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Mini Skydiving

Skydiving is the ultimate extreme sport and the biggest thrill, but isn’t for the faint of heart, those afraid of planes, heights, jumpsuits, birds, etc.   But, there are other options and even a faux skydiving experience for beginners or chickens.   (By the way, I am afraid of all of those things, except maybe birds, and love to skydive.)


Extreme Sports for Beginners

Since I’ve been skydiving and I’m not interested in bungee jumping, Nothin’ But Net is the extreme sport for me, this weekend.  If you’re not sure about whether or not skydiving is for you, Nothin’ But Net is a great baby step.


Going Up

One cool safety feature is that you’re wearing this weighted harness thingy that ensures you don’t twist or turn and that you land on your back into the double safety net onto an air mattress. 


On this “ride”, the staff takes you up sixteen stories on an open elevator. 


Honestly, going up is the scariest part.  Or dangling over the opening anticipating the Zero Gravity staff dude might be slightly worse than the long ride up.  Spinning, looking over all of Dallas, from the skyline to I35 to the old Cowboy Stadium, it feels like you’re hanging for an eternity.


Going Down

At first my eyes were shut, but I didn’t want to miss out on the experience.  So I waited and waited and waited then my harness was unleashed and I was dropped.  The main difference, to me, between Nothing But Net and Skydiving is that you feel the fall with NBN.  Skydiving is more serene and floating.  NBN is short, sweet and a definite adrenaline pumper.  The net itself wasn’t “silky smooth”, but wasn’t jarring either.  It was a nice landing.  Unfortunately for me, the air mattress under the two safety nets was wet from all of the rain and my right leg was soaked.  I don’t recommend being the first rider.  Let a few others sop up the wetness first!

 Free Falling

I really enjoyed my fall.  I am looking forward to doing it again.  And, it has unleashed my need for an adrenaline rush.  I can’t wait to go skydiving, again!  This is a great baby step to test your nerve.  But, it is a great “sport” to enjoy even if you don’t go above and beyond the sixteen stories!

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park Location & Contact Details



11131 Malibu Dr. 
Dallas, Texas 75229 

Phone: (972) 484-8359 or for automatic information call (972) I-DO-JUMP 



  • 10 minutes north of downtown Dallas on I-35E.
    • Take Walnut Hill exit and go west to Malibu Drive.
    • Go north on Malibu Drive. You’ll see our towers on your left. 

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