guess we’ll just have to wait on Q to settle the nature versus nurture argument.  Or maybe she’ll just further confuse them.

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for the people in my life.  Thank you for a husband whose strengths are my weaknesses, for a loving son who warms my heart every day, a sweet and poignant daughter, and a baby girl that makes us all laugh.

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Thankful Thursday- How Sydster Changed My Life

I am constantly asked if I was a young mother when I had Syd.  Yes and no.  I did not get knocked up in high school like most of the inquirers are not so tactfully trying to find out, but I was twenty.  Not too young, but looking back over the last almost eleven years, pretty dang young!

We often tease Syd that she is our guinea pig.  Unfortunately, that is what the first child is.  But, more than anything, I remember when I was a child and try to treat her/raise her the way I wanted to be raised at that age.  I lived with my mom until I was twelve and my dad until I graduated from high school.  I had inconsistent rules, felt unfairly treated and was surrounded by alcoholism and a slightly crazy stepmother.  Whenever I was treated unfairly or felt crazy because everyone around me truly was, I vowed that I would not make my child feel that way.  I was not pushed to work harder at school, or practice the cello, nor did I do any sports or extracurricular activities other than my instrument.  I was told not to pursue acting because it is next to impossible to get into- you have to have an agent, but you have to do this or that to get an agent and you have to have an agent to get this or that.  My stepmother was discouraging.  And not just trying to be realistic. 

So, when I found out I was having Sydney, I saw it as an opportunity to be that person I wanted in my life.  I wanted someone to push me, stick up for me, be my biggest fan, my biggest constructive critic, and a parent and not a friend.  I wanted clear boundaries, fulfilled promises and the feeling of unconditional love. I embraced my pregnancy, then my baby and told her it was us against the world.  I still tell her that, but we now have a large team standing with us.

Sydney was my reason to shape up and be something.  I was never pushed and never had the drive to push myself.  I was a mediocre student despite scoring highly on tests.  I dropped out of school and focused on getting into restaurant management.  I worked crazy hours to accomidate breastfeeding my baby so that I didn’t have to get on food stamps or WIC.  I never got on wealfare or food stamps.  I did live with my mom and Bob for the first nine months of her life.  I moved out as soon as I could so that I didn’t feel like a mooch.  I didn’t want my parents or the government taking care of a decision that I made. 

Management never happened, but I ran into a lady when I was getting a togo order who said I had waited on her the night before.  I apologized profusely.  She laughed and told me that it was a great experence and gave me a card for a manager at a credit union.  I called the lady and was hired as a teller.  I moved up to Lead Teller in just a couple of months, and later member services and Assistant Branch Manager in less than five years.  And, I went back to school at the same time.

I bought a house in Dallas (when I was just 25), and found a manager position at a local credit union.  It didn’t work out, but led me to my current job.  I’ve been with my company for five years now- three as contract labor and two as an employee.  And, I graduated college with a degree in Arts and Performance all while doing it.  And, I married an actor.  If I can’t be one, marry one. 

I couldn’t have done any of this had I not had Syd.  She gave me structure, confidence, and I really needed to be needed.  That is what pushed me.  She pushes me everyday, and not just because she is now a hormonal, moody tween.  She pushes me to be the best me possible so that I can push her to be the best her possible.  A lot of people think that I am too hard on her, but I don’t want her to learn from her mistakes or the hard way.  I want her to learn how to study now.  I want her to learn how to be organized now.  I don’t want her to struggle with these things like I did.  I want her to have any opportunity to do whatever she wants to do.  If she wants to be an actor, go for it.  If she wants to be a brain surgeon, great.  If she wants to just be a secretary, no problem. 

Syd teaches me how to love without limit.  She teaches me to listen, be patient, and how to be a girl.  She is the kindest, smartest and most beautiful girl inside and out.  She is very sensitive, but it is beacuse she is so kindhearted and can’t understand how anyone can be mean.  I love this about her.  She is out going, creative, and brilliant with everything she does.  And, she is the best sister anyone could have.  She was an only child for seven years and now has two siblings.  She adjusted to both and is best friends with her little bro. 

I am still learning, not at all a perfect parent, impatient at times, and expect too much.  But, I learn something from Syd every day.  I appreciate something new about her everyday.  She is our Sydster and we love her very much.  Thank you Syd for being you!

