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Week 27- Life is good, I am grumpy

Although life is really good, I am very grumpy.  I usually let things go pretty easily.  Lately, I’ve been holding grudges worse than anyone I’ve met.  I need a little bit of Christmas now.  Phew.  Breathe, let it go already!!

Baby Fenter is moving like crazy!  I am still sleeping okay, but he lets me know if he doesn’t like how I’m positioned.  I am able to eat anything these days and especially love milkshakes and Loaded Potato Bites, as you know.  Tums are a huge life saver and even help me when I am nauseous in the mornings.  I’m going to have to remember that for next time.  Yes, I did say next time.

Jeff has finally figured out to just get me a milkshake when I say that I NEED one and even makes sure to know what flavor.  He is a quick study.  That, and I am not as patient and don’t bite my tongue like I normally do.  Lately, if I think it, I say it.  That can be ugly since my emotions are so elevated.  I am trying not to say those things immediately, but my mom and Jeff know exactly how I feel about everyone, everything, at every moment.  I don’t really dislike anyone, it’s just small annoyances are HUGE to me right now.  No, I do not have specific details that I need to share.  I’d hate to hurt someone’s feelings because of my elevated sensitivity.  Yes, I take everything personally!  

Today, I feel more like my patient and loving self.  I am not a hater today.  It is nice to just be and not be burdened with irrational grudges.  Phew…breathe…remember it is Christmas time.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I shouldn’t let my hormones ruin that!  Here’s to milkshakes and Loaded Potato Bites getting me through the holidays.  Please do not tell me that you’re going to tell the mid wife or that I need to walk more.  I need a little peace and I find it in fattening milky dessert drinks and deep fried potatoes loaded with cheese and bacon.  Yum…



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Week 26 Update and Top Ten Things a Pregnant Woman doesn’t want to Hear

Here is my update for week 26!  I am feeling pretty good.  School is out, yea!  I can’t help but fall asleep on the couch every night.  I’m still a little sick in the mornings, but I am not actually throwing up anymore.  That’s a plus!

Baby Fenter is moving all the time.  Sydney and Jeff have both felt him (or her!)  I am trying to curb my cravings for Arby’s Loaded Potato Bites and eat fruits and vegetables through out the day so I don’t get hungry (and tempted.)  I would really love some Loaded Potato Bites and a Jamocha shake right now.  Yum.  I have eaten baby carrots, grapes, two bananas and an apple today.  I might sneak out and get some good stuff!  I’m not going to ask Jeff, he’ll probably come home with some cheese sticks and a cookies and cream shake saying, “well these are your favorites, why are you mad?”  Poor Jeff, his heart is in the right place.

OK:  Top Ten Things Any Pregnant Woman Doesn’t Want to Hear

10.)  Are you really going to eat that?

9.) You have how many more months?  Wow.

8.)  You’re cute when you waddle.

7.)  I’m going to tell the midwife (or doctor)…

6.)  Should you be eating that?

5.)  Should you be doing that?

4.)  I don’t have time to stop and get you a milkshake.

3.)  Wow, you look like your old self from behind.

2.)  That shirt makes you look huge!

1.)  You look like a Weeble Wobble when you sit like that.


See you tomorrow!  And yes, most of those are based on personal experience, unfortunately!

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Elizabeth’s Top Ten Things I Can Live Without, but Would Rather Not

Okay, now that school is out I have no excuses not to write.  Tuesdays are now “Top Ten Tuesdays.”  Everyday in December, I’ll have my own personal top ten.  What’s yours?  Today’s is Elizabeth’s Top Ten Things I really Could Live Without but Really Don’t Want To.  I also have an unrelated Poll, what’s your vote?

10.) Plasma HD TV.  Even watching football is really cool in HD.  Who am I kidding, I’d watch football on a 13″ black and white.  It is amazing to see each blade of grass and drop of sweat.  Gray’s Anatomy is cool in HD, too.  McDreamy is nice to watch in a 42″ HD splendor.

9.) iPod Touch.  E-mail, internet, music, games, podcasts all in the palm of my hand.  The internet is a little more user friendly on this iPod than a tiny phone screen.

