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A Very Short Story

She can barely keep her eyes open and tries not to swerve or doze off. Five AM will come quickly, but keeps adding to the list of to-dos in her head: finish some homework, input a couple more invoices for work and still has to pick up diapers. Wal-Mart is the only store open on her way home from the University.

How is the Wal-Mart parking lot full at 10:00 PM? She parks as close as she can get to the building, right next to the exit. Dodging cars and panhandlers, she finally makes it into the dreaded store. A man who walked in just ahead of her offers her a cart, but she politely declines.

“No thanks, just need diapers.” The mother-student looks for the off brand and sees every size except the size she needs. She grabs a pack of over priced size four Huggies and heads to check out. A Diet Dr. Pepper calls to her from the sliding refrigerator in front of the conveyer and she looks up to surprisingly see her cart-man friend.

“You weren’t kidding, just diapers, huh? Can you hold my place for a sec?”

“Sure,” she tries to say with a smile.

There is a lady in front of him with an overflowing basket. He dashes off and returns just in time for his items to be rung up. Sweat pants, basket ball shorts, a package of socks, and condoms.


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