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Two Years Too Long- My Adventure to Kroger

It has been way too long since my last post!  I have since had my third child and am trying to perfect the arts of couponing, breastfeeding and I am writing a book.  I return to work next week and still have so much to do before then!

Easton is about to be three years old.  We are working on potty training.  I decided to walk to Kroger to get some milk, get Quinnlee (new baby) out and asleep, and exercise Bud and me.  Talk about multi-tasking.  As soon as we leave, Bud pisses all over himself and the sidewalk as Reno (oh yeah, and we were walking the dog!) takes a dump.  I pick up Reno’s poo as I encourage Easton to go change his pants, undies and shoes.  Q has finally stopped screaming and is about to fall asleep, Reno is searching for another place to pee and Easton is fighting with the front door.  I should have seen it as an omen.  But, I continue on.

After putting Reno-Beano in the back yard, helping Easton change (after his screams of “I DO IT MYSELF!!!”), we set of to get milk and exercise.  Why didn’t I take the double stroller?  Easy, Bud needs exercise and surely he can stand on the jogging stroller if he needs a ride, right?

A toddler is fast until you need him to keep up with you.  We finally make it to Kroger after 45 minutes of walking and Easton wants to hold the basket.  When we get to the milk section, he’s loaded it with M&Ms and several DVDs.  I might add that we already own all of the DVDs he put in the basket.  We put them back and I let him keep the M&Ms to bribe him to “try” to potty even if he doesn’t “feel it in his belly”. He helps me scan all of the items, because why?  “I DO IT MYSELF, MOM”!

We get through the line and go to Starbucks for a quick juice, for Bud, and a lot of caffeine for my ride home.  We head out and Bud completely melts down when I tell him that I don’t have 50 cents for the firetruck. He doesn’t understand that my debit card only works inside.  I try to bribe him with M&Ms, promises to come back if he’s good, and probably a bunny or some other animal that my husband will not be happy to find at the house when the kids hold me to my promises.

Easton rides on the front of the stroller screaming and I try to get us away from the folks looking at me like I am crazy white trash with the screaming toddler.  Captain Obvious tells me that “someone isn’t happy”.  Really?  At least he hasn’t thrown himself in the middle of the sidwalk or run off or a million other awful scenarios.  He’s just screaming above Quinn’s head as I jog as fast as I can with my Venti Skinny Peppermint Mocha (with soy and whip), and about half way home he calms down and tells me, “I’m very sorry Mommy.”  I melted.  Then he says, “I ride firetruck now?” So I told him that we would have to come back to ride the fire truck when we had some coins, but that he should probably ask Daddy because he’s better than Mommy about keeping cash on him (and less likely to make empty promises).

I did get in 2.3 miles, made lunch, put both babies down for a nap, pumped, sent out an Evite for Ebro’s 3rd birthday, checked email and put up an ad on Sitter City- and blogged.

Just when I think I am in over my head, I look back and realize I can do anything.  This is the first time in my life that I feel that way.  I’ve always thought I can do most things if I really want them, but now I know I can.  I can now blog again as I write my book Hooray for Boobies.  Can you guess what that is about?  🙂  Hopefully, I will be back again this week and will write about my newest adventure in life.  There are probably easier ways to do the things I want to do, but they wouldn’t be as interesting to complain about, would they?


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