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Customer Service

What the hell is customer service?  Does any company believe in it anymore?  Oh I’m quite sure that it is mandated by executives, but does anyone on the sales floor practice good customer service?  

I went to Academy, the other day, with both of my children.  (Wow, that sounds weird!)  I had The Boy in his carrier and was trying to get Sydster to move it along.  As I was coming around the corner to go into the store, an employee who saw me coming almost ran me over and looked at me like it was my fault.  Once inside, I was trying to find a less common Ranger’s jersey and the manager acted like I was stupid for asking if there were jerseys anywhere else in the store.  I was trying to give them my business.

That happens all of the time.  Employees act like customers are in their way instead of watching out for them or offering help when they look lost.  Customer service as I once knew it seems to be dead.  I’m not even going to talk about banking.  That makes my blood pressure soar.

School is not a good example of customer service.  I can’t even go there right now.  Grrr…

I do love my insurance agent.  Wess Peterson with State Farm always offers the most help and best service.  His office is so nice and efficient.  He even drove from Fort Worth to Dallas to make sure I have exactly what I need and that I understand all that they have to offer.  His great service makes me extremely happy to work with him, less likely to shop around and leave, and gets him higher sales.  Win, win, win.

Why don’t businesses get this?  Be nice and helpful to your customers and they will buy more and be faithful.  Service is everything!  I am willing to pay more money if I am taken care of.  

I hope Chase is as wonderful as WaMu was.  I still love Chick-fil-A’s service.  Wess Peterson, thank you for helping me with all of my insurance needs and retirement accounts!  Verizon Wireless is always helpful over the phone (not just because I work with Verizon Business, either.)  Apple is always great on the phone, and efficient.  Great customer service is out there.  Taco Bueno has always been nice, too.

If you are in the customer service business, are you doing all you can for your customers?  I know customers, in general, can be asses, but are you being an ass, too?  Can you be the bigger person and give your all?  When I waited tables, a lot of my co-workers would give less than average service to groups stereotyped as being poor tippers.  I tried to be consistent and give everyone the same level of service.  I never received bad tips from certain ethnic groups, genders, age groups, etc. (Sunday crowds are a different subject, though!)  Be consistent, try to be helpful, be curtious, and you’ll be successful.  Take it one step further and apply good customer service to your daily life and I bet your world would be a happier place.  Mine is.  I still get frustrated, but I don’t get as angry as I could.


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The less there is to do, the busier I am?

It feels like the less I have going on, the less time I have, too.  Weird phenomena.  It is the same concept of getting a raise, but not having any extra money.  Well, unless you are a Dave Ramsey fan, spend wisely, and save like a mo fo.  I took some time off of school, kind of.  I signed up for an independent study for the summer.  And apparently, I spend my time like a mo fo.

School is such a beating.  Not the educational part of it, but the administrative part.  I made sure to have everything set up for my independent study before signing up with my advisor.  Long story short, met advisor, had to get dean approval, finally signed up on payment deadline, class was dropped, class reinstated, charged fees despite my following procedures and moving class to fall, academic hold due to fees.  Fees in college aren’t just $50 or so charges.  It would have cost over $500 to get this thing moving.  I am furious.  I see the light at the end of my academic tunnel, so I am trying to stay positive.  Grrr…

On a much happier and less frustrating note (as long as we’ve had a good night sleep that is!)  The boy is now three and a half months old.  He is now eating rice cereal.  He loves it!  Sydney hated it and spit it out when she first started solids.  She wanted mommy or nothing.  The boy doesn’t care.  He even chews it!  He cracks me up.  Funny, funny boy.  

I think we go days without even saying his name.  He has become “The Boy.”  The Boy can roll from his belly to his back, sleeps for seven hours at a time, scoots, sings, and tries so hard to talk.  It also looks like he is getting a bottom tooth and one on the side, I think an “eye” tooth.  He is a slobber bucket and chews on everything.  He is getting so big!

Sydney just turned eight.  I am working on her birthday party.  For the first time I am having it somewhere and not at home.  With as much as I do here, it is just as economic to have them do everything.  I just have to show up with my bank card.  I can handle that!

Jeff and his mom have birthdays the following week.  I’m hosting that family party then having a poker party later that night.  I am about partied out!  Or will be…  

So no school, but busier than ever!  I am writing a play and putting together a play festival for my independent study.  I love it and am having so much fun planning the festival and writing.  This is something I could  do for a living and love.

I love work and am back full time.  Let me re-phrase.  I love where I work and how great my boss has been.  I’m bored with what I do and miss being home with the kids.  I’m inspired that Jeff does what he loves and is making a living at it.  I am trying to find what I can do and love and have family time.  I want that so badly that it will soon happen, mark my words!  Easton and SydFirst Solids

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