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Telling a pregnant woman that she waddles…

Telling a pregnant woman that she waddles may lead to your own waddling once my boot is implanted in your rumpus.  Hello, why do people think they’re cute?  I don’t want to hear that you hope there’s enough lunch left for you or that I look like a Weeble Wobble.  I know I am round.  I don’t need you to remind me.  If Jeff reminds me, great, I can punch him with little or no legal repercussions.  I can’t punch co-workers or strangers in the face.

I don’t feel huge.  I’ve really watched my weight and got my cravings for bad bad food under control.  I’ve gained twenty pounds or less and only have about a month left.  I gained twice that with Sydney!  I feel pretty good, I’m pretty upbeat, I still have some what of a sense of humor.  I am still pregnant and have raging hormones.  I am a little grumpy on the inside when people say stupid things.  When I nod and smile, I’m really telling you  to go f off or f yourself or that I’m about to plant my fing boot in your ass.  We’ll see who waddles.  

Well on the happy side…Jeff and I went to our 34 week doctor appointment.  Baby Fenter’s heart sounds great and the last two times the midwife said it sounds like a boy’s heart beat.  Sydney had a typical fast girl’s heart beat, so I would not be surprised if we had a bouncing baby boy.

Since it was my birthday, Jeff took me out to my all time favorite (I’m really easy) Cafe Brazil.  I was REALLY bad and had crepes with a raspberry and creme sauce and bacon.  Oh my gosh!!!  I’ve been watching my sugar, so I was high all day!  

Sydney is in love with my belly and wants to share it with the world.  I have to remind her that not only do I not want to be exposed, but I’m quite sure most people don’t want to see my stretch marked, super sized, basketball of a belly!  Oh well, she is proud of my shape shifting pooch.


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34 Weeks, I’m still here

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I had the flu three weeks ago and it festered and turned into a sinus and ear infection at the end of last week.  I found a great new general doctor and was given some antibiotics.  My eardrum ruptured, anyway, and I still can not hear out of my right ear!  I do feel better.  I feel better than I have in a month!  It’s also a great excuse to ignore everyone.  I really can not hear out of it, but even if I can “feel” someone talking to me, I just ignore it!  Sweet bliss!

I am not gaining much weight and was actually told that it looked like I’ve lost weight, except for my belly.  I have given up my loaded potato bites and all fried food.  I’ve worked really hard to eat lots of protein and fiber and limit my sugar.  I’ve lost six pounds and feel great.  My midwife is really excited that I’ve changed my diet.

Baby Fenter is very active, unless someone is around that wants to see some action!  His feet touch my ribs, but he is much lower than Sydney was.  Sydney stuck her foot between my ribs and would hang.  I’m glad that this baby isn’t doing that!  He does use my bladder as a trampoline.  

Everything is going well and I am on the road to recovery.  Other than Jeff’s and my snore-off at night, we are both finally able to sleep through the night.  Neither one of us were big snorers before Baby Fenter, but we take turns waking each other up with the raising of the roof.  One more pregnancy symptom that makes me feel so sexy.  Oh yeah!  At least there’s no hemorrhoids or varicose veins!  I’m also not nearly as sick as I had been.  Oh, I did indulge in Hooters for the Super Bowl and was SICK the next day!  I guess I’m not meant to eat fried food.  My shrinking love handles do thank me for my diet change!

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