My daily prayer:  Dear God, thank you for making me the parent and wife my family needs for me to be.  Thank you for letting me hear their needs, and being there when they need me.  AMEN!

Tomorrow- Family Friday- Boys vs. Girls

Next week- Oklahoma! 

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Web Wednesday- Favorite Parenting Websites

I wish I had time to just browse sites more more often.  Fortunately, Twitter and Facebook give me highlights and I can click on a story if I want more detail. I also sign up for newsletters for almost any site that I remotely like.  That may be why I now get College F Book emails and Sexual Married Women.  Really?  Like I am going to click on those.  And, I’ve never looked at internet porn.  No, really.  Never.  Honestly, I am scared of what I might find.  No thanks!  But, I’d also like to unsubscribe from those gems of SPAM email, but I guess I will continue to just clean out my SPAM folder.

The Leaky B@@b

This is exactly what it sounds like.  Well, unless you’re thinking I lied about looking up nastiness online.  This is a hilarious,  informative and personal site about breastfeeding and parenting.  Tons of articles about every type of breastfeeding subject.  There is also forum where other “Leakies” talk about their experiences, problems and precious babies. While I do not plan to nurse past a year like the majority of Leakies, this site gives me encouragement and the tools to continue.  Even though this is my third time, it is not easy or fun for me.  I love bonding with my baby, the health benefits and the cost, but pumping is a pain and Q removes a layer of skin every time she chows down.  Nursing truly is a one day at a time activity for me.  I can’t think about January of next year being the end point.  Thank you fellow Leakies for your support!

Baby Center

This one is a little more medicalized and not au naturale.  This is one in which I get email updates, and I recently got one with a  link to a poop slide show to illustrate what is normal and what isn’t.  Anyone with a baby will tell you that there is more poop talk and concern about what is and isn’t normal than… I don’t know what.  Poop talk comes up at least once a day, every day until the day your baby learns to wipe his or her own bottom.  So, of course I click through the slide show.  It is one thing looking at your own baby’s poo, but a slide show was not as good of an idea as I had thought.  While it was informative, it still makes me dry heave just thinking about it.

Q had a rash on her arm, and I Googled “baby rashes” since Web MD always tells me that my symptom is a symptom of death or cancer.  Baby center had a rash slide show.  Helpful, and I wasn’t thrown into a needless panic about certain death.  Just a little fungal infection, which her doctor later verified.

Kelly Mom is the go to site for everything breastfeeding, newborn, etc.  Even before I go to La Leche League or other breastfeeding sites, I go to Kelly Mom.  When do I start solids?  Why does Q eat from the time I get home until bed time?  Do I pump and dump if I have a glass of wine?  What medications are safe to take while nursing?  Got a question- this site has an answer and the research sources to back up their posts.

Kellymom is on in which I get tons of info through their Facebook feeds.  I found out about the Time cover from their Facebook post.  Good advice, and a good source for any baby question.  Had I had easy internet access when Syd was born, I’d probably not have read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and used my online resources instead.  I should reread that book, but all of the same info is at my finger tips!

Tomorrow- How Sydster changed my life.

Friday- Boys vs. Girls

Monday- Was OK just okay?

My daily prayer:  Thank you God for providing what I need.  Thank you for knowing what I need better than I ever will.  And thank you for faith when I get impatient.  AMEN!

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Tuesday Book (and more) Club- What’s on my DVR

I have a problem, and for the first time, I am not afraid to admit it. I like everything Kardashian. I tried not to watch it unless it was in the background, but I have officially added it to my DVR. I wish I would have given in and recorded Khole and Lamar, but I was so afraid of disappointing my actor husband. Forget it, I am recording all of the Kardashian shows and Ice Loves Coco. There, I said it. I love reality shows. I told Jeff that he needs to get his own show. That way it isn’t taking away from actors.

Tell me this. How is he okay with sports being broadcast on TV, but not reality shows? Oh, he is okay with Pawn Stars, Auction Hunters, Gator Boys, and shows like that. Don’t all of those shows take away from actors? So now I am going to watch DVR’d episodes. I know it is pathetic, but it is my guilty pleasure. Plus, it makes me thankful for the relationship Jeff and I have. We may have our moments, but over all I am the luckiest girl in the world. But, those moments would make for some great TV! GREAT entertainment. Epic. Good times.

