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Expecting and finally ecstatic

As you know from previous posts, I got married on May 17th.  My husband Jeff and I aren’t getting any younger and wanted to start trying for a new addition to our family.  We got pregnant immediately!  


For some reason, I thought it would take awhile to get pregnant.  It didn’t with my daughter, but somehow I thought it would this time.  Several of our friends have been trying for a long time and I suppose I thought that we would have the same issues.  We were going to start “trying” immediately and then seek help after six months.  Well, we’re due March 26th, 2009!!  


I was extremely nauseous with my daughter for the first trimester, but this time I made it past six weeks and was still feeling great.  Then, week seven hit!  The nausea and actual throwing up didn’t let up until last week, week 14!  I had seven straight weeks of yuckiness.  I was not a happy camper.  I tried to watch how I treated others and not be too moody, but the excess of hormones on top of the morning sickness (rather, all day sickness!!) was too much for my normally laid back disposition.  Fortunately, my husband subscribes to and got the daily e-mails about what to expect.  


Now that I am feel almost normal, we are very excited about our new addition in the making!  My daughter calls herself the Sydster which is a combination of sister and Sydney.  My husband is concerned about my new obsession with shrimp and overdoing it with my full time job and night school.  My mom constantly reminds me of my mood swings, hello pot- this is kettle?  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law follow my every move and are making sure I am taking care of myself.  Everyone has been great and my more stable moods can now appreciate everyone’s interest in this new life that is growing in my ever expanding belly.


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