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Week 17 of “My Pregnant Years”

Week 17 and I have reverted back to my days of nausea.  YEA!!!  Anytime I am overly cranky with my family, I will apologize to Sydney and she will tell me “it’s okay Mom, I know you’re in your pregnant years.”  YEARS???  Oh no!  I need a break before the next one!  I am tired of being a picky eater.  I am tired of not feeling like cooking because nothing sounds good to eat.  I am tired of not being able to brush my teeth with more enthusiasm.  I need a break!  My pregnancy with Sydney was so much easier.  

Okay, that’s enough complaining!  I am feeling the baby on a daily basis.  I think I can feel him with my hand on the outside of my belly, but I can never get Jeff to feel it.  I am not sure if the baby is being stubborn or if I am just feeling the kicks internally.  I can’t wait for him to feel the baby!!  I can’t wait for Sydney to feel the baby!

So, I do have two funny stories for this week.  The first one is a Sydneyism.  I was taking her to her new pediatrician for a very over due check up.  A mother and son were getting on the elevator and Sydney hurried in to hold the elevator door for me and said, “hold on, pregnant woman coming through!!”  Nice.  

The second is funny now.  On Saturday, I wanted a Sydney/Mommy Day since it has been so hectic with school and work.  We got ready and headed toward the Galleria Mall.  I was starving and wanted a sit down meal.  We finally found something that sounded good to both of us, Gloria’s.  We sit down, order drinks, eat some chips and hot sauce, order, life is good.  It then occurred to me that I had left my wallet in my bedroom.  I was about twenty minutes from my house!!  I was so embarrassed and was a little irritated that the manager wouldn’t take a check when I explained my situation.  I had planned on going back and getting my food to go, but I was so irritated and didn’t want to eat my cold food in my car.  I understand why a restaurant won’t take a check, but it was less than $20 and I had a young child with me and was obviously pregnant and slightly absentminded.  Oh well.  Mi Cocina was a great second choice.  Their tea and salsa was better, anyway.


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Week 16

Pregnancy is a weird time in a woman’s life.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful time filled with reflection, but sometimes the reflection turns strange!  It must be the hormones, but I don’t think I have ever felt so many emotions!

Ok, so Jeff and I decided to do some errands and get my hour of walking in for the day.  We were walking around a shopping center and stopped at Petsmart or PetCo or some huge pet store–hormones also make me forgetful and VERY scatterbrained!  We do not have time for a new pet with me going to school, pregnant, Jeff’s acting taking off, and the various extra curricular activities in which my seven year old, Sydney, participates.  Plus, Reno Beano, our black mini wiener psycho dog, likes to be the center of attention.  Anyway, they were having an adoption drive for over a dozen cats and I lost it.  

Poor Jeff, in the last few days I’ve cried over cats (did I mention I’m allergic?), a news story about Paul Newman’s charity camp, the economy, WaMu failing, the movie Knocked Up, a card that he gave me, and I’m sure various commercials.  I’ve quit wearing eye makeup!  He is still quite confused about my increased sensitivity.  He is slowly catching on, but fortunately he wasn’t a sucker for tears when it came to getting a cat.  That would be a disaster!

There’s other emotions, too, but right now only the absurd crying comes to mind.  I have had some valid reason for tears.  It has been a year since Dad died.  His friend brought over some personal items that I hadn’t seen in years and that was hard to see.  I was so numb when he died that I didn’t really deal with it.  I think I have finally dealt!  

Some really exciting news is that I can already feel the baby.  It is usually after I sneeze.  I think it startles him (or her but I have a feeling it’s a boy.)  That is really cool and I can’t wait to share it with Jeff and Sydney.  I’m surprised that hasn’t made me cry!


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