I will gladly be on a reality show with my Honey Pizzie, and babies. I have several ideas. What about a family travel show? Fenter Fam Vacay. Or, just out to eat. Have you ever taken a three year old, ten year old and infant out in public? Ebro screams if Syd even looks at him, Syd only talks back if we’re within hear range of someone I am acquainted with, and Q inevitably blows out her Huggies. Or, what about my own version of Chopped where I can only use the ingredients in my pantry, and have to cook for a group with various tastes and preferences? How about a show about us opening a bakery? Man, we could do a show about anything and make it hilarious. Everyone is a comedian, and everyone can be WAY over dramatic. Except for Baby Q, and me, of course. What about a show about a family who doesn’t have zillions of dollars and how we try to live like a Kardashian? It could be hysterical. My life truly is hysterical- have I told you about the time we had squirrels in our fireplace? Or when I found Syd asleep on her bathmat? Or Jeffro texting my progress when I was in labor with Ebro. Let me just say, texting was banned with baby Q!

Justified- favorite basic cable show
Jeffro and I DVR this and then watch a marathon on a Saturday night. Timothy Olyphant may be my biggest TV crush. And, he takes off his shirt in almost every episode. Thank you! He is fast with his guns, wreckless, yet smooth, and have I said hot? It is action-filled and aimed at the guys, but he makes Kentucky sexy. All of the characters are complex, have some sort of redeeming quality, or you just love to hate them. Most of the action is a little unbelievable, but hey, it has amazing dialog, a pretty good story line, and again Timothy Olyphant. I can’t wait until the next season. This is a top priority on our DVR right under our three Showtime shows.

NCIS- favorite network show
We’ve watched NCIS almost the whole eight years we’ve been together. At least it feels that way. We love this show, but I was getting a little burned out. I missed a few episodes reading while Jeffro watched, but I did catch the last few episodes. OMG. They did a great job with the season finale, and I will definitely be tuning in next season. Fun, good characters, okay story lines, and great relationships. Only down is that everyone has been kidnapped at least once, so I am ready for some fresh action.

Person of Interest- fun, but forgetful
The premise of the show is great- a machine that can detect a crime before it happens due to big brother technology. But, the two main characters both use creepy man voice. I can never remember any of the characters’ names except Carter, the female detective. It is a show I fall asleep during quite frequently. And, it isn’t one that I would watch without Jeffro. Fun, some good action, some neat situations, but overall meh.

Tomorrow- Web Wednesday- My favorite parenting sites. Did you catch the poop slide show on

Thankful Thursday- How the Sydster changed my life.

Family Friday- Boys vs. Girls- I am so glad my girls don’t pop a squat in the backyard. Why do boys pee in the bushes? No one has ever caught Jeffro doing that! And more…

Next week we’ll talk about Jeffro’s and my trip to Winstar. Yee-haw spending our fourth wedding anniversary in OK, but looking forward to our first overnight since Q.J

My daily prayer: Thank you, God, for the people in my life. Thank you for the relationships that encourage, energize and enrich my life. AMEN!

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Manic Monday- Mercy Wine Bar and Massage Envy

I really dropped the ball last week, and I apologize!  I was exhausted Tuesday, and I think a little anemic.  It is something I’ve dealt with since I was Syd’s age.  If I hadn’t have known, I would have thought it was depression of the worst kind.  It is debilitating, and fatigue doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.  I’ve been taking iron and am beginning to feel better.  Saturday was worse than Tuesday, but I have an appointment with a new nephrologist in a couple of weeks.  I’m thankful that I know what my problem is, but I am ready to find a solution.  My old doc wanted to just keep an eye on things.  I’m over being bogged down with unnecessary fatigue.

So a couple of weeks ago, I met up with some book club ladies at Mercy Wine Bar.  I can’t wait to go back.  It was the perfect place to talk about Fifty Shade of Grey.  It was dark, romantic and had excellent food and service.  Our waiter was a gorgeous specimen of a man with perfect timing to refill our drinks, offer more food, check on us.  He was there just enough.  Becuase of how hot he was, I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing him a little more often than I normally care to be waited on.

