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Immoral Politics “Let me step onto my soap box.”

Of all the artsy farts, I am probably among the most conservative.  Small government, low taxes, global warming is overrated, etc.  You know, everything you hear on talk radio, I’m on-board.  Except I am a little more to the right than most conservatives.  I don’t even think that morality should play a part in politics.  You either want government involved in your life or you don’t.  I don’t.

I don’t think the government should tell me what kind of light bulbs to use.  Nor do I believe that they should tell a restaurant who can smoke and where.  If smoke truly offends the majority of the clientele, the restaurant will switch to non-smoking.  If energy saving light bulbs will truly save me money and save the planet, then the market for them will be huge and the old fashioned ones will be obsolete.  I don’t need the government to control the market for anything.  I could go on for days about the auto industry, cafe standards, and government sanctions.  All B. S.  So far, pretty conservative, right?

Here’s my “immoral” political side.  I don’t want the government to tell anyone who can or can’t have an abortion.  Does this mean that I’m okay with it?  Absolutely not.  Hannity (greatness) often argues that if we don’t want our daughters to have one, then it should be outlawed.  I’m not worried about my daughter.  My job is to teach her not to get into that predictament either by abstaining from sex until she’s married or being careful or whatever my personal morals and beliefs dictate.  My daughter will not have an abortion.  So why not just outlaw it?

As long as there are unwanted pregancies, there will be abortions.  Period.  Someone will always be willing to do it either herself, illeaglly or in another country.  Why not allow doctors who feel comfortable with their own morality perform the procedure?  I’d rather my friend, cousin, neice, neighbor, whomever I care about but don’t have a direct moral influence be safe rather than me get on my moral high horse.   In this instance, I don’t believe in abortions, would never have one in ANY circumstance, but don’t want the government telling me that I can’t because of political morality issues.

Now, I sometimes think there are boundaries and that abortion in later stages should be outlawed.  Then I met a family who found out in the late stages of their pregancy that the baby’s brain did not develope.  Why put that mother through the agony of staying pregnant with a child that would not under  any circumstance survive.  Is that immoral?  If a doctor is okay with himself, their god, their conscience, their morality, let them perform the procedure.  I am not okay with it, but it is not my position to judge or get in someone else’s way.  I can just tell those around me how I feel and give possible solutions.  Let them be safe; I can not judge.

Okay, here is from where this all stemmed.  My friend had voted “yes” to a poll on Facebook about whether he agrees with same sex adoption.  Well hello, equal rights, no government interference, a better life for a child, heck yes I agree.  I have never had such feedback about an opinion poll.  I was told I have no morality and that people have lost respect for me.  Great!  Because I feel that a child would benefit living with a couple that wants him or her and wants to provide a great life, I’m immoral.  

Is a same sex parental unit ideal?  Maybe not yet.  We don’t have the tolerance, yet, for a same sex couple to be accpeted in the general public.  But what about mixed racial babies, couples, etc?  Wasn’t that seen as immoral and taboo?  Wasn’t that a recipe for thearpy for those children at one time?  For the most part, bi-racial children and families are accepted in our society.  It’s not yet perfect, but it is generally accepted.  Why isn’t homosexuality?

We are taught not to judge.  So don’t.  If you don’t agree with homosexualty, then don’t partake.  Don’t let your fear, feelings, personal “morality” skew your view.  Children who will be stuck in an orphanage, in the foster system, or with parents that don’t love them- these children deserve a home where a couple can provide for them and love them.  So what if they are of the same sex?  Isn’t it better than the alternative?  

Have you had premarital sex, cheated on a loved one, stolen, lied, cheated, said something hateful to a loved one, envied someone else’s life, got greedy, lusted after someone’s wife, or thought about any of these things?  We are all sinners.  What makes one sin better than another.  AND who is to dictate what is a sin and what isn’t?  If your morals, religion, family, etc say that something is a sin then DON’T DO IT.  Otherwise, we live a free country.  We don’t have to agree.  We don’t have to believe in the same things.  We don’t even have to like each other.  But, we are the home of the free.  We preach equality.  Why can’t homosexuals have equal rights?  Is that immoral?



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