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It’s been awhile and I’m sorry!

I finally get a reader and I bail.  I apologize, WWW, for abandoning my first and beloved blog.  I have started a new one, for class, and my passion- shitty customer service.  I can say that right?

Okay, now that’s out of the way.  Here’s what’s up.  Easton (E-Bro, the Boy, E, etc.) is almost a year old!  He is ten months old tomorrow.  OMG!  I have an eight year old and an almost one year old!  AND, I turn 29, for the first time, in less than a month.  Wow, last year of my twenties, my baby is becoming a toddler, my little girl is turning into a Tween and my husband will be in his last year of his 30’s (boy do I feel better lol)!

I am close to finishing my BA in Arts and Performance.  I will be starting my MFA soon after.  All 54 hours of MFA!  Yee-haw.  Right now I am taking a War Lit class (to learn how to write the story LOOSELY based on my dad and whom Jeff Bridges will play in the movie version), Creating Short Stories, History of Jazz (OMG, this is so much fun!), and my independent study which is my other website and where I’ll be focusing my blogging attention- did I mention

My lovely Jeff, whom I’ve been requested not to Tweet about, so I’ll blog…is getting back into acting classes and losing weight and working really hard on his craft.  He is very talented and I can’t wait until I can say, I loved you before the fame and fortune…

Sydney is a genius and mass manipulator.  She is beautiful, funny, and knows how to work everyone to her advantage.  Fortunately, she loves the Boy more than we could have imagined.  They are so cute and I’m glad that they are so close.

E-Bro is standing, stepping, eating everything and anything and getting into everything and anything.  He is amazing!   They are all amazing and I am very lucky have them as my family.  Awww…

I’m writing on an every-other-day-at-least basis on  I really hope you can visit the more polished ME there.  Until then, I promise to visit, give some more updates and keep it real where I truly am still ALMOST domesticated.


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