I had an excellent pino noir.  We had one of their flat breads, the humus, spinach artichoke dip and a cheese platter.  I had two glasses of wine and an appetizer and paid less than $20.  I was shocked that such a swanky place in Addison could be so affordable.  I can’t wait to come back.  I am not sure if I’d rather have another ladies’ night, or bring Jeffro.  He’s a wine fan, and can be romantic, but it may be a little too much for him. We had the unfortunate witnessing of several middle-aged couples making out in their booths.  I don’t want to be that couple, but it would be fun to have a romantic date night.  Fun, fun and tasty.

Massage Envy- Firewheel

Jeffro and I used to be members and loved getting a monthly massage.  We had just had Ebro and were sore from holding him and bending over his crib to pat him to sleep.  So, we were both sad when we had to axe that out of our budget when we moved to our new home.  Plus, the guy that we had gone to for over a year started creeping me out some.  He felt comfortable enough to ask us if we were interested in some money-making deal, but we never returned his calls.  Then he asked me to take more off than I was comfortable with, so I was done.  Too bad because he had such strong hands, and could work out any knot.

But, I found a new lady.  I was sad that they’d suggested a woman, but I thought what the hey.  I had a gift card, a crick in my neck and wanted an appointment the same day.  So, beggars can’t be choosers.  I got worked over harder than I’ve ever been massaged.  I was surprised that I didn’t have any flu-like symptoms the next day.  But, she worked out my kinks, and I signed up for their six month plan.  I can’t tote around Ebro and Q and not have some relief.

I hooked Jeffro up with an hour and a half for our anniversary and he said his girl was okay.  I can’t wait until my girl gets her hands on him!  I think he’ll feel better later that week, but I don’t think he can handle it.  It’s hurts so good.  Man, I need to hurry up and make us a couple of appointments 🙂

So, I’ve always been skeptical of chains, but Massage Envy has been better than any massage I’ve had anywhere, from cruise ships to India.  I’ve had a couple of duds, but nothing terrible, and the next time always makes up for the last.  I just wish I could train Jeffro to do what my girl did to me the other day.  He’s done after three minutes.  Yes, massaging me.  Let me just tell you, three minutes is a tease.  I will gladly pay someone by the hour.  Besides, I married ‘ol Jeffro for his money, not his massaging hands. I mean humor!

My daily prayer:  Thank you God, for showing me my blessings.  Thank you for helping me when I can’t help myself.  Without you, I would have given up a long time ago. Thank you for helping me to keep on keeping on.  AMEN!

Tomorrow- What I promised last week.  What’s on my DVR?  We just finished up Justified, NCIS, and more.

Web Wednesday- My favorite parenting websites.

Thankful Thursday- How Sydster changed my life.

Family Friday- Boys vs. Girls

Next week- Memorial Day edition of Manic Monday- Jeffro’s and my anniversary trip to Winstar.  Yep, we are spending our fourth wedding anniversary in Oklahoma.  Why does that crack me up?


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Manic Monday- La Madeline, Cheddar’s, Friday’s

I know I keep threatening this, but I am really going to challenge myself to not eat out until Father’s Day.  I stocked up on groceries, and had a whopping $97 in savings.  Don’t ask how much I spent, though.  This just may be my last food critique for awhile.  But, as you know, I always threaten and usually manage to make my lunch for about a week.

La Madeline- good, low fat, and actually a decent price

I am a chick, so therefore I love La Madeline.  There, I said it.  There is more to me than breasteraurants.  I love me some Hooters, but I can be a chick, too.  La Madeline appeals to my wanna be romantic side.  I love the croissants, I love the quiche, I love the potato pancake thingies.  I love thinking about a summer vacation I spent in Paris.  But, I am always disgusted with how much I spend.  I can easily spend $15 on soup and salad.  SOUP AND SALAD!  Excuse me, salade.  That snaps me back into reality and justifies my love affair with men oriented restaurants.  They’re cheap, fast and easy.

This last trip, I discovered two bonuses.  1.) Salde Trio- cost under $9 for three items 2.) Fat free Caesar and low fat Tomato Basil soup.  I got the chicken salade (400 cals and not low fat), fat free Caesar Salade and the low fat Tomato Basil soup.  Yummo.  Even with my chicken salade, it was less fat and cals than most of my lunch choices.  The soup tastes almost exactly like the full fat version, whereas the fat free Caesar tasted very diet.  Low fat, not too high of a price (for La Madeline) and a great time with the girls.  I hope I can find this low fat recipe on Pintrest.

