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Today’s the day!

I went to the midwife today and she said that I was almost at a three and that my water was bulging about to break.  Jeff and Sydney surprised me and met me at the Birth Center.  We went to Cafe Brazil for breakfast and Sydney and I were going to go home.  I really needed to go to the bathroom.  My water broke!!  

We headed over to STAGE with Jeff and called the Birth Center to give them a heads up.  They told me to hurry home and get my stuff since I have quick labors.  I’m home and having some contractions.  We packed up the car with all of our stuff and are trying to get a few things done.  We’re about to head down to the birth center, though.  

Jeff is EXTREMELY anxious.  But, he’s not so anxious that he couldn’t call his buddy and give his March Madness picks!  There’s a different game on in every room.  That’s Jeff! I think he’s a little upset that his baby is interupting the first day of March Madness.  Oh well.  He’ll have a little buddy to sit in the recliner and watch college hoops with tonight!


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39.5 Weeks, are we there yet??

Oh my gatos, ladies and gentlemen.  I am done.  As my Bob always says, stick a fork in me.  Right now I don’t want anything stuck in me, unless it is used to get out my presumed big headed baby.  Have you met Jeff and Sydney, oh yeah and my mom?  There’s about a 90% chance of big headedness in Baby Fenter.  I am glad I have only gained twenty pounds otherwise I’d be really worried!

I hate that I’ve gone through this before and have taken child birth classes and have read several books.  I’ve used my over abundance of knowledge to see EVERYTHING as a sign of labor.  I’ve been in labor for two weeks now!  I get sick to my stomach and I get excited that labor is about to start.  I start cleaning the house and can’t stop and think labor is about to start.  I’m not hungry, labor is about to start.  I’m starving, labor is about to start.  I’m tired, I’m extra energetic, I’m poopy, I’m cranky, I’m happy, awake, asleep, not able to sleep, not able to awaken…I’m neurotic and quite ready to evict my uterine renter!

I think Jeff is quite ready, too.  He is a little anxious (okay he’s driving everyone crazy), but has fortunately had some acting jobs to take his mind off of things.  He’s also taken on some projects at home.  He’s decorated and organized the baby’s room.  He painted these block shelves that his dad made and arranged them.  He finished painting the puppy mural.  He hung up shelves and re-painted them.  I think he’s in labor because he has been nesting worse than any pregnant woman!!

Jeff and Sydney have been practicing on Baby Max (Sydney’s baby doll from a few years ago.)  Sydney shows everyone how to put on a cloth diaper and the various diaper covers.  Jeff shows everyone how to swaddle.  I don’t think I’ll get to touch my new baby unless he’s (or she’s!!) hungry.  Thank goodness that only I can do that otherwise I wouldn’t get to know the creature I’ve housed for the last nine months!  Isn’t it really ten months at the end of it?  It’s a darn long time!  Especially the last month.  I need a nap.  Did I mention I’m really crampy today and think that today is the day…I’ll see you tomorrow, in other words!


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38 weeks and I’m still hanging in there…

Yes, I’m still pregnant.  Yes, there’s technically three more weeks before my due date.  Does this stop the daily calls and texts?  NOPE!!  I haven’t forgotten to tell everyone that I’ve gone into labor.  Believe me, I’ll let you know.  Believe me, I want it worse than anyone else!!!

For all of you nosey ones, here’s what’s going on with out being too graphic.  If you’re not familiar with the terms, look them up on  Some are nasty, but everyone wants to know…yes, I’ve lost my plug.  No, my water hasn’t broken.  As of last Thursday, I’m dialated two centimeters and effaced forty percent.  I’ve had “show.”  I’m having lots of contractions.  The baby had “dropped.”  I’ve had just about every symptom of early labor, except no results.  Hurray for false labor.  

I feel at a disadvantage for knowing what to expect.  With Sydney, I had to go with the flow and when she came, she came.  This time every symptom is over analyzed and our whole family is anxiously waiting for me to produce our newest member at any second.  It may be another three weeks or more.  I doubt it and even more strongly, I really hope not!!

I’ll let you know what’s going on and when we go into labor.  We’re going to try to podcast part of the experience at

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