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Automatic Life

When did everything get to be so automated?  Doors at Target, Tom Thumb, school, even on mini-vans, garages, gates, trunks are all automatic.  My dryer automatically turns off when it senses the clothes are dry.  The air conditioner  automatically turns on and off depending on my temperature preference.   My computer shuts off automatically to save power.  So does my printer, but then won’t turn back on when I try to print, cordlessly, from downstairs.  

Morphine drips are automatic, to avoid abuse.  $300 vacuums run on their own.  I bet that those get used more than the “old fashioned” ones.  There’s even a robotic mopping system.  That would be pretty cool, although I already have one of those- Reno.  Air fresheners that without a second thought bring vanilla lavender cotton cucumber melon freshness every ten seconds.  Ovens clean themselves while you sleep.  Timed lights that automatically come on at night and go off in the morning.  Automatic coffee brewed a six o’ two AM, right after the alarm goes off, automatically.  Automatic recording of your favorite shows on a DVR so you can fast forward and rewind at your will.  Automatic withdrawals for bills and direct deposits into your bank account.  Grills automatically ignite.  Baby soothers that sing and vibrate, automatically shutting themselves off so as to not drain the batteries which do not automatically recharge.

With all of this automation, why is there no time?  Dishes washed in a machine, doors locked by a button, even my fan has a remote.  With all of these conveniences and us doing less by hand, why does it feel like we’re doing even more?    If only my school work was done automatically!  Or babies could be patted to sleep automatically!  I finally had a full seven hours in a row of sleeping baby.  Automatically going to sleep at 10PM is the biggest luxury of them all!


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