Friday’s- overpriced and still hungry

Jeffro, Ebro and Q picked me up for lunch and we ended up at Friday’s, on Friday.  I had the Pecan Crusted Chicken salad, lunch portion. It was half the size, only $2 less than full size and more expensive than any other salad in town.  It was mediocre, small and WAY over priced.  I used to be a huge Friday’s fan, but was very disappointed and hungry after my lunch.

Cheddar’s- Mother’s Day fiasco, but Grown Up Grilled Cheese a hit

The wait was ridiculous and we were all over hungry and over tired.  But, once my Grown Up Grilled Cheese arrived, Ebro had to go to the bathroom.  Take him to the bathroom, and then Q wakes up.  But, once I got my grilled cheese on, it was on.  This was defiantly not on my diet plan, but right up my cheesy alley.  So good, so bad, so fat.  Buttered toast, creamy cheeses, and braised beef.  O-M-G.  So good.  SO worth the cals.  I can almost taste it now.  It was so good, that I wasn’t put off by the mediocre service, or over crowded tables on this Mother’s Day.

Next week- Massage Envy- what two hundred pounds balanced on an elbow in my shoulder blade feels like.  I challenge Jeffro to sit through an hour of this torture, I mean therapy.  Did I sign up for more?  Or will I continue to try to teach Jeff how to.  Maybe he’ll catch on in our ninth year together. 🙂  I hope I didn’t burn that bridge.  I’ll take any back rub I can get- Q is HUGE.

Tomorrow- Tuesday Book Club (and more)-  What’s on my DVR?

Web Wednesday- my favorite parenting websites

Thankful Thursday- How Sydster changed my life

Family Friday- Boys vs. Girls  The joy of potty training, pacifiers, and screaming three year olds and ten year old fits.

My Daily Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for giving me the words my children need to hear, the hugs they need to feel and the love they never question.  AMEN!

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Family Friday- The Dirty Truths about Babies ***TMI***

Most people love the sweet smell of a baby.  Babies seem so pure and sweet.  Sorry, but babies are pretty gross.  They get more stuff caught in their precious fat rolls and necks than I care to think about.  They are cheesy, urpy, poopy and put everything in their mouths.  The cheesiness is the worst part.  We know Q-Bone needs a bath when she starts smelling cheesy.  Gag!  And, the stuff I find in her neck rolls.  OMG sick.

Boys are tough because as soon as the diaper comes off, the pee pee flies.  And, they can hit you right in the face!  I learned quickly to throw a cloth diaper on that weapon.  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that with Q.  I just have to make sure every one of her Michelian Man folds are free of lint, poop, cheese or who knows what!

And ears.  Ears gross me out.  They are constantly waxy and you swab them expecting some yellow, but then it is brown, orange, and every color but!  Gag.  How do they get so ewwy so quickly?  I Q-Tip my ears on a regular basis, but it is never as sick as a baby’s.  Or even a toddler’s.  Even Syd’s aren’t bad any more.  So gross.  My in-laws tell me how Jeff stuck a crayon in his ear.  I don’t know what I’d do if my kiddos did that.  Vomit.

I can’t handle vomit.  A little cheese, okay.  Puke is no bueno for me.  Fortunately, Q isn’t a big erp-er.  Well, unless she’s been home with Jeffro all day who gives her a bottle anytime her eyes are open.  Have I mentioned that she doesn’t nap?  Ask Jeff about his bachelor party and what I got stuck cleaning up.  After that, I told him he is on puke patrol.  I can handle poop of all kinds, but not puke.  Not the smell, not sound, not the look, nothing.  I had so much morning sickness throughout my pregnancies (I’ve spent 2.25 years of my 31 years pregnant) that I never want to deal with it again.  I sure hope no one gets sick if Jeffro goes out of town!

And then there’s breastfeeding.  I am not one of those Time magazine moms.  After I had Q, I took Ebro to Home Depot and as the clerk was trying to assist me, Bud lifts my shirt like he’s going to help himself.  So embarrassing.  Especially, since I only nursed him for six months and it had been way too long for him to remember those days.  He’s three.  The pumping, the cracking and bleeding, the blistering, the engorgement, the leaking.  So sexy, so much fun.  But, I am very proud to say none of my children have had a drop of formula.