8.) George Forman Grill with removable plates.  It is easier to clean, enough said!

7.)  Cordless Headphones.  I am going to bed earlier these days, but still want Jeff in the same room.  I usually sleep through anything, but not right now.  Cordless headphones give him great sound and me peace and quiet.  Plus, they can be used on an iPod or anything else you would use headphones for.  

6.)  Downy Wrinkle Releaser.  I don’t do laundry and now that I don’t have to, I don’t iron.  Downy Wrinkle Releaser saves me from getting out the ironing board, waiting on the iron, filling it with water, emptying it, letting it cool, putting it all away.  Yuck!

5.) Podcasts.  These are genius.  I can plug into iTunes at work and anything that I want to learn about or am interested in or want to be entertained by is at the tip of my finger.  I LOVE podcasts and wish I knew about them earlier.  I am working on my own…more to come!

4.) Garman.  I am not sure how I managed without my navigation system.  It helps me when I’m hungry to find something to eat or the nearest gas station, too.  Genius!

3.) DVR.  How can you be a parent without being able to pause live TV or tape something to watch after the kids are asleep?

2.) MacBook.  It is light, fast, I can not say enough about Apple products.  It makes the novice feel like a tech geek.  I hardly go       anywhere without my MacBook.  I’m in love, again!

1.) Cell Phone with e-mail.  I can not be disconnected from the world.  My cell phone has text, cell phone, camera, navigation (great if you need to find a place to eat nearby or a particular store!), e-mail and internet capabilities.  Plus, I am always connected no matter if there is WI-FI available or not, unlike with my MacBook and iPod.  I am deeply in love.

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25 Weeks, sorry for the break

Week 25 and things are going great, mostly!  I just finished the semester and have about a month off from school.  Yea!  I’m only taking six hours next semester.  Only thirty-three to go!  Really I only need twenty-five, but UT Dallas has some additional requirements that I have to fulfill.  Will I ever graduate?

I look like a have had a soccer ball implanted in my stomach.  I am definitely not just fat.  I think some of my co-workers thought I had let myself go after getting married.  Ha!  Truth is, until just a few weeks ago, I ate less than I did pre-pregnancy.  My stomach is finally kind of cooperating and I have a much more substantial appetite.

So Jeff and I got into the fight of all fights over a milkshake.  Poor Jeff!  He was on his way home from an audition and mentioned that he was having difficulty drinking his milkshake.  His mentioning of a milkshake sent me into a desperate milkshake need.  I described how Arby’s has the best Jamocha shake, Chic-Fil-A and Jack-in-the-Box have awesome cookies and cream milkshakes and that I could not go on living with out one.  I did not have time to pick one up on my way home since I was meeting my sister-in-law to pick up Sydney at my house.

Jeff brought me home some peanut butter cup ice cream.  I asked if he could make me a milkshake while I was working on my final paper that was due in just a few hours.  He offered to put it in a bowl.  I went and made the most god-awful shake.  It was watery, rather milky, and the peanut butter cup chunks didn’t fit through the straw.  It was upsetting and made me cry.  He got upset and his feeling hurt since he was nice enough to bring home ice cream.  I was upset because even Christmas carols make me cry these days.

Well, he left to get me a milkshake.  He brought me a mint chocolate chip shake from Braums.  I had told him that I already made one and didn’t need another, before he left.  It was really hard to be greatful when I had given a full monolog about Jamocha and cookies and cream shakes and how that’s what I wanted more than anything on earth.  Mint chocolate chip.  Usually, not a bad choice, but for someone pregnant and trying to meet a deadline, it takes more than good intentions.

I know I am really picky and needy right now.  I have more food aversions than I do cravings.  You would think that the person who usually knows me better than I know myself would listen to the blantent clues and get me what I really wanted!  I am so lucky that he was willing to go out, even though he was pissed.  The ice cream was a really thoughtful jester.  Now there’s a huge mint chocolate chip milkshake and a carton of peanut butter ice cream in my freezer, barely touched.  Do you think he’ll be mad when I ask him to stop for a shake on the way to his sister’s tonight?

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