I spend at least an hour and a half of my day pumping.  I spend more time pumping than smokers spend on smoke breaks.  Then there’s the nursing.  Q wants to eat from the time I get home until she passes out at 8:30 or so.  She sleeps through the night, but I need some me time while I’m not dead tired.  No wonder my iron levels got too low.  I give her everything I have.

The bottles of milk sick me out.  They separate leaving a murky water on the bottom and cream on the top.  Just like a cow.  It is so gag.  It coats all of the bottles, is hard to wash off and just looks disgusting.  And, the milk is different colors at different stages.  When Q was first born, it was the color of earwax and now it looks like regular milk.  I have a color palate of white to yellow in my freezer.  Or did.  I got cocky about my production, and donated most of it to a local milk bank that was low on supply.  I went from having close to 200 ounces (MOOOOO) to now twenty.  I gave away one hundred, but Q went through a growth spurt that I couldn’t keep up with.  She’s slowed down, and I am not a slave to the pump, for the moment.  The noise of it, the feeling of it, the thought of it.  This will be a topic in my first nonfiction book.  I can go on for years.  But, it is the best thing I can offer her.  And, if I can do it, anyone can.  I am not one of those who is joyful about it.  I bitch, moan and complain the whole time.  I’m sore, cranky, and quite hungry.  She takes about 500-800 calories.  Feed me, Seymore!

No matter how gross, there is nothing more precious than the smiles, cackles, and coos.  I am now a poop expert, but wouldn’t change it for the world.  It may be a smelly, dirty job, but it is the best and most rewarding.  I love you gross kiddos!

My daily prayer:  Thank you, God, for the blessings in my life.  When I am having a hard moment, thank you for showing me how the good always out weighs the bad.  When things are good, thank you for reminding me that they are good because of you.  AMEN!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Thankful Thursday- I Heart My Mommy

Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all!  Yes mothers, like more than one.  This week I celebrate my mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law, and my sister-in-law.

Mom, I feel as if we have a new beginning.  Our relationship now is everything I’ve always wanted.  She’s involved in all of my children’s lives, we have time together at least once a month, and we talk almost daily.  There is almost nothing I don’t tell my mom.  Almost, too much is just weird.

I ask my mom for advice on health, children, food, relationships, money and crafting.  My mother is the craftiest, most clever do-it-yourselfer I’ve ever met.  She co-owns a business with my stepfather, and they have built it from the ground up.  She was a single mother when I was little, and made do with next to nothing.  We always got by, and she taught me the value of a dollar.

Thank you mom for being my biggest fan, biggest supporter, and always believing in me.  Thank you for teaching me to give myself some slack.  Thank you for telling me that no matter how bad it gets, I always come out better than before.  Who else could say something like that, other than a mother?  Who else could make their child believe that, other than a mother.  Thank you for building my self confidence, and teaching me to love myself.  Because of that I can share my love with my family.  I love you, Mom!

I am extremely blessed to have the sweetest mother-in-law.  She is an amazing baker, never has a mean thing to say about anyone, would do anything for her family, and treats me like one of her own.  We spend Thursday evenings together, talk a few times a week and have frequent family get togethers.  She is wonderful with her grandchildren, and loves all of them equally, but differently.  She is crafty, funny, and one of the nicest people I know. I heart my hubby’s mommy, too!

I have the most amazing aunts. I wish I had more time with them.  One travels as a flight attendant, and the other is out of state and I only see her at weddings and funerals.  But, I talk to each through Facebook, play Words with Friends, and share pictures of the children via text.  They are amazing mothers and very special women in my life.

My sister-in-law is a new mother to two amazing kiddos.  She is the sister I never had, and my children’s favorite aunt.  Aunt Nee is every child’s favorite aunt.

My grandmother and grandmother-in-law are the two sweetest ladies.  They are wonderful mothers and grandmothers.  I am truly blessed to have my children know two great-grandmothers.  Both are extremely active, healthy and examples of who I want to be as a grandmother.  My grandmother has always been a second mother to me.  I can’t imagine my life without her, nor do I want to.  I love you, Granny and Gramma!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the mamas out there.  I especially want to say happy M’s day to all of the moms in my life.  I love you all!

Tomorrow- The TMI (too much information) edition of baby talk.  Guys, you may want to sit this one out.  Or, it may be educational, who knows?

My daily prayer:  Dear God, please let me learn how to be a good mother from those around me.  I have so many examples, and I pray that you show me how to be like these women to my own children.  AMEN!

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